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Why Choosing A Taxi Is The Best Way To Travel

Updated on December 20, 2013

Taxi cabs are a wonderful invention and I don't know how we would actually cope if they were suddenly all taken off the road. How would we get to places? I believe we would start appreciating our taxi firms in a hurry if they stopped turning up when we called. Our lives would start to fall apart without the reliable support of taxi firms. Okay, so there are buses and trains we could hitch a ride with – but what if you like your transport reliable, private and on time? No, taxis are the only mode of travel. And here are some more great reasons for catching a ride with a taxicab:

1. More taxis means less need for private cars. By their very existence taxis do a great job of reducing harmful CO2 emissions. It is pretty safe to say that taxis are the green option when it comes to car travel. Next time you hop in a taxi cab, thank the driver for being an eco-warrior, fighting to save our mother earth from the destruction and havoc wreaked by the millions of unnecessary cars on our road networks.

2. Using a taxi cab means that the horror of finding a parking space is no longer your problem. How big a smile does that put on your face? No more parallel parking, squeezing into minuscule slots, getting beeped at by impatient drivers and stressed out by traffic wardens. Taking a cab also means you'll never have to suffer the horror of having your car towed away. Add to that the fact that the cost of parking a car is astronomically high, and I think that's a pretty comprehensive win for the taxi cabs there.

3. Taxi drivers are some of the wisest people on the planet. Some of the best conversations you ever have are with cab drivers. They seem to have a knack of knowing when to listen as you spill the beans about your terrible love life, and when to talk if you feel like being silent. It must be quite lonely driving a cab around sometimes, so they are always pleased to see a friendly face – and that is a really good feeling.

4. When you are invited to parties, out to dinner or other social occasions, alcoholic drinks can be hard to avoid. And anyway, it's good to have a drink and let your hair down now and then. But of course you want to drink responsibly and drinking and driving is a definite no-no – which is where taxi cabs prove their worth. There is no excuse for drinking and driving when you can call a taxi cab firm.

5. Shopping at the supermarket is a seamless, smooth operation with a taxi cab. Forget dragging ten full shopping bags onto a packed bus, arrange for a taxi to collect you and your groceries and ferry you home quickly and efficiently. Door to door. Supermarket shopping was never so stress-free.

6. If you ditch your car and just use taxi cabs you will save money on road tax, car insurance, petrol and regular maintenance bills. Doesn't that makes financial sense to you?

7. If, like me, you have a terrible sense of direction, you will be grateful that taxi drivers usually know where they are going, and at the very least can operate a GPS gadget. Don't like getting lost? Then take a cab.

Taxi firms operate around the clock so they will get you to wherever you want to be, day or night. They will get you to the airport at three a.m for a flight and you won't have to pay parking fees. On your return, when they collect you, if you're lucky they might even hold up a sign at 'Arrivals' with your name on it.

Taxi cabs are private hire cars which by definition means you do not have to share with any other passengers. If avoiding late night weirdos on public transport is important to you, get a taxi cab.

Taxis can be pre-booked so you can plan in advance where and how you travel. None of that trying to hail a cab in the rain nonsense, competing with thirty people for the same ride. Hooray!

Yes, I think I have presented a pretty strong case for taxis and their inherent 'awesomeness'. Next time you find yourself sitting in a cab, just remember how brilliant they are and what a fine service they provide to the population at large. And no, I am not a taxi driver, just a satisfied and appreciative cab passenger.

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    • profile image

      Larry Wall 4 years ago

      Taxis in large cities are great. They are fantastic in Washington D.C. and Houston. In my hometown, they are a joke. They do not roam the streets,so you do not hail a cab. They do not work from cabstands. If you want one you have to call. Even if you are staying at one of the nicer hotels, the cabs do not park there.

      The only place you will find one immediately is at the airport. After that you are on your own. I live in a fair size city but urban sprawl causes everyone to drive their car to the central business district and then most everything is in walking distance--but walking in Baton Rouge, LA in the summer with 95+ temperatures is not fun.

      Good points in your hub. We just need to get them universally applied.