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Why I Choose Concealed and Carry Guns

Updated on November 3, 2014

Why I Choose to Carry Concealed

I often come across people who are surprised that I regularly have my weapons with me. Since they view me as a rational human being, at least most of the time, they inevitably ask me why I choose concealed and carry guns. Exactly how I respond to this question varies based on a number of factors, how well I know the person who is asking, the time we have for the conversation, and my mood.

The short and simple answer, which is the truth, is I choose to have concealed and carry weapons to protect myself and my family.

That doesn’t really answer the deeper question, which is why I feel like I need to have a concealed and carry weapon. It also does nothing to reassure the person who is asking the question, nor does it serve to educate them on concealed carry rights and responsibilities.

Here is how I might respond to someone I know fairly well, talking over a cocktail or cup of coffee, where I feel pretty good and I am willing to delve a little deeper, and maybe even educate just a little.

I have a gun concealed and carry it to protect myself and my loved ones. I would not carry a weapon, concealed carry or open carry, if I were not willing and trained to use it for self-defense. That being said, the only time I believe using a gun in self-defense is warranted (and the courts in most states support this conclusion) is when my life, or the lives of one of my loved ones is in danger.

That means I am not going to shoot someone just because they break into my house. Do I want someone to steal my stuff? Of course not, but I am not going to shoot someone for it either. Sure, some courts would exonerate me because my home is my castle, but when I shoot I aim to kill, and frankly a human life is worth more than my stuff.

A good analogy for me is insurance. I have insurance to protect my family, physically and financially. OK, you could argue that I have insurance to protect my stuff, so obviously no analogy is perfect. I took the time to research the various types of insurance available in order to get the best plans and coverage for my family. I have insurance, but I hope I never have to use it. I hope I never have to call my agent and tell him a tree fell through my roof or that my 16- year-old daughter was in an accident.

Similarly, I researched concealed and carry guns and I found the right firearm for my needs. Then I got the training so I can use the gun if I need it. Without the training, it is like having an insurance policy with no person or company to back you up. Neither the papers nor the gun by themselves will help you. You have to know how to use them. And, like my insurance coverage, the truth is I hope I never have to aim my weapon at another human being.

I know other people choose to have concealed and carry firearms simply because they legally can. Personally, I do not think merely having the ability to carry, means that we necessarily ought to. As adults most of us can legally drive anywhere in the USA, sign contracts, and do any number of things. This is great, but it may not be in the best interests of the individual to do these things without getting further education, guidance, training, or information about having a gun concealed and carry it on their person.

To me, it is the same with guns. Having the education, guidance, and training to make informed decisions and use tools properly is part of being a responsible, law-abiding citizen. I choose to have guns, to keep them concealed and carry them on-body. I also choose to have the mental and physical training necessary in order to be able to use my weapon appropriately.

Specific Gun Safety Courses for Concealed Carry

Do you think that there should be specialized gun safety courses (just for concealed carry) required to get a permit?

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