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Why Kamala Harris Is A Safe And Energizing Running Mate For Biden

Updated on September 9, 2020
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Donald is an Education and Social Researcher. He works as a freelance researcher, writer, and editor.

Biden's Choice And Hope For Change

Biden selecting Kamala Harris as his running mate was historical. Picking a woman of color as a prospective vice president, and possibly, a successor in the White House in the coming years. Kamala is an established politician and familiar figure who has brought together the democrat party, working together with Biden. The two have shifted their perspective with the needs of the time. With moderate and cautious political instincts, their progressive ideologies have the potential to undo the perceived harm done by Trump.

While their candidacy may appear to bring hope to America, other issues must be seen. Their career has been shaped by their constant relationship with law enforcement. Kamala is a former prosecutor, a responsibility that required her to make tough choices. His performance as a prosecutor brings more energy and hope in the Biden campaign. Kamala's experience with law enforcement is why Biden sought her hand when picking a running mate.

Tough Presidential Campaigns

Biden's choice was also hinged on the fact that he wanted to inject excitement in his campaigns. They are competing against an incumbent who has presided over the most divisive policies in American history. Their chances of winning the election are still wavy. Donald Trump's campaign strategy is very aggressive, especially by capitalizing on the psychological war, focusing on whipping emotions against the competitors (Kopan, 2020).

Kamala Harris, who, in the words of Biden, is “one of the country’s finest public servants,” believes that their win will unify the nation. After Trump’s first term victory, there has been a sharp division between the liberals and conservatives. While these are challenges that the two hope to address and have given them momentum in their campaigns, Kamala's qualifications and experience propel Biden's odds higher. As the running mate and potential vice president, she brings a wealth of experience in executive legal issues and legislation roles. These are essential credentials because she will ensure that pertinent issues affecting Americans, particularly the post-Trump era, will be addressed.

Public Appearance

When she first appeared with Biden after being chosen as the running mate, she proved that she was prepared for the role. When articulating issues, especially those directly touching on president Trump, she exhibits agility from years of experience as legal enforcement and courtroom prosecutor. Another outstanding aspect about her is that she delivers and critiques issues with hope and optimism, augmented by charming smiles expected from female candidates.

Commenting on Trump's approach to deal with the pandemic, she said that "the President's mismanagement of the pandemic has plunged America into the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression." Her way with words and articulation of current issues center on discrediting Trump's credibility for a second term in office. Another significant problem that Kamala has used to showcase her prowess and ability is racism and systematic injustice. With demonstration ongoing in some parts of the country, this is a significant issue that the Biden campaigns leverage on to win the election. Kamala is the right person who will assist Biden win the hearts of Americans, at least those who have not been assimilated in the cult of Trumpism.

Kamala is full of energy and vigor. During an era when America is lamenting for leadership, this was an excellent bet for Biden. The way she articulates issues reveals her political skill and oratory genius. This makes her a formidable competitor for president Trump and his vice president Pence.


Biden was lucky because Kamala has brought the charm and charisma required to win the elections. She can connect with citizens of all backgrounds. Whenever she throws her words, there is no doubt that the potential vice president lacks fears (Reston, 2020).

The Biden campaign drive has got much attention from the running mate choice, which can propel them to victory if the odds do not turn against them. Kamala possesses the charisma, zeal, and profundity of a lethal political rivalry and people charmer. As Trump continues with his arrogance campaigns, Biden and Kamala can leverage on American anger and division due to the happenings of the past four years. The momentum and energy are present, now they need to drive the vehicle further and reach out to more people. Biden chose a safe and energizing running mate, and this can propel him to victory.


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