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Why Conservatives are the Most Compassionate

Updated on January 25, 2017
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Jack is currently a volunteer at the Westchester County Archives. Jack has worked at IBM for over 28 years.


A recent discussion with a close friend touched upon a topic that is dear to my heart. It has to do with what economic policies are best. I make the case that Conservatism is best for all the people. Let me connect the dots. It involves policies regarding immigration, minimum wages, public schools and labor unions. Even though they may seem to be individual policies, they are intricately tied through our government and businesses.

- Jan. 2017


The social and economic problems that exist today came about over a long period of time. It did not happen over night and it can't be fixed over night. The policies that contributed to this outcome is the same policies promoted by our elected officials in all levels of government. The people who voted for these officials had no idea the agenda behind them. They were told these programs are for their benefit and they believed them. Even though, year after year, elections after elections, their condition seems to get worse while the government got bigger and spent more. Why?

Connecting the Dots...

When I was growing up in the 1960s and 70s, we had a great life in NYC. My father worked and my mother stay home and took care of my brother and me. We had jobs after school and soon our family bought a car, a later a house and my brother and I went to College, he went to a State school and I went to City College. There was periodic recessions and boom but all was well. My brother and I both ended up working at private corporations and got married and had kids and owned our own homes... The same American dream repeated in many homes...

The reason I provided that backdrop is to explain how thinngs were then and why things changed over time to what we have today. What events caused these changes to come about. The root of these changes is what we are seeing.

The four main area of my focus are immigration, wages, public schools and unions. There are many other components but these 4 are what I will use to illustrate my point. As the title of this hub, Conservative policies are more compassionate.

So what are some Conservative policies?

  • legal immigration and control of our borders
  • choice in public school
  • free market principles to guide wages
  • Unions should be optional

Explaining What Happened

Over the years, we allowed illegal immigrants to cross our borders and over stayed their visas. For the most part they are uneducated and poor and came here looking for a better live for themselves and their families back home. They are victims of their home country who has done little to improve their lot. Our country, though generous and compassionate, also have selfish goals. Some big business see this as a source of cheap labor especially in farm fields and restaurants and landscaping. Some political groups see this as a way to add to their constituents. More votes lead to more power.

The current estimate is that we have 12-20 million people who are undocumented. This is on top of the millions that come here legally through our INS process. We don't really know the exact number because our government refuses to even count them in our census. They think it is discriminatory to even ask.

Basic economics theory tells you that supply and demand is at work here. When you have an abundant supply of unskilled labor, the price of labor or wages must go down. Next, the dynamics of business have changed as a result. In the past, unskill or low skill labor was filled by part time students who are just starting out. These fast food work was suppose to be an entry level position. They were never intended to be a living wage to support a person or a family.

Our education system of these students has also deteriorated. This happened while the cost of public education is going up year after year. In 2016, for example, the cost per student in NYC is $20,000 per year. Yet, the quality of education and graduates have gone down. Why? The teachers union have such a strong hold on the public education market, they won't allow any suggestions of improvement. If you just give each student the same amount of money and let them choose which school to attend, it will bring the quality way up. It is called competition.

We have students who graduate high school who can't even read or write or do math. How can they enter a competitive work force or go onto college?

Who have Benefitted? Winners and Losers

Let me list the winners:

  • Big Corporations and businesses
  • Unions
  • Government Bureaucrats
  • Politicians of both Major Parties
  • undocument Immigrants or uninvited guests

And who lost:

  • The common wage worker
  • The poor in the inner cities
  • The students
  • The taxpayers


What is real compassion?

Compassion is letting parents choose which school to send their kids so they can get a decent education.

Compassion is keeping our border secure so that illegal workers can't come here and affect low wages.

Compassion is to keep our citizens and immigrants the same legal status so that no one can be exploited.

Compassion is to provide economic opportunities and jobs that are based on sound economic principles.


Conservative principles and policies ultimately are best because it allows people and individuals to have control over their destny. Government is not the answer and should only be there as a last resort or to be a safety net. In general, people knows what is best in their own interest and will make life decisions based on that fact. Government cannot replace that.

© 2017 Jack Lee


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    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 11 months ago

      To me this is all about common sense. That commodity is in short supply.