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America the Zombified

Updated on October 29, 2010

America the Zombified

     Being "possessed" or "invaded" is the LAST thing you want to happen, but is electronically-guided Purity desirable:  in my opinion it is the removal of your PERSONALITY.  This is the problem, either way you slice this dilemma.  When I was trying to follow the rules and be a "good boy", I kept getting called "fuzzy", "cloudy" or "muddy" by people already a "part of the system".  I tried different things and came to the conclusion that being entirely "clear" in their minds is a state of depersonalization I'd rather not live.  A certain level of imperfection is needed to make us ALIVE INSIDE.  Without it, we look/feel like robots instead of people.  Some people do manage to attain enough goodness to "work within the system".......but for every one of them I meet, I see 10 or more people with: glassy eyes, the "missing something" look who talk real funny. 

     It just doesn't pay to be dead inside, no matter what the price.  They told me that I'd "Lose Everything" if I did not join them.  Well, you don't really JOIN these's more like something wrestles control from you and from then on you obey that ringing in your ears to the letter.  You are where they tell you to be when they tell you to be there.  They can stimulate a whole spectrum of FAKE BODY/MIND SIGNALS.  Once they do this to you, you might think you are free, but in fact you are nothing more than a puppet on electromagnetic strings.  It is indeed very much like a "Matrix" populated by programmed people.  This is some kind of PRE-DEATH.  I know such people do exist. Now if you take away this "Fake Life Stream", you are going to have some pretty messed up (if not dead) people. 

     You could argue that survival is too important a factor to be concerned about "personality removal".  We could be nearing some techno-generated Armaggeddon to reduce the population.  So I'll tell you this:  if you are going to choose one of these groups, choose the GOOD SIDE.  I personally think that simply shaking off the Binaural rythyms we are being bombarded with and STAYING FREE is the WAY TO BE. I vote NO TO ANY AND ALL ATTEMPTS TO MANIPULATE MY CONSCIOUSNESS.  If I'm going to do something right, it will be because i DECIDED to do that thing (not because some dork has a "tazer" aimed at me).  If I'm not PURE, so what.  Pure people often look like Zombies. 

     They call me a "bastard" or cross between "good" and "evil"..........the fact is that ANY NORMAL PERSON IS A MIXTURE OF GOOD AND EVIL.  We aren't nice every moment of every day to everybody.  We each have INDIVIDUAL PERSONALITIES, which make for a wide range of human interactions (at least it did until "social programming" entered the picture). If we take out the ability to be "bad" by punishing people with pain beams and terrible feelings, isn't being nice because you have to represent a TREMENDOUS LOSS OF PERSONAL FREEDOM........YES!  Has the average Joe/Jane been subjected to a very DEPERSONALIZING PROCESS WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT - YES. 

     But most people just follow the herd and act like nothing is wrong........even though this represents the Bloodless Massacre of the Human Spirit.  You should have rioting in the streets for what has been done to all of I wonder if there are enough free souls left to even say "Hey, this needs to STOP!"  I have been told repeatedly to "shut up" and there have been attempts to intimidate me/break my spirit (terrible electronic harassment, even people pointing guns at me).  This is encouraging to me.  It clearly is possible to beat these guys by just using the tricks I've written in my other hubs.  Living "their way" simply sucks too badly.  My tricks are a way of giving the CHOICE BACK TO EACH PERSON:  DO I WANT TO BE SOCIALLY-PROGRAMMED? If the answer is "NO", learn to break out of this limited "Matrix" by reading my other articles.  Life is more REAL the way I now live it.  It is more FREE, plus I don't feel as though I'm about to lose my mind every next moment.  Join isn't "perfect", but it beats being invisibly pushed around, brainwashed and beat up all the time!   


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