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Why Does Society Stereotype?

Updated on November 15, 2017

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Society is guilty of stereotyping and grouping individuals into categories of by the way, they dress, act, speak, and their overall general physical appearance. Society say if individuals have tattoos it means they are not decent people. Society states that tattoos are a symbol for being associated with gangs or biker clubs.

Society also stereotypes piercing, people who have multiply piercing are looked upon as rebellious. Or it means they represent a certain culture. Some young adults and/or teens who feel as if they don’t fit in sometimes will adapt to a certain cultural look such as gothic, which has a look of piercing, and tattoos. Society classify it as unacceptable.

When it comes to politicians, for years they have carried a very negative stereotype. One conclusion people have is all politicians are liars, or in order to be a politician an individual is a dishonest person. These are negative stereotypes, I believe a lot of people are blindsided and believe all politicians are liars.

Many times I have heard the question asked “have you ever meet on honest politian?” Of course there are honest politicians who are good public-figures and serve to make a difference.

For quite a long time I misunderstood what feminist were, and/or what it meant when a women says she’s a feminist. I understood it to mean a soft, graceful lady which is clearly not its definition.

Feminist are stereotyped as obnoxious women who are pushy, overbearing people who rule with heavy hands, they fight for equality for women. Their argument is they deserve equal pay, equal rights to all positions regardless of gender. According to Standard Philosophy “Feminist is an attempt to revise, reformulate, or rethink those aspects of traditional western ethics that depreciate or devalue women's moral experience. Among others, feminist philosopher Alison Jaggar faults traditional western ethics for failing women in five related ways. First, it shows little concern for women's as opposed to men's interests and rights.”

The Feminist group is positive due to they are standing up for what they believe in, and fight for a cause.

The stereotype for senior citizens can be a little complex, but in general society says when you’re over 55 you’re done, no more use for them. I really think the stereotype for seniors is changing. Senior Citizens are reinventing themselves by becoming know as active seniors who live long, and live well. The organization known as AARP, American Association Retired People has lead the way in creating positive influences among the senior community.

When examine myself I would have to say I am guilty in some instances in stereotyping individuals according to how they looked, or dressed. For a long time I believe all people who had tattoos were walking on the dark side of life, and I didn’t associate myself with anyone who had one.

I do realize to think in this manner is shallow, and have changed my way of thinking. At least now I will talk to them, and myself a chance to get to know the individual for who they really are. I think there may be some true to all the groups according to one’s own views and perspective.

When I stereotype am I passing judgment on other human being because of what society as describes this group of persons to be. Should I believe all politicians are liars because this what the stereotype is? No. I should not walk to the beat of society’s drum.

Looking inward I have learned to not allow society to think for me, but to base my opinions solely upon what I feel and believe. No one should allow society’s ideology to become their idea. They should make their own decisions, and when it really boils down to it stereotyping is wrong. In way it is similar to racial profiling making or passing judgment upon individual because of how they look.


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    R. J. Lefebvre 5 years ago


    I share a lot of how you described our social environment. I believe all of us have a problem in stereotyping-at times if your not, you belong on the negative side. Over the years I choose not to label anyone on the first meeting; I try to understand how and why this person reacts to others on their first meeting. My conclusions are not fasting immediately, but are shaped by further activities in the future.