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Why Freedom Creates Opportunity

Updated on July 9, 2020
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Kim holds an M.A. in counseling psychology and has helped thousands of business leaders and individual employees perform at their best.

The Requirement of Opportunity

Opportunity is often talked about as necessary. We say opportunity is needed to learn, work, and achieve personal success. Opportunity is needed to have a good life. It’s what’s needed for us to be able to pursue our dreams. In particular, we talk about opportunity as necessary for young people. Children, teens, and young adults must have opportunity in society, education, sports, business, and even family life. If kids are ever going to have the chance to rise, they must have opportunity. They must see possibility. Of course, as adults we need opportunity too. As adults we must experience opportunity throughout our life in order to create a meaningful and happy existence. Without opportunity, little can be achieved. Even worse, without opportunity, much can be lost.

I agree. Opportunity is essential. It’s what gives us hope. It’s what provides the chance for us to grow and do great things. Opportunity encourages, coaches, and inspires. Opportunity give us hope. There’s no doubt about it. Opportunity is a must. It must be present for anyone, at any age, to achieve.

Now if that’s true, which I believe it is, then we must ask, where does opportunity come from? How do we get opportunity? How is opportunity created? While we can probably come up with all kinds of reasons why someone may or may not have opportunities, the reality is, the foundation, or the basis for opportunity, is really quite simple. More importantly, it’s available to us all. No matter who you are, where you come from, or what your circumstances may be, there is opportunity. The reason is freedom. Freedom is what creates opportunity. Freedom is at the heart of it all. Best of all, in America, freedom is secured. In America there is opportunity for all.

Freedom is the Key

Opportunity is only possible with freedom. Freedom is the key. We must have freedom to create opportunity. We must have freedom to succeed. That is, in order to accomplish our desires and achieve our dreams, we must be free. Free to pursue our interests and use our talents. Free to make our own decisions, and not be told what to do. Free to decide what is best for us and what direction we will take. We must be free to try, and fail, and try again. That’s because we usually don’t get it right on the first try, success takes numerous attempts. It may even take many failures. However, if we didn’t have freedom, we wouldn’t be able to try. We wouldn’t be able to take the steps required. In reality, without freedom, we could never get started. And thankfully, this is what America is all about.

By declaring that our natural rights are ours to keep and by creating a government to secure these rights, the American Dream was born. Here in America, people could achieve. America was the place where people could imagine, wonder, and hope. It was here individuals could become who they wanted to be. If desired, and with the willingness to do what’s required, success and achievement were there for the taking. America created the opportunity to succeed.

Of course, it’s not easy. Obstacles and challenges exist for everyone, yes everyone. If success is to happen, obstacles must be overcome, which often requires tremendous grit and tenacity, and the will to never give up. It’s also important to note that the presence of opportunity and freedom does not mean that everyone will be successful, but it does mean there is a chance. That is, if you’re willing to take a risk, if you’re unafraid of making mistakes, and if you’re willing to struggle, you can try. You can work to succeed.

Restrictions Decrease Opportunity

As to be expected, it isn’t easy, it never is. Many struggle, some fail, and others never try, but opportunity is there. Possibility is present. By removing the obstacles of oppression and eliminating the potential for tyranny, America creates a chance. America creates opportunity. It’s as if this country of ours says “Go for it. Let’s see what you can do. I’m not going to stop you. It’s all up to you.”

You see, as people we are made to do great things. We are made with so much potential. We were made for freedom and happiness. However, if circumstances are such that we are restricted, or that our freedom is less than what it should be, we lose the ability to shine. We lose the ability to be ourselves. We may not even realize it’s happening at first, but restrictions slowly take hold, putting a weight on the human spirit. As such, opportunity is reduced and eventually eliminated.

When we don’t have liberty, we lose a part of who we are. We are constrained and we suffer. We suffer because the ability to be ourselves is diminished and the opportunity to express our individual thoughts and ideas is lost. Take away a person’s ability to pursue what he or she is made to do, and human tragedy ensues. Not only for the individual, but for society as well. That’s because people under unreasonable restrictions become conditioned. They become conditioned to accept a new norm. A norm that states what they cannot and what they should not do.

When individuals are restricted, they learn that others and not themselves, are the ones who have the power to tell them what to do. They learn they are not capable of taking care of themselves and don’t have the wisdom to make their own decisions. Worst of all, people in these circumstances learn they shouldn’t even try.

A loss of freedom is devastating in so many ways. When we’re restricted, controlled, or constrained, we lose our ability to contribute to the world. Our greatness, our talents, and our beauty are unrecognized. They are ignored. We become less than what we should be. The crushing of the human spirit is just heartbreaking. It should not happen, and yet it does. Time and time again, throughout the ages to millions of undeserving souls. It truly is one of the world’s greatest tragedies.

Opportunity Available for All

The truth is, freedom is a must. Freedom is absolutely necessary. We must be able to live as free people. We must be able to follow our own path. We must be able to discover what we’re made to do. It’s not easy, in fact, it tends to be quite hard. Success and achievement are difficult to obtain. What makes it more challenging is the fact that sometimes we don’t know what to do, and sometimes people have really difficult obstacles to overcome. And yet, there is hope. There is hope because of freedom. There is hope because of the opportunity our freedom creates.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who you are or what your circumstances may be, freedom provides the chance to persevere. It creates the chance to try. Freedom opens doors that would otherwise be shut. And when it comes to obstacles and challenges, well they’re just that, obstacles and challenges. They are part of life, and they can be overcome. It may take time and will most likely require determination and the ability to weather the storms. Yet, possibility is present. Possibility thrives. Dreams can be achieved. All because of freedom. It is the beautiful and wonderous gift of freedom that creates the chance for us to become our best. It is freedom that generates the opportunity to strive for excellence. It is freedom that allows us to pursue our dreams.


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