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Why Population Growth Will Make "Big" Government A Necessary Evil

Updated on March 1, 2012

Too Many Of Us?

I think most of us would agree there is now, and will continue to be a world wide population crisis. The wealth in America has been very effective at hiding our own population problems, however, most countries that were established long, long before America, such as China and India, already have ongoing over population problems. The majority of citizens in those countries live in poverty. This is no surprise to anyone, any reasonable person can understand that the numbers are just too great. It is simply not possible for every working age citizen to have a job. It's even less likely are they going to have a good paying job that will bring them out of poverty. Competition for quality jobs in a country with over a billion people is really not a "competition" at all. Quality jobs and opportunities in countries like India and China get passed on from one families generation to the next. If you are not born into a family of means, it is more than likely you will never have a "quality" job, and no realistic chance to ever have one! This is also the trend in the USA. We call it, "the have's" and the "have not's".

In the United States of America, our motto has always been one of opportunity. You know, "Come to America, here you will have the opportunity to live your American Dreams." It's my firm opinion that this country and it's citizens would benefit greatly if not one more immigrant ever sets foot in this country again. The "opportunities" for immigrants have run out. Most immigrants don't come to America looking for jobs anymore, they come looking for a US government check. Unemployment is going to remain high forever, and there are already too many citizens in this country who cannot find quality jobs. If we do not stabilize our own population growth, many of our largest cities will also become emormous slums stretching as far as the eye can see. Cities like Los Angeles and New York are already well on their way to being mostly slums.

Who's To Blame?

There isn't anyone to blame. No political party is to blame. Corporations are not to blame. Banks are not to blame. The word "blame" is the wrong concept from the start, it's "Cause and Effect" that controls our destiny. Because we have no immigration or population control it will continue to have negative effects on overall unemployment and quality of life in America. This then leads to many more persons in poverty, which fosters low self esteem and anger, which leads to rampant crime, which creates civil unrest which leads to civil and class warfare.

I firmly believe that in modern day countries with hundreds of millions of people, the only opportunity millions of them will ever have are the ones available through their governments. As the population continues to grow, the gap between the rich and the poor will continue to widen, and not because wealthy citizens like it that way, it's because there are just too many of us! Barring some global disaster, I don't think it is realistic to believe the population will begin to shrink, and as technology continues to replace the human element in the world wide workforce, more and more people will have to depend completely on government aid for survival. Soon enough we won't even need pilots anymore. The new technology in the Automatic Pilot systems will put commercial pilots and air traffic controllers right out of work, this includes military pilots too. There goes thousands of more jobs your children won't have available to them. Two generations from now old men will say, "I remember when people flew these airplanes, those were the days!" We are going to need "Big" government programs to handle the excess masses of people who will have no jobs available to them, there simply will not be jobs for everyone, especially quality, well paying jobs. Like it or not, it's gonna cost lots and lots more money to support a population in which only half of them are working. Taxes will have to skyrocket on every working person to pay for the huge numbers of unemployed on welfare programs. I just cannot see any other outcome. Unless we are willing to wipe out, dare I say, murder, hundreds of thousands of our own citizens annually just to "get them off the books", huge government programs will be more and more necessary as the world populations continue to grow beyond a healthy balance. Interesting how mother nature has managed all living things naturally for hundreds of millions of years; keeping everything in a fragile yet beautiful balancing act, everything except humans. This is just another glaring example to highlight how out of touch with nature humans really are, how everything we do seems harmful in the end and only serves to upset the balance. How can we come along and upset the natural balance of things so quickly? If we are suppose to have evolved here, why can't we live in harmony with the Earth?


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    • Express10 profile image

      H C Palting 

      6 years ago from East Coast

      I guess GOD wanted us to make the right choices for ourselves many do and many do not.

    • darrenworks profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Lake In The Hills, IL

      Thanks for reading through the Hub! I agree, babies for some foolish idiots are just money makers. There does not seem to be anything we can do to stop this practice. There is just no way to force, or keep unworthy parents from having babies they cannot afford. Then comes the question "Who's Worthy" and who is not? Somewhere along the way in human development we decided it was every persons God given right to have children, and in fact God demanded we "multiply". Couldn't our God foresee the horrible conditions brought about for humans because of over population? Is that what God wanted for us?

      Hunger, sickness, filth and despair were not what the bible promised God's children. So how about it God! How about a little help down here! Hello, anybody up there??????

    • Express10 profile image

      H C Palting 

      6 years ago from East Coast

      You have an interesting hub here. I believe that big gov't has been in place for decades. Also, I think that by providing education and information on birth control as well as birth control, that overpopulation can be remedied. It's also important to note that in many countries poor & uneducated people must rely on having children to put to work so the family can survive and so the elderly will have someone to take care of them. Places such as China are notorious for not allowing a large number of their citizens have the same free access to education simply because of their birth place in the country (rural v/s urban). Here in the US there are still a fairly large number of women that have children with hopes of getting child support, a tax deduction, free/low cost housing, or other government handout. It sounds primitive but I have come across these types right here in the US.


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