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Why Healthcare Should Be Free

Updated on October 7, 2017

Most countries have free healthcare. This is great, and very beneficial to the masses.

Personally, I feel the primary reason countries do not allow citizens to walk around sick is because of the history of pandemics. For example, the disease HIV is from the family of the AIDS virus. Ebola is created from a family of other fevers, it being a fever too. Diseases have always multiplied from one to another, changing into something more fatal than the last.

In light of the dangers of viruses and pandemics, and the notion that everyone must have healthcare for their own ability to live, healthcare should be free.

Here are 3 main reasons why Healthcare should be Free

Reason 1 _ The Government Is Already Providing This

No country ever really gives any healthcare for free. The government or body that gives this support is compensated for it in one way or another. Other countries have a system in which people there do not really get rich because they become a doctor. In the U.S., healthcare has wealth on it which makes it disproportionate. It doesn't provide cures to ailments just management due to the monetary aspect.

Here is the U.S. free healthcare can be done two ways. There can be private practices, private hospitals, public practices, and public hospitals. That many doctors or medical practitioners don't want this is understandable. Today, if the option is free healthcare people will definitely choose what is free. Those private practices and private hospitals would have to provide flawless service to survive and/or rely on the wealthily or rich.

How much the U.S. government does really came into perspective after learning medical billing and coding for extra income. Medicaid and Medicare is the ONLY reason hospitals are running or operating at all.

People can and do use insurance, but there is a catch with insurance companies. The catch is; insurance companies do not have to pay for the hospital visit. They can deny payment based on what they feel are the procedures THEY THINK were supposed to be used in terms of the doctor's diagnosis and treatment. When I learned this it was baffling. They can make the decisions about what a doctor can and cannot do as if they are the doctor and will deny payment based on this.

Hospitals run in the U.S. because of government programs and nothing else. All the insurance companies here cannot support one hospital alone. The cutting of these federal programs would harm people's ability to get healthcare treatment, but would also close hospitals and stop employment for thousands.

The reason why healthcare should be free is that the government is already supporting people anyway in terms of health. They don't support everyone and they wouldn't have to support everyone if it was free. Not everyone will need free healthcare. Medicare, Medicaid (for adults) and CHIP (for children) does it all and always have. The only thing the U.S. goverment are not doing is putting back into the program with taxes which would be worth it to millions and something people will support if the healthcare could be free.

Reason 2 _ Control of Disease or Epidemics

If too many people contract a disease, or citizens remain constantly sick, the control on health can be lost. The inability to keep up with the changes in bacteria and viruses can harm us and the world.

Poorer, lower middle class, and middle class people can't afford frequent doctor visits upon high hospital costs and also high insurance costs. If a country doesn't maintain the health of their citizens, they risk severe widespread cases of sick people.

Not trying to sound like a science fiction movie or horror, but a widespread illness could turn into a pandemic. Viruses and bacterium mutate, evolve, adapt and change to get stronger, to survive in lifeforms.

Free healthcare is important and needed in the U.S because we too must be cautious of the cost of losing control of the population's health. Most countries make no mistake in providing as quality and as convenient as possible healthcare for everyone. They don't want to lose control of any disease to the point of a pandemic. Not being on top of the health of the population is the way to lose this control.

Reason 3 _ The Benefits of Maintaining Health

Free healthcare leads to maintaining control of all citizen's health which contributes to the following:

  • Everyone has access to the same type of healthcare, no one gets better healthcare than another.
  • This provides healthcare to all in the hopes of not creating a situation in which they lose control of the majority of their citizens's health.
  • Which also contributes to monitoring their citizen's health in that they do not miss new illnesses or sudden outbreaks.
  • Which overall helps them avoid losing millions of lives or losing billions of dollars on some type of medicine to stop the spread of a disease in order to regain control of their citizen's health.

Last Note

Healthcare cannot be ignored. Ignorance towards healthcare only leads to more problems in the future. New viruses are new health dangers. Old viruses can be new health dangers. Healthcare is a necessity and should be available to any and all for their peace of mind, quality of life, and their ability to live their lives. It should be free so it can contribute to our ability to take care of and protect each other. It is a necessity in a country. It's time to push ignorance aside and do what needs to be done for the good of society.


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    • SonQuioey10 profile image

      Toni Northern 4 years ago from Williamston NC

      @weestro TFR. Yeah healthcare will always be expensive even if we're not paying for it directly. That's the bummer of having to have it. Yet it'll always be important for a country to have it because of risks.

    • SonQuioey10 profile image

      Toni Northern 4 years ago from Williamston NC

      TFR @HSchneider. I'm glad you think it's excellent.

    • SonQuioey10 profile image

      Toni Northern 4 years ago from Williamston NC

      TFR @weestro. So true. It's one of the main reasons for the divide in healthcare here. It contributes to the danger. Great point.

    • profile image

      Howard Schneider 4 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

      Very well stated, SonQuioey10. I agree with your analysis. Excellent Hub.

    • weestro profile image

      Pete Fanning 4 years ago from Virginia

      I think that in America we should look at why healthcare is so expensive in comparison to other countires. We spend more than the next 10 ten countries on the list combined. Non profit hospitals in America are anything but that.