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Why I Am Supporting Fluoridation Of Portland Oregon's Water And Why You Should Too.

Updated on April 26, 2013

A Referendum in Portland Oregon will decide if the city water bureau puts fluoride in water or not. It is a hot issue because people in Portland already have an amazing affinity for their public water bureau even though it is an agency that is more corrupt than Enron and less consumer friendly than the average Cable Television provider. Fluoride is just the latest means the city water bureau has of making water costs go up beyond the average $1700 a family has to pay for water in a year. The wonderful thing about Portland's Water supply is that the real cost of the water should be less than half of what is being charged . Any excuse to add more sewer fees and other cost is great for keeping the Government leviathan fed and well nourished. Fluoridation of water not only helps strengthen teeth of young children, and promotes better dental hygiene. It Kills bed bugs on contact and wards away hippies almost as quickly. If that is not immediate plus for Portland even if it ends up costing the average homeowner and renter just an extra $40 a year that is still $5 less than the city communist art tax which is a per capita tax assessed on everyone except children under the age of 17 and people with public art tattoos emblazoned on their faces. I want to be taxed more like everyone else does especially when it reduces bed bugs and hippies in the community.

The trade of is that Fluoride in the water is known to cause over 500 different types of cancer when lab rats are soaked in it or ingest toxic does and that only yields a minuscule risk for humans. It causes bone loss in osteoporosis for the elderly but they are a burden to society when they run out of taxes to pay which is perfectly in line with Obama Care rationing that favors moving Medicare funding from elderly people to younger more productive people in society by promoting incremental euthanasia Fluoride clearly benefits the cause of Obama care. Not only does Fluoride reduce IQ it leads to a life long state of dementia that culminates in mass societal Alzheimer's disease so the elderly are less aware of the Obama death care provisions of new national health care service law . Again, Fluoride helps!

City council members who left office promoting Fluoride in the water expect to get kick backs for their indebted concern for the issue. It would not be fair that they did not get the kick backs they deserve after they leave office for their valued public service. Fluoride in the water is great for the local bottled water industry because demand is likely to increase as is demand for home and water filtering to remove fluoride from those who believe erroneously that it is not in their best interest in spite of a the massive propaganda program designed to enlist their support.

Fluoride is just the start . After fluoride makes teeth whiter and reduces public IQ incrementally over time politicians will have no trouble getting citizens to approve paying by road taxes by the mile on top of gas taxes they already pay. The city and state should soon be able to pass a sales tax so they can soon also cash in on internet sales once the internet sale tax passes, Bridge toll can't be too far off. All because of Fluoride. Fluoride was not tested on laboratory animals so you can be sure no animals were actually harmed in any of the studies. Fluoridated water used in waterbeds can give your entire body a little extra sense of security. That's why I am voting for fluoridation of Portland's water and you should too.


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