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Why Brexit will soon prove to be a wise decision for the UK

Updated on December 6, 2016

Even though Brexit has become a controversial topic dividing families and friends alike, it remains a brave move by the UK. Despite the overt and subtle 'warnings' from both EU officials and the USA, most of the UK decided to Leave. Remain voters, still embittered by the defeat, continue to try and dampen the mood, whether they be journalists, politicians, or just regular citizens, but those who voted to Leave for the right reasons (i.e not because they are racist or xenophobic in any way) have had to be courageous and ignore ignorant comparisons between being anti-EU and being anti-European. Indeed, many Leave voters do have European friends after all, and also like the ease of travel and work between EU countries.

However, there were more pressing problems regarding the UK being a member of the EU. For starters, the billions of pounds being wasted was an actual problem, not just something made up by Nigel Farage. Any proper research into the facts and figures would provide you with unbiased articles from reputable publications, not just from dodgy websites claiming to tell you the 'truth' about the EU and Britain's membership.


In fact, the UK was one of the wealthier countries, as well as Germany and France, that have been designated with the task of pouring in more money than they receive, in contrast to poorer EU countries such as Poland who receive more than they put in. And let's just say that these are not small numbers. The UK was receiving only half of what it put in, compared to Poland putting in a quarter of what they were receiving. That is a significantly large amount that the UK was simply giving away to poorer countries, in other words billions of pounds. Now there is nothing wrong with charity, or trying to help poorer countries, but when there are homeless UK citizens, impoverished elderly dying in winter because they cannot afford their heating bills on a meagre pension, students under loan pressure, food banks for those not really labelled as poor but who certainly are, then isn't it unethical for the government of the country in which those impoverished citizens live to simply give away billions of pounds. Those countries, I assume, who would receive so much money from the UK (via the EU) would not do the same if the tables were turned, and I don't think most sensible Brits would expect them to.

Now, this puts Remain voters in a bit of a pickle, because with all their self-righteous preaching about being 'friends with Europe and Europeans' (and let me emphasise here again the fact that being anti-EU is not being anti-European, and yes Leave voters too have European friends and are 'friends with Europe' in the broad sense) in turn made themselves enemies of the UK wouldn't you say? They were prepared to waste billions of pounds on charitable EU efforts in order to help poorer EU countries financially (and let's be honest that is why so many more were trying to join), whilst walking past homeless individuals and ignoring requests for food from food banks in the UK.


And I suppose this is what frustrated me the most about their blatant ignorance. It was as bad as the racist Leave voters beating up Eastern Europeans in a bid to claim success over Eastern Europe in some way. It's all ignorance, no matter where it comes from. And let's not forget there were bullies on both sides, as some Remain voters shouted unfounded insults at Leave voters. There will always be an ignorant element in society but those trying to portray themselves as something they are not are master deceptors that need to be avoided at all costs. Now if a Remain voter said to me that they wanted to Remain because they thought that country borders and nation states have no importance and human beings no matter where they are from should be helped if they needed it, I could at least think that they had an alternative view of nations and borders, and perhaps they had a point. It would irk me to do so, but I would still see their viewpoint. But when faced with the ignorance of so many 'pretend' do-gooders, or those claiming to have European friends and that's why they wouldn't vote for Brexit, or because they want to work and travel easily within Europe (a selfish motive), or they are afraid of change, I simply have to walk out of the room. But that's just me.

Another frustrating element of Remain voter-ship (and yes there is more), was their lack of the ability to see through news media propaganda, and the inflammatory reporting of so many news segments, that sought to portray Farage as the spokesman for Leave voters. How very dare you, news media! He did not represent a large proportion of Leave voters who actually wanted to Leave because they wanted to regain control over immigration laws, because they wanted to take care of the poor in the UK first, and because they actually care about the country not being bullied by what is essentially a communist regime. Germany and France will leave soon, I'm sure. The wealthier EU countries cannot keep giving billions of pounds away to financially help poorer EU countries. It isn't fair and it isn't right, no matter how many Remain voters try and convince you that they are the caring ones.

The time taken to actually leave the EU is the biggest problem facing the UK economy at the moment, because the longer it takes, the pound's strength will have difficulty in improving, scaremongers will continue to try and convince the UK that Brexit is a massive disaster, even though the pound's strength is actually improving, and there was always going to be a time of turbulence. Again, it is a case of bravery. So many Remain voters didn't want to vote Leave because they were afraid of what would happen. They bought into the fear-mongery and the lies told in order to deceive them, but then many are not brave are they? Remember school – there were the bullies, and worse their friends who were afraid of them so aligned themselves with them instead of standing up for what was right. Then there were the ones being bullied (all character-building they say, though it doesn't really help at the time), but it's safe to say that most of them go on to do wonderful things and actually change the world for the better.

The quicker we actually leave the EU the better. The pound will soon become much stronger, perhaps even stronger than before Brexit, once the new European and non-European trade agreements are drawn up.

Thank goodness that there were enough Leave voters, though yes, the motives of some of them do make me want to vomit, but what can you do? You cannot let the ignorant on either side win. At least, there are many Leave voters who were doing it for the right reasons, and so it's time to be thankful for their bravery and strength in ensuring that the UK will gain control over decision-making about its own laws, will save billions of pounds on membership alone (not to mention all the other fees involved in membership), that the UK will probably be much stronger, as will the pound, once the new European and non-European trade agreements are drawn up.

Whether a believer in 'Remain' can successfully, and genuinely, lead the UK towards a prosperous exit will remain to be seen. I'm still not convinced, but that is a whole other story.

And of course there were genuine Remain voters who believed that the UK would be stronger within the EU (however misled they were), that financially the UK would be better off within the EU, but then again many of them don't live in overpopulated cities, which were in fact becoming overcrowded, and they can afford the better things in life so as not to be affected by any kind of drain on resources. Then again being financially better off by building more and more houses and having larger and larger workforces again doesn't affect the wealthy who may have wanted to Remain for their own selfish business-related reasons. They don't care about the environment, having green spaces, having space as a human being, nor the worker-drones they hire to do all their work! Just saying!


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