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5 Reasons Conservatives Should Avoid John Kasich At All Costs

Updated on August 18, 2016
Percent of Remaining Delegates Needed to Win Nomination
Donald Trump
Ted Cruz
John Kasich

1. He Has No Chance of Winning The Nomination

Any psychologist would agree that John Kasich is experiencing the stages of grief over his dying (dead, if we're realistic) campaign. He's currently undergoing the denial period, the same stage he has exhibited throughout his entire presidential run. He is seemingly oblivious to the statistics, which state he would have to win 121% of the delegates to be elected as the nominee. In other words, Kasich would have to take all of the remaining delegates, as well as 21% of the delegates that have already been won. At this point, it's either he can't do math or he has nothing better to do.

Some theorize that Kasich has persisted out of the delusion he could be nominated via a contested convention. This is just as unlikely. Participating in a contested convention requires a nominee to have won at least eight states. Kasich has only won Ohio, his home state. Since the Ohio primary, he is yet to win another state. In Arizona and Idaho, Kasich received fourth place behind Marco Rubio, who dropped out of the race weeks prior. Just as a tip, if you land fourth place in a three man race, it may be time to call it quits.

2. He's Arrogant and Rude

Your average politician usually has a touch of vanity, but it has become very clear that John Kasich thinks very highly of himself. In an interview with Hugh Hewitt, he stated, "Look, we have a lot of candidates who are like the 'Prince of Darkness.' I consider myself the 'Prince of Light and Hope...'" John Kasich is comparing his competitors to Satan, while likening himself to Jesus. This is not only beyond narcissistic but sacrilegious.

Aside from his inflated self esteem, the governor seems to have a mean streak. In a 2015 column entitled Is John Kasich Too Cranky To Be President? by Perry Bacon Jr., Kasich is described as "brusque, confrontational, and dismissive of others' views, even other conservatives." He exhibited this behavior towards lobbyists just days after he won the governor's race when he threatened, "If you're not on the bus, we will run you over with the bus. And I'm not kidding." It's rather ironic coming from the guy who runs a self-proclaimed "positive campaign."

My impression back in Ohio was, he was kind of grouchy, grumpy know-it-all... With Kasich, it's not so much a matter of remaking his public image as convincing people it's what his image was all along. He's been a positive, upbeat guy, because they don't know any better.

— Andrew Smith, University of New Hampshire

3. He's For Common Core

Kasich frequently receives criticism for his support of common core, and rightly so. During the New Hampshire town hall, he stated, "Now, on this whole business of Common Core, it's like it's radioactive, you mention that and everybody all the sudden doesn't listen anymore." Now, it's possible that's due to no one wanting to listen to John Kasich, but Common Core is wildly unpopular among conservatives.

The principle of Common Core is that it's under the control of the government. Most conservatives, John Kasich and Jeb! Bush aside, shy away from excessive government control. It should be apparent that education is not one size fits all. States, communities, and individual schools have differing needs due to the diversity of our nation. It's impossible to tailor one program to fit all schools.

4. Amnesty

Marco Rubio's approval of amnesty in the Gang of Eight seemed to be the final nail in his campaign's coffin. John Kasich has similar sentiments, admitting he voted for amnesty in 1986. The governor believes that the illegal immigrants have "contributed a lot to the United States." If he becomes president (assumedly in a parallel universe), he would give legal status to undocumented immigrants.

Amnesty would only serve to reward illegal behavior. No penalization in a road to citizenship increases the likelihood of further illegal behavior as well as an incentive for even more illegal immigration. This influx of immigrants and new citizens would greatly hurt our already damaged economy. It's assumed these individuals would apply for welfare programs, putting strain on US taxpayers. It's also documented that a significant portion of money earned by immigrants goes to support family members in their native country, debunking the liberal view that it would give the economy a boost. Kasich has clearly been misguided on the issue of amnesty.

The 12 million who are here, we ought to find out who they are. If they've been law-abiding over a period of time, they ought to be legalized and they ought to be able to stay here.

— John Kasich

5. Socialized Medicine

Kasich has openly shown an affinity towards Obama's Affordable Care Act, saying it has "made real improvements in people's lives." This liberal viewpoint has obviously lead to the left being more tolerant of Kasich. The governor is under the false impression that socialized medicine could potentially be a benefit to American citizens. Countries like Canada and the UK have been damaged by similar programs. Canada in particular has undergone serious economic complications as well as prolonged waits to receive medical attention, according to Forbes. The wait times have doubled since 1993, and has resulted in many deaths of citizens waiting to receive care. If conservatives don't want to kill the sick and destroy the economy, Kasich isn't their candidate.


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    • Sharlee01 profile image


      2 years ago

      Please check out Kasich's interview with Neil Cavuto that was done over the weekend. Unbelievable !

    • RJ Schwartz profile image

      Ralph Schwartz 

      2 years ago from Idaho Falls, Idaho

      I think Kasich is just hanging around playing the waiting game until one of the two guys left in the race offers him the VP slot to him in exchange for bowing out.


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