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Why Is Car Insurance Sexist?

Updated on August 4, 2009

If I were at Mcdonalds and saw a women get a number six combo for $4.99 I'd expect to pay the same thing. The same logic applies with just about everything else in life which is why I truly don't understand how car insurance companies can get away with charging more based on sex.

It has always boggled my mind that because I was an unmarried male under the age of twenty-five I was paying insanely high car insurance rates for no reason. The worst part about it is that I have two tickets that are off my record because of driving school, one for speeding when I was sixteen and one for no seatbelt when I was nineteen (ever seen the seatbelts in a 1970 Ventura?). However a women I know close to my age and driving a car very close to mine had several speeding tickets one which almost landed her in jail and she pays a lot less in car insurance than me. My wife is two years younger than me and even now that I've gotten married they told me straight up that we had to put my wife as the main name on the account because we would get a lower rate.When I was younger I had a All-State agent tell me straight up that I can expect to have high insurance until I hit twenty-five no matter what my driving record looks like.

If this kind of thing happened in just about any other aspect of life there would be so many people raising hell it would be unbelievable and there would probably be lawsuits flying around left and right so I'm just not seeing how these insurance companies are getting away with it. Its not like you can choose to go without insurance because if you drive you have to have it. On top of that lets say that it was reversed and female drivers had to pay more, do you think that one second female rights activists would let that slide? I think not.

Essentially my rates were high because of a bunch of boneheads out there that street race and screw around until they get in a wreck. People I don't even know are affecting how much car insurance I pay when if it were based on just my actions the rate would be much lower because my record is spotless. If these car insurance companies are allowed to be sexist what exactly is keeping them from being racist? Whats keeping them from basing your rates on sexual orientation? Hair color? Eye color? I mean hey if they're going to profile why not go for the gold?

More people should take notice of this because right now if your a male under the age of twenty-five your getting screwed out of money and the insurance companies are going to continue to take your money as long as they are allowed to get away with it.


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    • profile image

      Nato Commando 5 years ago

      Right now I actually pay more monthly for my car insurance than i do for my actual car pretty rediculous. I am a 24 year old male driving since i was 16 never got into a accident but still paying high rates due to fact I have a penis.

    • profile image

      Nato commando 5 years ago

      Yeah agreed this issue never gets the proper attention.

    • profile image

      tcf38012 5 years ago



      LETS RIOT!!! ;)

    • profile image

      Kevin 5 years ago

      It's sad how little attention this gets. I'm a 27 year old guy, and have driven my 1994 mustang GT for 9 years in rain and snow 12,000 miles a year and not a single accident. Its not the safest and slowest car and it's a great feeling to know that despite my responsible driving I am penalized because I have a penis.

    • profile image

      James 7 years ago

      Just checking out how much my insurance will come to this year and first off i put Mr in the title field then after putting all the other details in and getting a price i changed it to Mrs..... exactly the same details later and it's over £120 cheaper..... can i say that i feel like a woman n get it cheaper? i doubt it.

      EVERYONE Should start off with the same price which then adjusts accordingly depending on what accidents etc you have. if someone has X amounts of accidents then put the price up for them instead of charging everyone else!

    • profile image

      pl4y3rz3r0 7 years ago

      This really got to me too.

      I'm 20 here is Aus I pay almost $900/pa for 3rd party property + life insurance. My girlfriend who is a year younger than me pays just over $600

      Thats not the worst part, 50% of companies here will refuse to offer you service if you are under 25 and 25% will not offer you service unless you're over 55...

    • topwords profile image

      topwords 8 years ago

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