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Why Did FOX News Cancel Freedom Watch?

Updated on February 17, 2012

Fox News Cancels Judge Napolitano's Show Freedom Watch

FOX News is notorious for the most ridiculous kinds of neocon propaganda. And no, this isn't a baseless conspiracy theory at all. I've made the case about social media and Ron Paul's young voters and just as I mentioned there, you can easily check out YouTube for the crazy inconsistencies, suppression of information, and blatant propaganda that serves the GOP establishment's agenda.

Take note that this is the network where I watched them boo and laugh at Ron Paul for defending libertarian principles back in the 2008 presidential election debates, principles that are now emerging in the mainstream and other candidates are pretending to advocate like auditing the Federal Reserve. It is the same network that excluded Ron Paul from a debate on that same year.

That being said, I would just like to say that, as much as I hate FOX News for doing all those things and for pushing for the neocon agenda, we must always remember that not everyone in FOX news is like that in the same manner that not everyone in the Republican party (people like Ron Paul) is a Bush Doctrine worshipping neoconservative.

There is John Stossel, an outspoken libertarian. Neil Cavuto, who always features Ron Paul and criticized his colleagues in FOX News for being biased against Ron Paul (I'll post the video below later on). And Judge Napolitano of Freedom Watch. And guess what? Judge Nap just got fired. Yup, Freedom Watch just got cancelled for reporting data that goes against the neocon agenda, for exposing truths to some of the FOX News viewers who were lucky enough to have watched his show, and for supporting and endorsing Ron Paul plain and simple.

The only show that makes the most sense in FOX News just got cancelled. There's no surprise there.

Judge Nap's Speech on the Last Episode of Freedom Watch

I love how Judge Nap just gracefully exited with this really moving speech promoting liberty, just as he has been since his show started in 2009. It's obvious that they made an example of him. It's interesting that I haven't actually been seeing videos by Stossel about Ron Paul circulating on the internet even when in the past he has been very outspoken about supporting him. Is it possible that he has been warned? Well no matter what reasons there are, it's admirable that Judge Napolitano did not get scared.

It's just really making me curious that up to now the reasons for the cancellation of Freedom Watch is still very unclear. It really won't make sense for them to cancel based on ratings because you know how Ron Paul supporters get when it comes to media that support him. There are a lot of news shows that actually put Ron Paul on the show for the sake of ratings. Plus, more importantly, they are actually replacing Freedom Watch with just reruns of other shows that were shown throughout the day. It makes no sense at all.

Neil Cavuto criticizes colleagues like Chris Wallace, Bill O'Reilly over at FOX news for being Biased Against Ron Paul

This is a very well said commentary, very well arranged and persuasive. He made it seem as if he was neutral even when the piece is obviously an attack against the irrational bias his colleagues has against Ron Paul.

This guy has guts. Obviously if he doesn't want to be the next guy who's fired, he has got to hush down on saying things like this on his show. I'm actually very surprised that he said it blatantly. How I wish that the colleagues he mentioned could have some sort of rebuttals just because I want to hear what they have to say for themselves. This is obviously so bad for the credibility of FOX news. I really won't be surprised if this guy is fired next. There's a good chance though that they won't be able to because it will only attract even more criticism and worsen their already destroyed and pointless credibility.

Jon Stewart Exposes Media Bias Against Ron Paul

Yup, it's not just FOX news. As you can see in the video above, even the liberal media plays a part in having a bias against Ron Paul. There's really that mainstream politics and economics that forms the status quo and many times you'll see that there really is no difference among democrats and republicans when it comes to a variety of domestic and foreign policies that undermine liberty.

SOPA, ACTA, PIPA, and other legislation that threaten the freedom given by the internet

And again this is why you won't be surprised that they want legislation that will give authority to governments to control the internet. Because obviously, the internet is the only place of freedom now where people can share ideas without the risk of being fired or censored (at least for now). And again that piece I wrote about social media and Ron Paul and why he is attracting young voters because many of the older voters don't get to read the blogs or watch videos on YouTube that expose the mainstream media and the status quo politicians.

The one thing I do love about the whole SOPA attempt and the websites that joined in the blackout to protest against the said legislation is that it really made a lot of people more aware about the freedom of the internet and what kind of authority the government should have and what liberties government cannot take away.

Why did FOX News Cancel Judge Nap's Show Freedom Watch?

The show got cancelled because it made sense. It's that simple. They don't want sense in their network. They only want whatever it is that serves their own special interest.


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