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Why I don't like Hillary Clinton

Updated on January 22, 2017
TessSchlesinger profile image

Growing up in a political family, Tessa joined her first political party at 14. Her interest in progressive politics & economics continues.

Why I don't like Hillary Clinton

Isn't an insightful leader
I find her decisions unethical
She is a warhawk
She may be a religious fundamentalist
She supports corporate interests
Appears to change her views depending on public

I started shying away from Hillary Clinton the day she stood by Bill Clinton when he slept with Monica Lewinsky. Now don’t get me wrong. I really don’t care who he slept with; I do care that he lied to we-the-people. I also don’t have any time for those who stand by liars.

That said, Politico-Fact show Hillary to be the most honest of all politicians. It doesn’t mean she is completely honest – just more honest than others. I also think the rest of it is nonsense. So she used her own personal server for emails. It might have been unwise, but it wasn’t illegal. So some people in Benghazi died because there wasn’t sufficient security, but she was out of the loop. Perhaps she shouldn’t have been, but she was. The bottom line is that I don’t see her as a murderer or a criminal either. So why don’t I like or support Hillary?

She added that a sense of mistrust from former President Bill Clinton's scandals in office sets an uncomfortable backdrop that served to amplify some of Hillary Clinton's ongoing scandals.
She added that a sense of mistrust from former President Bill Clinton's scandals in office sets an uncomfortable backdrop that served to amplify some of Hillary Clinton's ongoing scandals. | Source

I don't see her as an insightful leader

By that I mean that I would never follow her. She brings nothing to the table for me. I have never heard her say anything that somebody hasn’t said before. In short, Hillary is a follower, and she follows the will of the people. As a government servant, that is not a bad thing until you realize she doesn’t really know what the will of the people is. What she really follows is the loudest voice she can hear.

Hillary Clinton, in my definition of leadership, is not a leader. She does not go where no man (or woman) has gone before. She simply hears what the electorate and her peer group says and then determines to do that.

So when the America wants to go into Iraq and Afghanistan, etc., she complies. That is the will of the majority. When big-business wants bankruptcy laws rewritten to suit then so that they can make lots more money, she complies. She may comply because they gave generously to her campaign money or she may comply because she seriously believes that by supporting big business she is creating jobs, I don’t know. That, however, brings me to my next point.

Clinton confuses Greenpeace activist with Sanders supporter

Hillary Clinton makes immoral and unethical decisions

She has been called a corporatist, and that would be my assessment. By that I mean she supports big business. As Secretary of State, it was, apparently, part of her brief to promote American business. Her particular focus was selling American fracking interests, thus condoning a seriously dangerous and destructive practice for our environment. She was either unaware of the dangers of fracking or she wasn’t concerned about them. I find either option reprehensible.

Hillary also voted to support privatized prisons, a practice that is making fortunes for some at the enslavement of the prison population. The United States has more prisoners per capita than any other nation in the world.

In both these two examples, Hillary Clinton put making money above the well being of the planet and of the people.

Hillary is a war hawk.  She supported arming the Syrian rebels while Obama pushed back.
Hillary is a war hawk. She supported arming the Syrian rebels while Obama pushed back. | Source

Secretary Clinton is not a forward thinker

One vital aspect of all leadership is to see problems before they arrive and handle them. She either doesn’t see them, or she does see them but doesn’t focus on them because she doesn’t care. Or she doesn’t focus on them because, again, she is a follower and doesn’t have the courage to speak out.

Why does she not promote a Universal Basic Wage? It is a necessary solution in a world where more and more people are unemployed and don’t have an income. Why does she not promote a solution no one else has thought of yet? Why doesn’t she see the harm in fracking? Why isn’t she mentioning energy solutions like CETO? I don’t hear anything from her that is progressive or state of the art or a solution that would solve the problems.

What I hear from her are platitudes about racism, abortion, the glass ceiling, and more. You know what? Those issues will sort themselves out when the money does. And under the current economic system, that is not going to happen. So why isn’t she looking at the biggest cause of it all? Financial inequality?

I like Hillary Clinton because

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Her morality appears to be biblically based

Until just a short while ago, Hillary did not support gay marriage. Why? Probably because she’s deeply religious. She attends the Fellowship meetings in Washington where she also meets with Dominionists. Now she says, she has evolved. Again, that’s possibly true. We all, hopefully, evolve. But there’s doubt. There’s a continuous pattern of Hillary saying what the public want to hear.

I am also not certain that Hillary isn’t a Dominionist. Dominionists believe that power is given to them by God and that they can murder, lie, cheat, etc. anything to get the job of leading done. God will forgive them because the tools of leadership include this. The worst part of Dominionship is their belief that the sooner the world gets into the state it needs to be for Jesus to return, the better. So a Middle East war forcing Armageddon is not off the cards.

When watching Scandal with Kerry Washington, a series a friend recently gave me, a lot of this mind-set came through. I can’t help wondering if it’s real. It doesn’t do much for my confident when Judy Smith, the advisor and originator of the show, was previously a fixer in Washington. Has she been using real life events to base her story on? Or is most of it fiction?

I don’t know, and nobody is telling. Hillary certainly hasn’t explained her religion and that worries me.

I don't like Hillary because

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The Pulitzer Prize-winning “Politifact” gave Clinton the best truth-telling record of any of the 2016 presidential candidates in either party.
The Pulitzer Prize-winning “Politifact” gave Clinton the best truth-telling record of any of the 2016 presidential candidates in either party. | Source

She doesn't comprehend long term outcomes.

Either Clinton is unable to figure out medium to long term outcomes, or she doesn’t care.

Perhaps she didn’t realize that fracking would poison the environment or cause earthquakes.

Perhaps she didn’t realize that encouraging prison systems to be private would encourage laws that put an increasing number of people into prison.

Perhaps she doesn’t comprehend that supporting corporations and big business doesn’t guarantee jobs for the little people.

Perhaps she didn’t know enough about the Middle East to be able to figure out the outcomes. Yet, living in London at the time, the papers were pretty much full of the possible outcomes and talking about exit plans. Did Hillary think of this? I don’t know, but she voted yes to war.

She supported trade agreements that resulted in cheaper goods coming into the USA at the cost of losing more jobs and expertise in the USA. Did she know that? I don’t know.

I’m faced with a conundrum here. I don’t know whether Hillary doesn’t see the long term outcomes to her legislation and policies or whether she simply doesn’t care.

But she has so repeatedly made choices that are to the long term detriment of the country and the people that I cannot trust that she will make good decisions in the future.

So, no, I don’t like Hillary Clinton. Either she is bought or she isn’t bright enough or insightful enough or she just wants power. None of those answers sit well with me. What say you?

© 2016 Tessa Schlesinger


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  • Linda Robinson60 profile image

    Linda Robinson 

    2 years ago from Cicero, New York

    Good Morning Tessa I agree with you on so many insightful and intelligent hub, by highlighting all the bad about her qualifications of being President without all the bashing, but in a way that is informative. Great job, great hub. Take care. I really enjoyed it. Linda


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