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Why Iran and Venezuela is a New Nuclear Axis

Updated on December 16, 2009

A Radioactive Relationship

 There are many out there totally ignorant about the how such a Iran-Venezuela relationship might spin the world into catastrophic events in the Mideast, probably within a few years. It is not something either country wants to scream from the rooftops and are happy to make it a "no news" item for the world. But as the world does it thing obliviously to what these two countries are doing, someday, will come and be too late.

On Dec. 16, Iran (this time) successfully launched and guided its long range missile. The missile has a 1200 mile range and puts Israel or other arab nations in threat. Some will say, they did this already, well yes, but then, it was doubtful whether it truly was such a missile. On the 16th, there was no doubt. They do. It works. Now, they just need a nuke.

Iran, in the city of Bolivar, has been a complex called a  "tractor factory". However, upon inspection, the "factory" was actually an explosive depot where serious bombs could be made from so called "tractor" parts. Hmmm. Why would one ever think to trust anything Iran claims? Duh.

More interesting is the Iranians digging around in the Roraima Basin near Angel Falls, which straddles Venezuela and Guyana. Sources indicate it does have the world's largest resource for uranium. Iran has been actively conducting tests and probes in the area. The agreement made between the two countries states, " to cooperate in the field of nuclear technology".

President Ahmadinejad in Nov. 2009, announced that Iran would embark on  locating enough fuel for operate 10 reactors. Hmm. This time he did tell the truth. Venezuela opened its Bank of International Development in Caracas and all the top directors are Iranian, one was a former member of the Central Bank of Iran. This bank provided financial supports to iran's military forces.

For the past three years, ConViasa airlines, a Venezuelan company, has been flying its Airbus 340 to Iran via Syria. None of the destinations are hot tourists spots that Venezuelans seek, yet it occurs. What exactly is being taken to and from the countries? An airbus is huge. Also, consider that Iran shipping Lines now frequently docks and ships to\from both countries. Hmm. What cargo is being shipped? We do know that terrorist training camps exist there.

It 47 years ago that America faced another dangerous crisis: The Cuban Missiles that Russia had deployed. Maybe America or others should do more than watch from satellites as Iran moves any uranium it finds.

Hey, they do have a long range missile.


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