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Why Bernie Won't Ever Condemn What Happened in Nevada

Updated on May 18, 2016

Democrats want Bernie to condemn the violence committed by his supporters in NV. It is justifiably concerning at this point. Bernie should be professional and realpolitik enough about this to handle the situation of the questions in NV and the situation of violence separately despite their intertwined roots. You can condemn violence without relinquishing your activities addressing concerns regarding alleged fraud. But he won't.

Democrats are asking a man to apologize who stood on foreign soil and chanted "Here, there, everywhere/the Yankee will die," in 1985; earlier, in 1980, he publicly claimed solidarity with Iranians that took and held our citizens hostage in Iran for 444 days. (I don't like Wasserman, but if she was throwing any serious shade along with the rest of the party they would have been pointing this out months ago).

What happened in Nevada is a side affect of what this man has built his philosophy on, he's not going to apologize for it. He instead chose to attack the "establishment" for not supporting him, and done so in a manner that will further incite upset among his followers, justified or not. Why is anyone surprised by what is happening? He's been calling for a revolution and every revolution he has supported looks like the Nevada state convention in its infancy.

Ironically, Bernie is doing, quite honestly, what the Tea Party threatened but never really had the balls to do because their strings are pulled by people who do not want a revolution and are currently confounded that it's out of control at all right now resulting in a Trump nomination.

ll I have to say is look for all hell to break loose in Philly when Hillary is nominated. If I was in LE I would be looking for time off no matter what I had to do to get it.

Bernie and his supporters may not like the party rules, but Bernie chose to adhere to them when he asked, was granted, and accepted access to use the party mechanism to run, despite being a lifelong member of the political "other" parties and condemning the Democrats on a regular basis, rightly or wrongly.

People are painfully out of touch with our system and that a party is a private organization seeking a representative for their party. It's easy to condemn what you don't understand or can't be bothered to recognize based on the sole factors of you don't like it and it doesn't give you what you want. Parties are not under the same legal requirements as the state is in a general election where we are all selecting someone to lead our country.

That said, I hope Berning isn't burning his chances at having any role in the future of government, but I suspect that will ultimately be the case. Despite his penchant for historically backing the worst ideas and people of communism from bread lines and rationing to Castro and Ortega, there are ideas he has to offer -- even if the strategy to get there needs a lot of tweaking along the way.

Unfortunately, maybe more for him than us, he has lacked the foresight to acknowledge that while he may lose the nomination, that doesn't mean he has to completely lose his leverage and fail to increase his position within the party. I believe that if he finishes his campaign in the scorched Earth manner he's heading for, that's likely exactly what will happen and he will garner little more than a footnote in history -- mostly based on violence at the convention should there be any. That would be an incredible waste of his time and the time of all those people that are behind him.


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