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Why ISIS is gaining ground while getting hit and bombed by the UN?

Updated on August 24, 2015
ISIS Control Map as of August 13, 2015                   (Iraq and Syria)
ISIS Control Map as of August 13, 2015 (Iraq and Syria)


Over the last few years, they have taken over many areas in the Middle East. As of March 2015 they control over 10 million people in Iraq and Syria and have considerable territory in Libya and Nigeria. Having claimed thousands of lives, the US and the western forces have been fighting the war of terrorism against ISIS, but it seems these superpowers have met their match.


One of the reasons why it is so hard to defeat ISIS is because the western powers, for a very long time, relied on moderate rebel groups in Syria known as the free Syrian army. The problem with this army is that it is neither large enough nor equipped enough to deal with a well-organized institution like ISIS. The UN developed a plan against violent extremism in order to protect the diversity and the culture of the Middle East. But the problem with all the strategies designed by the UN is that there is a high cost attached to eradicating the terrorists. Countless innocent civilians have lost their lives over the last few years in these airstrikes. If one ISIS member is killed, simultaneously there are ten civilian casualties. So the UN Security Council needs to further develop their policies regarding the ISIS and design them in a way that minimizes the loss of innocent lives.


A very important point was put forward by an Iranian representative. According to him the best way to defeat ISIS is not by bombing their headquarters and safe houses (which is generally the plan of action) but by cutting of their financial and military support. And this raises a very crucial question and that is, who is funding ISIS? If all the superpowers and the UN is fighting a war against them, then which country or organization is established enough to fund an extremist group and creating chaos in the Middle East.

The United Nations
The United Nations

The UN

Another opinion shared by a lot of people is that UN took a long time in taking an action against ISIS. Every country that has dealt with ISIS in the past has done so by keeping their self-interest in mind. UN being an international body is supposed to have no self-interest. Hence, if they had interfered earlier, the number of casualties and the destruction might not have been this high. So, for UN to stop ISIS from gaining more control, it needs more time and work on their policies and plan of action regarding the Middle East. In my opinion, they have failed to understand how exactly strong ISIS is and how much funding it is getting. They underestimated it, which is one of the reasons why the UN did not interfere earlier. However, international politics are highly complex with multiple players and high stake; hence, one cannot say anything with certainty. One can only hope that things will take a better direction now that UN is actively involved.


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