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Why Freedom?

Updated on February 25, 2012

Don't believe everything you hear politicians say.

The characteristics of our freedom are under daily attack. We must fight back.
The characteristics of our freedom are under daily attack. We must fight back.

Be a wolf for freedom. Liberty is worth the price.

Why Freedom?

In this current age of crisis politicians regulate and legislate in hopes, not unfounded, of gaining ever greater power over us; they violate their sacred vow of office without challenge, tossing aside the Constitution under the premise of safety and security for us. But many people recognize and mourn the slow dissolution of our rights—defined as a part of natural law—the rights our Founding Fathers recognized and codified in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

There appears to be a distinctive disregard for freedom and liberty across our societal spectrum as well as in our educational institutions that wasn’t there a generation or more ago. Maybe it’s because technology has given us as a people so much in the way of luxurious living, a lifestyle that many of us and generations before us only dreamed about. We have better transportation now than ever before in history, highly efficient vehicles, air transport and rail facilities, nuclear powered vessels, advanced communications that didn’t exist even a year ago, entertainment forms and venues that stagger the mind, space age materials that the most imaginative scientists couldn’t predict a century or more ago; the capability to produce food and store it for ever greater amounts of time; even our life span has advanced a decade or more.

Is that why almost all of us concern ourselves with our lifestyle and leave out the basic component that is so necessary to life and happiness: liberty?

More than one public figure, philosopher or educator has pointed out that freedom lost or never gained is slavery. We don’t have very far back to go in our history to learn of slavery’s repercussions to the black community of that time. Their slavery reduced them in many cases to life not much better than that of animals. High infant mortality rates, long bouts of manual labor of the greatest intensity, starvation, beatings, torture, exposure to elements, etc. were the norm in far too many cases. Maybe some today think of that as an extreme example of freedom’s antithesis but is it? What about Eastern Europe under communist oppression and even fascism and Nazism before that? Herbert Hoover headed up an organization that during WWI was tasked by European and American leaders with feeding millions of starving people displaced during the war, most of who were children. Fascism, dictators and authoritarian regimes were directly responsible for that tragedy. Those people did not have freedom to choose their lifestyle; it was forced upon them, even so, less than a generation later many of those same children, now grown, joined the battle either willingly or under duress to subjugate the world under fascist rule.

What is so great about freedom that our Founding Fathers pledged their fortunes and even their very lives to obtain it?

Freedom, to me, is wrapped up in two precious principles: choice and opportunity. Note that safety is not one of them. Today, more than ever, we hear in certain circles that quote of Ben Franklin’s paraphrased at times: those who desire security over liberty deserve neither security nor liberty.

That has, indeed, been the experience of some of us. But the choices and opportunities liberty can provide are foundational to our very life. We crave the choice of whom and how we worship but those in power want to make that choice for us. We crave the opportunity to make the most of our God-given gifts and abilities but once again those in power have usurped that opportunity. They have even tried to tell us whether we will obtain a higher education and where we will go for that education, whether we will work for ourselves or for others or for no one at all, whom we can support with our money, our words, our time and other resources, what we can say, where we can travel and even how.

We want to reserve to ourselves our precious freedom of speech but we now have a government that has, contrary to our Constitution—the law of our land—taken unto them the power to surveille us at any moment in any fashion they choose with no more than a National Security Letter and in some cases not even requiring that. We are monitored at intersections, our emails and phone communications are monitored randomly or purposefully, even our children’s school lunches are subject to random inspections. The current administration has made an overt pronouncement that they intend with funds not their own to hire ever greater quantities of police and firefighters. Why police? We have a Supreme Law of the Land that they won’t obey. We have more laws than most of us can obey at any one time and still the existing police force is powerless to stop crime. When they do capture criminals the bad guys either walk or spend minimal time incarcerated thanks to those very politicians who appoint liberal judges. So, why more cops? A police state seems the logical conclusion.

So, I want for myself and my family, along with all Americans, to experience choice—in jobs, in education, in whom and how they choose to worship, in where and how they live lawfully. I want all Americans to have unlimited opportunities to make the most of themselves in every arena possible. Most of all I want these things for my children, grandchildren and my posterity.

But silence will no longer purchase back these freedoms we have so willingly given up in favor of our lifestyles, our technological fascinations, our profligate living.

If you want these things for your posterity as I do, whether Democrat or Republican, Independent or Libertarian, now is the time to speak up, now is the time to make your presence known, now is the time to show the world that your desire for liberty courses through your veins with the passion and intensity of a George Washington, Thomas Jefferson or Ben Franklin. Remember that every protest this nation has ever experienced was made up of individuals not corporations or even politicians. Stand up, step out, speak up; let our nation’s servants know you’re there, you’re mad and you want your freedoms back. Judge Andrew Napolitano said it well when making this comparison and call to action: Don’t be a sheep, be a wolf; a wolf for freedom. Liberty. It’s worth it.

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