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Why Governments are apt to look after their citezens

Updated on November 30, 2018
days leaper profile image

PIP is a very unpopular dissability benefit in the UK. (Welfare). It is replacing DLA which had faults but was byfar fairer..

UK PIP Personal Independence Payment

Dear sir/s

I write to make my strong objections legally known.

In the hopes that some-one will be brave enough to rise above the corruption which is even more unrighteous than the concentration camps of nazi germany. Only quite a bit more subtle.
There is already concern about zero hours contracts being a con to fudge figures to not even pay the minimum a person is legally and actually needing to live.

I write now with regard to PIP. that the procedure to claim against what has become a statutory wrong decision. It is not based on activities of the current system but merely used to give less than people previously on DLA. regardless of their current situation.
I have deteriorated since DLA some years ago to a point where a work through of the DWP claim form showed I have enough points for the full amount. And though i would have settled for what I recieved before. including higher mobility rate and standard living.
Even with my mistake/s taken out showed I am still entitled to both higher rates.
This has been going on since February 2017. I am at the Supreme court appeal level. But i have not been able to raise the money required in time to be heard by this body of appeal.
Nor are there many solicitors left at all. Particularly in the north. And those that are (that is one person with a mobile number whose qualifications are yet to be verified says 'his company' does not have a legal aid department. (This extreme right wing conservative government, so hateful and prejudiced against those less fortunate than themselves ! Killing and allowing conning to go on unhindered!)
Ignored. my plea to then secretary for work and pensions (*no mention of disabled and impoverished, you'll notice!) an Esther McVee to no response. Though she resigned a fortnight or so later. no doubt bad conscience, though claiming she couldn't do her job under the current proposed Brexit deal. As she could't do it anyway this seems to cause no consequence!

I have been unable to raise money to appeal and I am sure i am not alone in this. Nòr can i afford now the required amount to maintain the extra treatments including weekly physio with the standard rates i have been reduced to. (from higher rate mobility!)
In the time this has been stopped having been forced to change due to an enquiry as to when it would come in. (Feb'17) I have lost some £5000. and counting from those that earn well over £100,000 p.a.
A short sighted move on the governments part because as it is also hacking into community services such as policing in order to raise their own wage and pander to Americans etc. with raising foreign aid. And putting foreigners first as this shambolic country i am born and bred in with generations going back before the first Viking invasions. As it always has had this pander to non-patriots policy. It is thereby leading by example for others to follow.
I, among any and all in my predicament and others like it. Can therefore by no means be blamed therefor in taking the option to follow suit.
I have therefore seriously considered writing to the likes of The Russian embassy, among others stating that should they require assistance with their activities in so much as my making the bit of space i might have available to their operatives for temporary stay from time to time. I am sure that this would more than cover that which this corrupt government has deemed fit to take away. Who knows perhaps more than everything i am forced to claim due to being severely and chronically ill. (some £18,500 p.a. though less in my case as not full PIp. only Housing and even Council Tax is reduced)
Other ideas involve immigration. As i know from various sources that there are gay and lesbian groups that get together to discuss immigration rights etc. though at a time where i could afford to care about this country i voted brexit on these very grounds -even stupidly thinking that we had people in power actually capable of making fair laws that all people could live by. Even though it was staring me in the face the inequalities. for example Why is there no Maximum Wage limit? And do these people.. gov. workers, bankers, lawyers etc. need so much? No.
So tell me what have I been a loyal patriot to all these years. I am disillusioned by the deciet and corruption by the best paid. This is not 'the top' but the very bottom.
And as anyone in my predicament may be reading this. I cite for you Psalm 113. And urge You do not committed suicide for this is what such people want for their own filthy greed. But stand up to it. Even if you have to resort to the above. make your rebellion against the state and not other people who though may be better off might still not be able to cope with the devastation caused by such an attack. (a friend got robbed. they were simply trying to make ends meet with an honest living. the national state of affairs is not their fault!!)
And in the same way i draw the line at allowing terrorists in as these go for the common man, the defenceless public are the target of such cowards!
Though if any-one is planning anything on the lines of guy fawlkes. Under the circumstances of desperation that we, the impoverished disabled and infirm are at. How can i condemn it?
If the rulers of this nation can't cope and the above proposals are so overwhelming that their normal modes of already overstretched prisons fail. they will have to reconsider. Even though knowing this lot i half expect them to actually bring back concentration camps that is in other words keeping prisons but adding back corporal punishment/s!
I say to this. So I will die a martyr at the hands of others, not myself!!! And there is much to be proud of in the face of God The Most High Whom tolerates No Rivals. In such a death than the one this government expects us to take!


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  • days leaper profile imageAUTHOR

    days leaper 

    5 months ago from england

    Reform does not necessarily mean improved!


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