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Why Do Moods Change When the Seasons Change?

Updated on March 1, 2018
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Brittany Banks is a young woman who likes to help people in difficult situations.


Every where around the world, seasons will change. I am not talking about the seasoning in your cabinet. I'm talking about winter, spring, summer, and fall. It's not just people that change their mood. Animals will do the same as well. During winter, some animals will hibernate while others will migrate. Most will have babies during spring and look for food and stash it during winter. Are people and animals alike? Yes, in a lot of ways. Scientists have done a good amount of research over the years about this. Well, I am about to explain what I believe and why our moods change during when the season change. Why, you may ask? Some of us are just curious.

During Summer

I'll start with this season. Some people do like the heat and some don't. Most of us have a favorite season that causes us to go out and do things like summer. Summer gives us a change to go swimming, have barbecues, and we are able to enjoy it. We don't want anything raining on our parade like winter or spring. Animals in the wild often enjoy summer and aren't busy trying to hibernate or make offspring.

Summer gives us more options of what we can do instead of sit at home. It makes us happier seeing the sun shining. You will see children outside playing and enjoying it more as well. Not to mention, the roads are easier to drive on.

During Fall/Autumn

I'm not sure for the mood of this one, but it depends on if you enjoy it or not. The kids are going back to school and the leaves are changing color. I believe fall is beautiful actually. The way you look at it is the way it should be. Animals in the wild would be preparing for winter. I know we spend some time doing that like gathering firewood for your wood stove. Cleaning is another thing we do to prepare for the cold winter. I guess we feel more prepared and determined during fall to get things done and ready.

We still have the option to come out and do somethings before fall ends so our mood would be moderate. If you are just an angry person during fall, I don't quite understand.


During Winter

The coldest time of the year, winter. Animals would be hibernating around this time of year. So you would think we should as well. We don't want to go anywhere that much, because the roads are slick. We still have the option to go outdoors and go snowboarding, skiing, or snow tubing. Some people enjoy winter, but most don't. We don't have the motivation to go anywhere and we actually feel like we like to hibernate and be lazy during this time of year. Let alone, we have to deal with the rain or snow. No one wants to shovel a bunch of snow or get soaking wet when being outside for an hour. Some people enjoy it though. Me personally, I don't care for it that much. It's a beautiful time of year, but I don't like to travel in it. It can also cause people to get irritated quite easily.


During Spring

Love is in the air! Spring is a beautiful time of the year with the flowers blooming and people are starting to come out of their homes more. Also the time for some spring cleaning. In the wild, animals would be looking for a mate around this time of year. Well, some people do find out that their woman is pregnant around this time of year as well. People are more excited and cheerful as well. The roads are starting to clear up and we are able to go and do more things. It's like a taste of summer, but not too hot. If you don't care for spring, I don't understand why?


I have to ask, what is you favorite season?

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© 2018 Brittany Banks


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    • gregas profile image

      Greg Schweizer 

      8 months ago from Corona, California.

      I used to go into somewhat of a depression in the Fall. I believe it had something to do with the shorter days. I really like all seasons, probably because I live in SoCal. I am from Colo. and I am not crazy about living in the snow, but I don't mind visiting it. Here we don't have to deal with extreme changes. These days I don't have the problem with Fall anymore because I am retired and I don't have to be out in the shorter days. In actuality I like Spring the best with all of the new life.


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