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Why I Believe Donald Trump Is Racist.

Updated on August 25, 2016

As I write this I do not want to inflame people, but I recognize where it might. Donald Trump came onto the scene in June of last year and on sight I didn't like him. I had this gut instinct he wasn't a very good person. He has since proved me right, but what I found most offensive about his first comments was. That it seemed like he was putting Mexicans into one box.

Like, I have seen people do at my job. You see I work in a nursing home where people have come to a dead end in their lives and they feel like they have no way out of their lives and they feel hopeless to change anything.

I am not that way you see. Even though I am what a lot of people call a living room pundit. I sit on my computer complaining about these guys. This is what I truly believe I am supposed to do in this life. What I have to ask is. Do you feel the same way. Like you are doing what you believe you should be doing. I suspect most of you can't say yes to my question.

I believe a lot of people are unhappy not just with themselves, but their government as a whole. We see the government as our enemy. When the reality is we are own worst enemy because we are so focused on the negative. That we can't see the forest for the trees.

That is what Donald Trump has been able to tap into with saying things like this because you know what if I actually thought he would do some good and be a voice for positive change. I would vote for the man because I believe in country before party.

When I hear someone say you are a idiot for voting for Hillary Clinton. She isn't going do a thing for you. That is the way I feel about Donald Trump.

This man has no professional filter and even though yes right now he is minding himself. I don't think it will last and if it does. It is because I believe he wants to be president bad enough.

Statements like what Donald Trump has made here have power. They have the power to uplift someone or destroy them. Do I believe he is right that some Mexicans are like this.

Yes but not all them. We all have basic good within us and we choose how our lives will be. No matter the color of our skin.

If I offended you well then you probably no I am right and those of you saying I support Donald Trump because he says the politically incorrect things I like. Well what I have to tell you is you come across to me as a unintelligent, uniformed individual. Who has no heart.

Political incorrectness doesn't feed to your biases or your perception. It is telling you what you don't want to hear. Yes, I am angry. Yes it is coming through in this post, but I am of the school of thought. We are all God's children and all deserve a fair shot in this life. No matter the color of your skin and when a Presidential Candidate says things like this and can get away with. There is something really wrong in our society.

So what am I saying. I think your fooling yourself if you think Donald Trump will ever change because he has shown us who he is and it as the great Maya Angelou said when people show you who they are believe them the first time.

If your honest with yourself. You know Donald Trump isn't fit for this office not just because he isn't qualified, but because he is supposed to be a leader and a role model and they don't act like this.

Leadership is leading from the inside out and the way you act is important to that because you are a role model. Before you jump in and attack me about Hillary Clinton. Saying well she isn't leadership material because of her past and the scandals that have surrounded her.

Grow up. These people are just people and they are not perfect and something I have heard more than one person say is Hillary Clinton looks sane compared to him.

Why do I say any of this because well Hillary Clinton takes this seriously because she understands this is a job. A very hard job. Where you make hard decisions and you don't have to like the woman too see that and furthermore when did it become a necessity to like someone. Who is running for office. That is just a plus for me.

You have to look at if they are qualified, if they have the experience and can do the job. That is all. As far as I can see she fits all three categories, but each to their own. You have to vote your moral conscience.


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