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Should Freedom of Speech be Restricted?

Updated on February 4, 2018

Debate over issues and points of views, get offended and say something back.

In this day of age there's two people, liberals and conservatives, no middle man because a person has to take someone's side. You have to be pro-choice or pro- life, pro-guns or anti-guns, for freedom of speech or against it. There is no happy medium anymore, yes there's some people out there (like myself) who see both sides and the view changes based on situation, but freedom of speech is starting to lose what it stood for because people are getting "offended" or need a "safe space".

Freedom of speech nowadays, what is it? You can say what you want as long as it doesn't "offend anyone". When did the world turn into a safe space? No one's first amendment right should be taken away because someone's feelings got hurt or because someone has different views. I'm sorry but everyone does a have a right, there should not be limits to their rights especially something as harmless as words.

The only exception should be what federally is which is slander (lying to ruin a person's reputation) and clear and present danger (yelling fire in a crowd) (Ringle1).Those should not be laws on the first amendment though, if you raise your children right they will know better than do either. If people could raise their children the right way and being respectable citizens those exceptions wouldn't have to be written down. Rights should not be limited because some people are incapable of raising children with morals or don't want to teach their children right from wrong.

I found an article and the author states "Should one person’s beliefs be discounted or prohibited because it offends someone else? I do not believe so. That goes against what the First Amendment to the Constitution guarantees" (Britton1). If the U.S. is as free as it claims to be, why should any citizen have the right to freedom of speech taken away? Some people do use derogatory words to describe others but, as the other author also points out, a boss can call someone lazy and any one person would get offended by that. In the end, a harmless word can be taken offense to just as much as a derogatory word. You cannot limit a persons right to talk, call it how "they may see it", or let one person ruin a RIGHT for others.

In another article from PBS, "the founder of the American Civil Liberties Union, Roger Baldwin, put it well when he said, “In order to defend the people you like, you have to defend the people you hate" (Wizner1). That statement could not be more of the truth, there is no double win for anyone in this country, you can't stand up for what you believe in with people who also feel the same way, without standing against others. To defend people or a belief, you have to work with the people against you, if it weren't for the opposite sides, there would essentially be no new movements, no new laws, it takes two to make something work. To put limitations on words someone may not like, you put limitation on changing the country.

Even Colleges are joining a movement of limited free speech, according to time magazine's article, "If you don’t agree with someone, are uncomfortable with an idea, or don’t find a joke funny, then their speech must be suppressed. Especially if they don’t politically agree with you.(Maloney1) " What is happening? Colleges have areas for free speech? There are posters in classrooms at Massasoit alone that talk about offending someone. No, I pay for that education, I pay for the classroom and the books, you cannot tell me or anyone to chose words carefully in fear of hurting a grown adult's feelings. Anyone should be able to walk into the classroom and say what they want, you can up and leave without question after all, why not voice your opinion if asked.

There are people that will disagree with my view because that gives people the right to use those derogatory words I mentioned earlier, it will even give people the right to act out and say without thinking but that gives you the right to defend yourself. Humans are not meant to hold feelings in, you just have to hope people have morals and know right from wrong and will not abuse the power that comes with no limitations but even with current limitations now- people still cross that line.


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