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Why I am Willing to Give up my Right to Privacy

Updated on March 12, 2016

Google Tracking, NSA PRISM

The other day my other half and I were talking and he brought up the topic of the Dark Web. He told me it’s been around a long time. I have never heard of it so I did an internet search to see what it is about and I have no desire to go there. While searching this topic I came across all this news about Google tracking, then while reading further I read about the government NSA PRISM program. In a way they are separate issues but tied together.

Are you willing to give up your right to privacy to help fight Terrorism?

Are you willing to give up your right to privacy to help fight Terrorism?

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Google Collects a lot of Information

We all like our privacy but when it comes to the internet we don’t have any. Many folks complain about Google tracking. Google collects a lot of information about us. They build customer profiles so advertising is more targeted along with tailoring your searches based on your search history. Data can easily be collected and shared. If you are not comfortable with the idea of one company knowing so much about you go elsewhere. Here is the problem though the next place you go is going to do the same thing. Let’s get real folks if you want to use the internet your privacy is going to be violated. Advertisers and the government can access your information. I don’t care. I enjoy Google services. I can access all my Google sites from one place.

I have read several articles about our right to privacy and the concept is great but let’s face it big brother is watching you. I don’t care if Google collects and uses my data. I don’t think they are going to kidnap my grandchildren or sell my passwords to hackers who want to steal my money. Good luck with that because I don’t have any money to steal. I don’t care if ads follow me around the internet or if Google knows my IP address. If you use the internet privacy no longer exists.

One of the most ridiculous arguments I read against Google tracking was that consumers will be charged more for goods and services. For example you forget your wife’s birthday, then you go online the next day, an add pops up to buy flowers. Okay so you just order the most expensive flowers because that is the first thing you see. I think we should have more faith in the American consumer than that. We are not idiots we are going to do some comparison shopping.

Government Surveillance

Many are complaining about government surveillance. People are outraged because the so called secretive program NSA Prism can collect the data of citizens who are not suspected of terrorism or any wrong doing. I don’t think it is much of a big secret anymore. In fact this has been going on for quite awhile now. They are collecting data from Microsoft, Face Book, Google, Yahoo, and others. When the Patriot Act came into effect on October26, 2001 privacy went out the window.

There is no way to block NSA surveillance. If you are not doing anything illegal I don’t think you have anything to worry about. So the government is snooping on us. Why does that surprise so many Americans? If they don’t monitor the internet who is going to? I don’t like the idea that the government is spying on me but I also want to be protected. If they can stop terrorists or stop child pornography then more power to them. I don’t think they are coming after the average American citizen who is doing nothing wrong.

Many argue that the big tech companies are working in a conspiracy with the government to spy on US citizens. Read the Google privacy policy they will not turn over your private information without a court order. Is the government trying to protect us or do they have something more sinister in mind? Many believe it’s all about invading our privacy and trying to take away our freedom of speech.

The government can read my e-mails and view my search history. I like the fact that the government is intercepting the communications between terrorists and child pornographers along with other numerous harmful websites. I have grandchildren and if I have to give up my right to privacy to protect them from the evils of this world then I will. If you want to protect your privacy go join the Dark Web where all the criminals hang out.

My advice is if you want to keep something private don’t put it out there.

Tara Summers


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