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Why Donald Trump Will Be a Great President

Updated on January 02, 2017

2016 Election

I have been feeling overwhelmed by all this political rhetoric and wanting to express my opinion for a while now although holding back until now. Today.

This is it. I am going to make my point here on Hubpages, not to bash anyone else's candidate but to just state what I feel in my heart to be true.

When this whole election process started I didn't really have an opinion about any of the candidates. I guess I would describe myself as not having a party affiliation.

That being said, I suppose most of the time, I lean to the right Republican side of things but I don't agree with everything the Republican party says and does.

And I think that's the real reason why I love Donald Trump's message, campaign and outlook for the future.

(I wrote this post before the election on November 8th).

With Donald Trump, WYSIWYG

Because he is real, he is not a phony. What you see with him is what you get (most of the time). I'm sure he's not perfect by any means. But in my heart of hearts, I truly feel that he is what The United States of America needs because of the following reasons...

He is first and foremost a leader. He is successful. He wants what's best for America.

He has a vision for the people of this country and that vision is uniting the people of this country and making it far better than any of us every dreamed it could be.

He is a doer, in other words he has the ability to get things done. He is respected by the people that support him. He wants to be a great President. He's entered the 2016 race for the white house because he believes he can do the best for America that anyone could.

He loves this country that has been so good to him. He is a wonderful father, his kids seem to adore him and speak about him as if he is the greatest guy who ever lived.

He said a long time ago that he would run for President if he felt that things got bad enough (see the video with Oprah Winfrey above). I guess things got bad enough and he, like many of us, was sick and tired of watching America being raked over the coals.

America should come first to Americans, not that we want to be the bad guys or be heartless to other countries' people that need help, not by any means. However, I keep likening America to this analogy -

If you're on a plane that's having trouble and perhaps even going down, what do the flight attendants instruct you to do first before helping your children?? Put the oxygen mask over your own mouth first, because if you don't you won't be there to help anyone! (In this analogy America is the parent, and the other countries are the children, okay).

Donald Trump is one of us. He is the common man who built his fortune in America and feels the desire to pay back to the United States of America by doing everything he can to help this country go back to its core value system, and also become more prosperous than ever.

When people say he's a racist, that has no weight with me. He never said he didn't want other races of people to enter the country. He said he wants them to come into the country, but LEGALLY. How does this make him a racist? People need to follow the rules.

He doesn't need money so he is not entitled to provide support to groups that just want political favors, therefore he is not beholdened to anyone but the American people who voted for him. He has not been corrupted by the political system, plain and simple, and this is one of the first and foremost reasons that he will be one of the greatest presidents ever.

He has already saved thousands of jobs and he's not even been inaugurated yet! This tells me that he has the best interests of America at heart. He knows that he has a lot of work to do, and he has already declined the $400,000 a year that is the presidential salary.

This man is tireless, fearless, and speaks the truth. He is the leader that this country needs, and I thank God he got elected!

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