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Why Have You Forsaken My Freedom to Buy Cough Syrup?!?!?

Updated on January 19, 2011

Takeover of Cough Syrup=Oppression


Coughing Fit

I would like to tell you all about the story of my oppression.

Right now there is a particularly snotty disgusting version of the flu going through my house. Naturally when I found out that we had run out of cough syrup I decided it couldn't wait until morning so I ventured on out. I should have known when the store around the corner was closed (changed their hours) that I should go home, but this cough is nonstop. I wanted some relief so I headed to the other store 8 blocks away.

It was late and cold and I was dressed to go around the block. I also forgot to mention that I could not find boots on the way out (another hint to stay home and suffer) so I had to go upstairs and borrow my mother's sickly shiny gestapo snow boots which make me look like I should be whipping someone. They are what happens when trendy boots and utilitarian boots meet and have super mutant baby SS boots.

Anyway back to the store. So I get to the store to pick up one box of cough syrup and some tp and I mozy on up to the counter. I grab some cash from my pocket and wait to hear the price.

"May I please have your driver's license?" I am dumbfounded. I do the obligatory courtesy search and say I do not have it and she politely declines my patronage. "Sooo sorry hun it's the rule" as she hand me a square piece of paper: Ask For Drivers License. Ugh.

I am in sweats, gestapo boots, and a sweater and jacket and I have only cash crumpled into my pocket like a homeless person, no license. I was supposed to be going around the block. I am buying one measly box of OTC cough syrup. Numero uno.

Now, I know you will say that this has been this way forever but I have never ever been carded for OTC cough syrup. I wanted to cough on the nice lady and give her my flu but instead I turned around and went home.

Where is the outrage over this?? Everyone is so focused on Obamacare but this seems way more important if you ask me. I am outraged over my lack of freedom to buy freaking cough syrup when and where I choose. Where is my freedom from the oppression of my cough I say. The audacity.


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