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Government Employees: Why Are You So Rude?!

Updated on May 11, 2011
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A Citizen's Rant

It's with the utmost frustration and annoyance that these words are typed and topped with the above question. I just don't see how the rudeness is necessary when, for example, am seeking a service that you're overpaid to provide. Ladies and gentleman, please know that I understand that there are very good-hearted, well-mannered and compassionate people out there in all aspects of society. Unfortunately, you must admit your concurrence with me when I say that the majority of them ought not to be in certain occupations, as in the ones that are public-oriented.

They're paid a more-than-generous wage of a cake with an envied benefits package as the frosting! There are lots of folks out there that can't afford to be law-abiding, ahem, I mean, legally-adherent in the shape of vehicle license and registration fees, traffic citations and court filing dues, which are all mandatory to remit.

Here's my open address to some of those public representatives in the hopes that they can understand our civilian side of the fence.

To the Power-Tripping Cop - Yes, you have a dangerous job, there's no doubt about that, and I don't envy you for it, but am instead coveting of your salary. Good for you that you have a job to support yourself and your family with if you have one. OK, yes, I've done the "rolling stop" at a stop sign, or one of my brake lights was out. It's not like I drive, well, travel, behind my own car down the street on my way to anywhere to have noticed. However, there are 2 other brake lights in proper operation in that others that are in my rear, can stop so as to not ram my car's posterior.

You, officers, have made up your minds to cite people for something before lighting them up with your red-and-blues. However, your little thing called "discretion", is very flexible depending on your personal engagement with one of us. Whatever our respective moods may be prior to you approaching my window and me rolling it down to give you my credentials, can dictate the outcome of this traffic stop.

First of all, Sir or Madam in blue, is it that hard to greet me with a Hello and to professionally identify yourself to me? I'm trying to make sure you're a real cop and not a wanna-be that may intend to car-jack me. After all, I "have to" provide you with my driver license, or else! So, you go and do your little research on me to make sure I'm not a "problem child" while my personal time's being encroached upon. You return to my vehicle and hand me back my identification, but still fine me for the little light bulb that's supposed to be working. You try to lessen the pain by assuring me that if I go and get the light replaced and race to the Violations Bureau that the fine will be pardoned. Ahhh, how lovely that I have yet another exciting thing to add to my to-do list and am barely able to complete the tasks already on it. Fantastic.

A few days later, I observed one of your colleagues patrolling in his squad car ahead of me and decides to ease off at an intersection. With no warning in the form of a signal, he makes a left turn after making me wait behind him because I wasn't able to maneuver around. Mmm, but yet I can't pull him over for being rude to me and breaking a traffic rule that was designed for safety. Now, officer, aren't you supposed to serve me, as you are a public servant that took and oath, or is that demeaning to your badge and gun?

To the Mean Lady at the DMV - Look, Ma'am, I don't know what kind of night you had before you came to work, but, ugh, you should've stayed yourself home. I have to take a number and spend my time waiting at your crowded facility often times for an hour. I'm forced to sit next to someone who has renounced deodorant and showers, have my eardrums pierced by unruly children and be stared at by some odd person who chose me as the apple of his eye among all of the other fruit around.

I brought my poor aging dad in to have his out-of-state driver license transferred. Finally, our number's called. I get to your service window and although am bothered by the long wait, relief eases that off. I greet you with a Hi yet you give me that what-do-you-want look as if you'd rather be somewhere else. As I explain to you what am seeking to have accomplished, you ask to see my parent's birth certificate. You hadn't looked at it for 10 seconds when you abruptly say that you're unable to discern the date of birth. What do you mean? I can read it just fine. In fact, you can see it on his other driver license identification.

Your stern No rejects our application even when we've clearly shown you that his other government-issued documents can attest to his birthday. It wasn't that you "couldn't" help us that angered me, but the excuse you used to NOT want to assist, which was blatantly bogus. Oh, wait, was it because it was almost time for you to leave as 5 o'clock was a few minutes away? Lady, you're lucky that I didn't resort to jumping over that counter to give you a paper cut. I'm a pacifist and approach things in such manner at the beginning, but that soon turns to defense mode when disrespectful people like you bring out the dark side in people like us.

You very well know that the only reason your department exists is because some people somewhere made it a "law" to have a driver license to exercise my God-given natural right to travel unrestricted and unmolested. This is all for the sake of revenue to the State. We don't need you, but are harrassed by law enforcement when we don't comply because you refuse service as you're lazy to read.

So, lady, please, dismount your broom, be less of a witch and more humane in dealing with us the public. Thanks.


So, now that I got those two grievances off my chest, am off to a few drinks... Or, should I be worried that am now going to placed on a "list" for being a rightfully dissenting person?


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      The question is ..who to complain to about these aHoles ?

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Hey those DMV workers get payed really well. Why then, do they look like they just rolled out of bed, threw on what ever clothes they found on the floor and instead of brushing their hair they just pull it back and don't even bother?

      As for the attitude I can say as someone that has worked in the retail and then banking industry for the last 15 years that it isn't that hard to fake a smile and fake being polite. You can make face and be rude when the client/customer leaves.

      Last time I went to the DMV and after my paperwork was completed(I'm not that dumb) I told the girl she was flat out rude. She looked shocked.. I highly doubt it was the first time someone told her! And I was being nice! I really wanted to tell her to go and buy her self some decent clothes instead of that Wallyworld clearance polyester stuff she was wearing..

    • jcm_blabs profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from My Bunker in the Midwest

      Thank you, Lynn. They are also very hard to dismiss from their jobs. You're right. That's why they are how they are because getting fired is hard.

    • profile image

      Lynn S. Murphy 

      7 years ago

      It's called JOB SECURITY. And really are there any rules when you work for the government. The majority seem to be above the law.

    • jcm_blabs profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from My Bunker in the Midwest

      Jaydeus, I agree that most of them are bullies with a license to kill, which is why staying under the radar and off the grid will minimize running into one that could beat you just because you talked back showing him you aren't a stupid sheep. Thanks for your input! ;-)

    • Jaydeus profile image

      James Stratton 

      7 years ago from Springfield, TN

      Oh man, you know what's up!

      My dissent for the government began with local police and their lashing out on me and my long hair, chains, and black clothes when I was a teen all because they got beat up in high school by true punks. That's why they became cops, and to this day I believe this to be a major factor in why all police go into that field of work, over-shadowing past embarrassment.


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