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Why Many People Don't Bother To Vote In Local Election?

Updated on September 3, 2014

Something Contagious Is In The Air

There has been a growing epidemic in a fair number of countries across the globe. While it is hard to pinpoint when it could have begun, there is no question that the numbers are hard to deny. Ever since the turn of the century, this dangerously rampant disease has reached a wider population; almost focusing solely on lower income families and citizens in the 18-29 age bracket – whom are often referred to as Millennial. What could this scary virus be? Simple, it is apathy, or in this case, apathy towards local elections.

Financial Conditions

Voter turnout has been on the decline for more than a decade and it is a current topic of debate amongst news pundits and politicians alike. But why do these numbers continue to dwindle? What is it about the Millennial and those living under the poverty line that discourages them from participating in local and, in some cases, national elections?

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Expectations From The Leaders

Of course, even with the knowledge of who is running for what position, voters may feel disenfranchised by their options. People want something to change, they want those who are supposed to represent them, to fulfill their promises by increasing the minimum wage, lowering taxes, etc. The problem is, for one reason or another, people have not been given any proof that their selected politician has initiated, or is even capable of, initiating policies for the betterment of the average citizen. Which leads to the last point:


More Attention To Reputed People

The Millennial and impoverished civilians who do vote, are often outnumbered by those who are more privileged than they are. For those who are more than financially stable, their voice gets to be heard, encouraging politicians to represent their needs more so than others, whom appear to be pretty silent in this case. To put it simply: money talks. For these “silent” citizens, after listening to situations where even giant corporations are able to vote for congressmen, they feel as though selecting the right mayor would merely apply a band aid to the problem.

These are three of the main issues every city needs to address, quickly. Communication is a must. More information, more voters. Reaching out to these demographics and listening to the constituents will improve voter turnouts, people want to see results. Together, this disease can be cured.

Ignorance is not the solution, So, think and vote for right candidate.
Ignorance is not the solution, So, think and vote for right candidate.


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