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Why Less Government Isn't Better

Updated on July 24, 2015

Neo-Libertarians and Tea Party supporters will tell you that less government is better. This enables our absolute freedom. Who wants bureaucracy? Government should have less control on us as a society.

Where I agree that the government could do a better job on a lot of things and there needs to be a lot of reform, for instance in military spending which is beyond out of control, I don’t agree that less government regulation and involvement is a good thing.


Case in point would be the fact that without the EPA and FDA and different government agencies, we would have no regulation over the food we eat, the air we breathe or the water we drink. Is that a good thing? Really? The government has control of these things for a reason. Does anyone remember reading The Jungle by Upton Sinclair in Jr. High school? I do. That is one reason for government controls over a lot of things, from food that we consume to worker’s rights. I mean that is one fundamental part of the argument, one that makes a lot of sense.


The other thing is how our privatized prisons are a shining example of why we need to have oversight and government control over things like prisons. They are a real money maker for the private sector. You hear report after report of how badly the inmates are treated, from eating rotten garbage, to how there are now cases of judges putting people in the prison system for the privatized prison systems that are taking kickbacks to do so. Mark Ciavarella Jr. took money to jail children and adults, some of the children as young as ten years old, in for profit jails and prisons he ruined thousands of lives and is now doing thirty years in prison himself for doing so. Now some states are talking about a privatized education system? First of all, if everyone could afford to go to private schools, then there wouldn’t be a problem. However, not all people can afford this. This would mean that the schools for the poor would be terrible. If we can look at what has happened with the prisons, do you think that the education system would be run any better? It is a very scary thought.


What about Wall Street? If there was no regulation can you imagine what would happen to our country? Do you think that the Wall Street royalty would actually be decent human beings to the rest of the world? How about the big banks, but wait a minute, they don’t have as many regulations as they used to. Isn’t that what caused things to fall apart in 2008? Teddy Roosevelt put into place regulations to break up monopolies and to fight what is happening now. There are less regulations now and he would be turning over in his grave if he saw what was happening.


How about campaign finance regulation? Oh, wait, that is more lax then it ever has been and we can see what that is doing to politics. Can you imagine less regulation? As it is, our politicians are bought on a daily basis by the corporate sector and let us talk about the corporate sector for a minute. People in the corporate sector stash their money in the Cayman Islands so they don’t have to pay taxes and they don’t have any consequences. They are given tax loopholes and the workers that work for them are fighting to keep worker’s rights, that the Boomer generation enjoyed, while politicians and corporations work to get rid of things like a minimum wage and five day work week.

It is hard to understand how people could want less government and less regulation than what exists now. What would cause people, working people to feel that this is a good thing?

Should we have less government?

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    • Rodric29 profile image

      Rodric Anthony Johnson 

      3 years ago from Peoria, Arizona

      We need less government in certain areas. We need lest government interfering with legislative process. We do need the government to protect the interest of the collective because without it we would have, poverty, ignorance and few opportunities because all the greedy would take it all for themselves. I like anti-trust and no monopolies. With competition comes innovation and increase market.

      We did not always have all of this government involvement. If you read American history we needed this involvement to keep people like Rockefeller from owning the world and controlling the entire workforce.

      We need government that does NOT take from the rich who earned their money because of the genius and giving it to the poor lazy ones who refuse to help themselves.

      I think we need all the regulations to a degree.


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