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Why Does America Fight Iran's Wars?

Updated on March 29, 2015

Call it a product of unintended consequences, or it is human to error, or America simply helped Iran become a regional power out of stupidity in long range plans. But, the result is here now. Since 9\11, we have fought low level wars on Iran's behalf, as Iran acted stealth to hide their nuclear weapon programs and missile development with Russian, Chinese and North Korean help.

In 2002, we did destroy Iran's main enemy in Afghanistan, the Taliban. Yes, Iran hated them for they are Sunni but were incapable of doing it at all. They no doubt were elated when the Taliban were defeated without one Iranian dying for it. How many Americans paid this price for Iran?

In 2003, America demolished Iran's other Sunni foe, Iraq, under Saddam Hussein. Iran did try to this for over eight years between 1980-88 during the Iran-Iraq war started because of oil and both claimed seaports as theirs. This war ended in a draw and America supported Iraq in this doomed venture.

Once America had removed Saddam Hussein and his government, forming a new one proved way too difficult between the Sunni and Shiites and Kurds. The thing happened in Afghanistan. There was no real democracy just parts of one that is still in a fragile state. But this created a vacuum in the whole region. In the meantime, Iran continued to move forward with its plans to be a real Shiite power incognito spreading its Islam with political ties in order to create more allies in Beirut, Lebanon, Damascus, Syria, Sanaa, Yemen, and Baghdad, Iraq. Their real power is in their influence within each of the governments existing there that allows for numerous nefarious activities that allow them to reach a goal. Don't confuse the Iranian people with its government, most of them are pro-American in many, many ways. They are a great people being led by a diabolical leader using the Quran as a shield.

With so much subtle success for Iran, the vacuum and resentment created a new foe in the Middle East, ISIS. From around the world, those feeling this is a Shiite-Sunni war, came to build up the ISIS core fighters who are Sunni, an offshoot of al-Qaeda that went global, in effect. The Iraqi Sunnis are a minority there, so ISIS attracts them. So, now, America and Iran are fighting ISIS. America is now helping defeat a new Iranian foe. Once this happens, Iran and Iraq will be brothers, nearly one. Iraq will become like Lebanon and will grant Iran whatever it wants out of fear. This win will give Iran influence in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and access. Much of the Middle East will be under the influence of Iran, if Iraq, falls into their orbit. But it does insane to suggest we should support ISIS, which is Sunni, and ruthless.

Now, Yemen is falling also to Iran. But the Saudis, which are Sunni, have had enough of America playing both sides. They have sent their military into Yemen to make sure Iran does not succeed. The question is, what will Iran be willing to do to keep Yemen? The Houthis in Yemen are Shiite and seek strong ties with Iran and Russia.

The perfect storm is developing quickly in the Middle East and what looked like American successes in 2002 and 2003 were actually the seeds of failed American policy in the Middle East.


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