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Why Hillary Would Not Be a Good President

Updated on November 17, 2015


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Why Hillary would not be a good president

Today we await the new presidential election in the United States of America. The race has already begun, and candidates are doing almost everything to win the general public to their side.

Some are being outrageous and almost clownish as Donald Trump, and some have been more intellectual, reserved and concrete as Bernie Sanders.

But what of the candidate that has been in the presidential spotlight for two decades. Yes I am speaking of formal first lady, and state secretary Hillary Clinton.

Many people are jumping on the hype train to vote for the first female president, but if this is all she can offer then she is clearly not the best candidate for the job.

Don’t get me wrong, having a female president liberal president will probably do good for the country, but we are just not sure that Hillary Clinton is the one who should be the first one, or any president at all.

Here are some reasons why we think Hillary Clinton will not make a good president.

First of all, is having a female president good for women? It certainly sounds so, however let’s see what Hillary did on this field.

Apparently Clinton has a disgust at the ongoing wage gap in America, of which she isn’t apparently a part. She chaired numerous hearings on equal pay in the senate, with little or no concrete result. Her campaign was even two days before National Equal Pay Day. Coincidence? We don’t think so. Good marketing? Maybe.

So this is it, just marketing, just selling yourself to the American people.

But what is the reality?

Clinton’s first high-profile position was on the board of America’s biggest retailer, Walmart. This was between 1986 and 1992, and during this time Walmart embarked on a vicious anti-union campaign. They were firing union supporters and spying on employees that continues to this day. Hillary Clinton never ever mentioned this on her application for madam president. Even today she receives donations from this very company, although not on a company levels but form other board members. Not to mention that Walmart keeps discriminating women, because they have a Supreme Court ruling in their favor.

Furthermore, her policy about abortion is quite vague. She says that abortions should be “safe, legal and rare”. This implies that there is too much abortion, and women should cut back a little. So this is just a middle road soft mantra, to appeal to the majority of voters. You hear it as you want to hear it.

So do women want someone representing them, or someone who just says he does?

Then there is an issue with her foreign policy. Hillary Clinton was in the centre of every conflict US had with a foreign nation in the past 20 years.

She encouraged her husband to bomb Yugoslavia. At first it seemed that she handled the Benghazi conflict well, but it appears that she used a private email server, and then deleted all of the emails. She is actively working against peace talks in the Middle East, overly protecting Israel. The projects of the Arab spring and Ukraine resulted in genocides, ongoing wars, and Russia feeling challenged and aggressive. So all of her projects have been flops, or was that the result that she wanted?

Also she appears to be a people’s person. She has a foundation that does a lot of charity work. This will somewhat undisputed. But on the other hand, she says that she understands the plight of the little people, bit then again she earns around 300 000 $ per hour to speak. They say she donates the money, but on the other hand how can someone who has always been way beyond the poverty line, and who earns such an amount of money, ever understand or relate to the common folk. She is an elitist and everything else is a marketing trick.

Also one of the reasons why she won’t be a good president is that she cannot do right by big businesses and create a friendly environment for them. First of all she cannot do it because she was a part of Obama administration, and all the big companies are against him. That bridge has been burned. On the other hand she runs as a liberal candidate, if she does right by those who financed her, she will fail all of her voters. On the other hand she will probably do right by those who financed her campaign and that means that all those who didn’t will find themselves in an underdog position, and this kind of favoritism is a death to economy.

And the last reason is that Hillary Clinton has been all of these years nothing more than a pretender. Her views and policies would change as the popular issues have changed in society. She was always shifting towards the voters, trying to appeal to them. The only issues that she remained truthful about are those that brought profit to her and her financers. So right now she plays a role of a liberal fighting for the women rights and the working class.

We don’t think that such a person should be given any responsibility, much less a presidency of the world’s most powerful country.

Would Hillary be a good President?

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