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Why Are They Watching You?

Updated on August 8, 2019
Oscarlites profile image

Having worked in airport and highway safety roles, I have watched the social invasion of public video surveillance. Is it being used safely?

surveillance cam
surveillance cam | Source

Public Surveillance Matters

Everywhere you go, there is a trend of surveillance camera's being pointed at you.

I want to ask you, them, and everyone, Why do they really want to watch what you do?

Why do they think that a having a bug trained on ya, you will behave better, or that they can catch every little thing that you do? Who are they, these camera police? Is it more a local thing, a national thing or is it an international trend of policing, and of control by surveillance? Also I ask who or what organization is so elite that they can bear the responsibility of being the collectors of video camera information and keep those as records against you, against me and against the public as a whole? Is it the job of our local police? Of our state police? Or of our National Security, NSA, to keep tabs on you everywhere you go?

Just recently the Alabama Governor announced a new plan to use traffic camera's in order to assign randomly placed tolls on public roads and infrastructure for the purpose of collecting new taxes. This would be accomplished by new databases implemented by D.O. T. to collect license plate based taxes. They would simply send you the Toll bill through the mail. I ask , how far will this current technology reach into our lives for the purpose of controlling us and taxing us?

Of course we know that Airports need Security, that it is of very high priority to screen for terrorists. There is a need for some level of security in parking garages, and other public places for simple type safety camera systems, but what about the aggressive new Highway cameras placed at intersections, able to read your lips, or your pupils, with very high ID capability. They are very quickly linking state video data- base into a national Highway, D.O.T. deterrent, and to use for Commercial Driver infractions and citations. Industry, AKA at the will of the high powers in Washington are also wanting to include passenger type vehicles in the smart drive/camera databases, so that everything you do while you drive is documented. When you leave your home and where you go, and your personal driving habits. No longer are we allowed to be the one in control but they actually want to be able to coach us on the use of our vehicles, assuming that electronics and far away safety monitors can make you a better person while you are driving, at the same time tracking your every move. What sense of power does this give our government agencies over us?

It seems that we are rapidly losing the freedoms we have left. Taxes are being strapped on us every which way we turn and government is is becoming all powerful. Individual choice, and personal freedoms are going the way of the Big Mac and Super sized Fries. Its big franchise, super tech industry, and bully you every way they can politics at its finest. Many of us love the story of ROBIN HOOD, because he robbed from the rich and gave to the poor, but these giant industries in the name of high tech security and safety are taking us to the cleaners, by lobbying and offering the government more raw power over the individuals and the public being society as a whole, Costing us individually compounded tax liability, and making the rich of America richer scaring the heck out of Robin Hood fans such as I, by accelerating the dastardly intentions of a modern day Sheriff of Nottingham mentality within the humbled but threatened boundaries of our country. It appears if they don't get full control of us through loss of our personal weapons that are within our constitutional rights, then they will slowly over power us through personal vehicle and public conveyance surveillance and control.

On the sober side of the question, what rights do they have to police us? To stare at us through cameras as we travel our streets and sit at intersections? Who gives anyone the right to be overlords of the Public and of the Private Citizens of the United States? What moral culpability do they have and what degree of peer watching prominence do we want to allow them to have over us? Yes we understand the need in certain cases, but what they do record should be by licensed and trained safety professionals who are only looking for the terrorists and perhaps court ordered tapes to be opened.. other than that, I am not sure that it is constitutional for anyone to use these “EYES” to be on us all hours of the days, and to watch us as if we were common criminals. Its bad enough to have them used to write citations and really bad to have to pay someone to ogle you as you drive and stop at intersections. Where is the moral compass for our society? The local news agencies seem proud to show us the weather and the traffic picture as a public service, but I'm not sure that is legal either unless they implement a way to make everything they show unidentifiable. Look at how Google earth has to use a delay for showing residences and aren't allowed to show the exact day of the interviewing that is requested. There is supposed to be a reasonable effort made to hide the identity and other personal information from public viewing.. So, I am suggesting that much of the surveillance technology in place today is in violation of our second amendment rights and other freedoms as required by our United States Constitution. Someone, or many of us should be speaking up at every city, state and national safety board meetings to protect our rights. Senators and Congressmen should not be so quick to take bribes and be lobbied by these surveillance tech manufacturers. Its tantamount perhaps to massive D.O.D. Expenditures and Lobby methods that have cost our taxpayers and society trillions in debt accumulation to purchase and employ these mad scientist toys of our growing government police state mentality.

