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Why Arvind Kejriwal could not succeed in politics of India?

Updated on April 16, 2014

Arvind Kejriwal vs Modi.

Indian politics is complex for honest politicians!

Why the Aam Admi Party’s initial euphoria is not sustained? Why the party has ended negatively though the intentions of its founder is noble one? This is the political scenario of India. Many contrasts are found in election system. Indian election systems revolve around parties and hence an honest individual cannot contribute much in such an election system. No doubt, people were disgusted with the way of governance both at the Center and in states. Corruption, nepotism and other evils were rampant everywhere. Hence it is natural, people desired for a transparent and welfare oriented government.

Wealth corrupts, power corrupts and selfishness is the only credit of the politicians everywhere. Only a very few had honest motives of serving the people. Though, the pay-packets of both government and private organizations were hefty, yet the people were greedier. Though Arvind Kejriwal, the founder of AAP has noble aims, he could not muster enough likeminded leaders to contribute to the governance. Hence they have failed miserably in their attempt to govern Delhi. Muscle power, resources and cheating were the instruments to rule. His impulsive nature has failed Arvind Kejriwal in retaining the power in Delhi. He thought he had wider role by entering the parliament route. But already there is humptin number of parties in the prey. Hence, there was no political space for Aam Admi Party to fight corruption.

Now, let us analyze why his mentor Anna has not entered the political arena? Anna Hazare knew for sure that politics is a cesspool. Though he has started a great movement against the Congress government at the center, he has not done so politically. But Arvind Kejriwal saw an opportunity to enter through political route but sadly he had no advisors how it should be done. His initial victory in Delhi to garner 28 seats when his party entered the prey first time, everyone expected him to do well. But just like a common man, he took to the streets to fight the policies of Center. Hence, there was no visible support to him. He had no experience in governance and he sought the views of the public on every important issue! This time, it is doubtful whether his party will win even few seats since the AAP is a nascent party without many resources. Now he understands his mistakes in being impulsive. People who are quite experienced in elections and who had the backing of National parties are themselves find difficult in standing for the poll. Many senior cabinet ministers have refused to participate in the poll like P.Chidambaram and Vasan. They understood the pulse of the people. It is not easy to compete with goons and thugs in the election battle field. Hence only those who are aware of the pitfalls in governance can fight and win. If you are straightforward, politics is not suitable field. If this trend has to change, only those who have not involved in any cases or crimes should alone compete in the election process.

One newspaper has indicated that one of the major party in the prey has already spent around 10,000 crores on advertisement alone! It may be true or exaggerated one. Still none can fight these elections empty handed. The election commission knew this and hence it has fixed a ceiling of Rs.70, 00,000/- for each candidate. The AAP has fielded around 400 candidates. How they can expect to sail through without any resources. If they are able to win even four seats, it will be a great wonder.

Also in Varnasi, Aravind Kejriwal is pitted against Narendra Modi. It shows his fighting spirit but it is not prudent move. He should have retained his Chief Ministership of Delhi and concentrated on the welfare activities of the poor and middle class. He has said once that he is ready to resign even hundred times for the sake of bringing Jan lokpal bill. But, against stiff opposition, how he can gain votes for passing the bill to wipe out corruption?

Narendra Modi has many advantages over Arvind Kejriwal. He has the backing of RSS and Hindutwa core groups everywhere who campaign for the success of Modi. Media hype is the biggest advantage for Modi. The facebook, twitter and other social sites propagate the candidature every day through many posts and tweets. In addition, you tube and other radio channels broadcast live, his campaign and rallies in different part of India. In addition, the election forecasts are all in favor of Modi. Hence it would be wise for the AAP and Arvind Kejriwal to remain patient and understand the politics of other parties.


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