First the technology is brought to us, then the government is swayed by tech groups, then suddenly there are million and billion dollar purchases by local, state and national entities. Suddenly its like there are millions of bugs everywhere. I solemnly ask, is all of this necessary? Is all of this called for? Who will stand with me and proclaim that public trust and individual privacy is not worth losing? Do you want the next Orwellian round of police state/ control? They will put these bugs inside your car, watching you.( they already do in commercially trucks). They will put them inside your house. Don't I need to elaborate on this a little more? Perhaps not! For instance this year a bill was proposed that within the state of Florida, IF you have a public facing camera on your property or buildings it would become law that you 1) notify the state/ local police that you have such, and 2) that you let them tie your system into theirs, where its was convenient for them to do so. WHO WANTS THAT? Is the doctor going to want a camera inside your bathroom next, say under the guise of lowering insurance costs, and have it so they can see what you are expelling when you go to the bathroom? What disgusting thoughts, but they are quickly becoming more real than you realize.

In a searchlight of moral and equal rights matters, I contemplate both the supreme, and sometimes arrogant disposition of those who feel they need to “keep up with you”; To watch you and to maintain surveillance of you. I also seriously ponder the hidden agenda of government, of out of control state of affairs within the human rights division of corporation, and of local politics that could be coupled with police surveillance privilege.. In my mind its high time that we dig deeper into this would be cesspool of corrupt possibly providing opportunity of the dishonest, and perhaps deranged mind of those same factions, be they political, religious, special purpose, censorship, or what have you. Its time to call out the watchdogs of our freedoms and proclaim we want and we need a spotlight put on these issues.

Let me further explain that in sport and hunting we have game cameras. Do you know what they are? They are cameras that are weatherproof and they are portable and can be attached to trees on the trails to watch the game, sometimes for just the spectator, but could we say mostly for the predators, hunters of the big game they are hunting. Lets make a simple point here. The mentality of those who use cameras, have in mind to catch something, to maintain location and progress of something thats alive, Humans? Well in the case of human technical camera and video surveillance, yes of course! Its you they want to watch. To make sure you perform to someones agenda. To enforce a controlling governments laws, but with a designed method to catch you breaking those laws. To treat you as a criminal in many cases, not saying this is in all cases. What happened to the right to be an individual and to go where you alone decide to go? To the rabbits of society, that want to hop down their own bunny trail? WELL? Are we becoming socialist, whereas in Russia for instance a young man or woman is put into a government planned program the minute they start school, and yes they literally become a ward of the state, a “comrade” for a certain amount of years, to be trained for some purpose that an agency of the government decides. To carry out military training disciplines and missions for the Kremlin. Are we not so far behind these high-arched socialist practices? Are we being groomed for becoming a totally government controlled, dictated society?

Surveillance is a serious matter, no matter which side of the isle you stand on. Our Children need to know that every move they make within our society is being watched, by video tape. Where does this information go you ask? You can bet your paycheck it is being uploaded into data bases and being used by our government at different levels. There isn't much humor to inject into this subject, but we all need to be concerned, informed and proactive as we walk forward into the next decade of law enforcement and surveillance technology. Careful as she goes. Do your part . Be a viable part of the language of safety and security within you community. Good old fashioned neighborhood watch is still the best. Good old traffic cops, radars and other deterrents can still be effective. For God's Sake, if you need a home surveillance system, Get one! But while using it, please don't add to the paranoia, but rather take to task those who misuse it and abuse it. Yes , they say camera's don't lie, but think about the increase of dead deer on the game trails of life, by those otherwise unskilled at their hunting lore, taking proud free life by tricks of technology and laying waste the wilderness freedoms through the easy “take”. Could this apply to us humans as well? Will it be said of this generation, “ how easily they gave up their freedoms and became government slaves? Government robots? Lifeless, lacking our pride and honor as individuals made by a creative God? I say let him be the only "all seeing eye” in my life.

© 2019 Oscar Jones


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    • Tiffany Dian Payne Bph profile image

      Tiffany Payne 

      7 months ago from Dallas TX

      Yes cameras are everywhere the media has created shows to solve crimes

    • Oscarlites profile imageAUTHOR

      Oscar Jones 

      7 months ago from Monroeville, Alabama

      Yes, I feel its time to ask, how much more of this is sensible, and where do we stop? The line between public and private space is sliding to the left, or is it to the right?

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 

      7 months ago from Chicago

      It is reaching epic proportions, no doubt about that. Much to think about.


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