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Vladimir Putin says "Fracking" is Bad

Updated on June 25, 2017

Meet Mr. "Anti-Frack"


Hydraulic Fracturing is called Fracking:

The method of drilling and injecting fluid into the ground at high pressures in order to break or fracture shale rock.

The Anti-Frackers

Search the Internet today and you will find, should you type the word "Fracking" into your search engine of choice, many articles and organizations which are against this method of drilling for oil.

There are numerous scholarly reports, videos, Conservationist Research Firms, and Global Climate Change Groups - against the technology.

The universal stance from these groups is that Fracking is bad. And yet, not a single piece of evidence has yet to surface - which proves this allegation. Not one.

The Oil Companies and the Fracking Companies are all on the Government Welfare Roles, causing irreparable damage to our water, shutting down farms, sickening cows, and in general, just causing more bad than good, according to the Climate-Gater's and the Anti-Frackers.

According to an earlier report from Bloomberg Businessweek, dated October 23, 2012, the Fracking Industry supported about 1.7 Million jobs in the United States at the time.

The Debate

That is the debate of course, and the big question.

Is Fracking worth the risk to the environment?

But the more interesting question is: If Fracking is truly unsafe and new technologies cannot alleviate the alleged groundwater pollution issues, then why are the Russians allegedly spending so much money to make certain you and I believe it?

Makes one wonder if one hasn't been fed a line...

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Take Harry Wasserman of for example. He published "Anti-Fracking and No Nukes Activists Join Forces Demanding Renewable Energy Revolution" on February 5, 2015. The article is short on information and long on smear. Fracking is bad according to Wasserman. There is also a radio show involved.

Bob Wrenn

How about Bob Wrenn of The Berkely Daily Planet. (Haven't heard about this Left Wing Rag? Shame on you!) His article, titled "Thousands march in Oakland for real climate leadership; call for ban on fracking in California." It's dated February 7, 2015 and indicated that the march was the largest such event in Bay Area history. Fracking is bad, according to Wrenn.

Fracking is bad, according to the Who?

Just check out their website. It's a user friendly website with quick notes about how Frackers Frack. Naughty dudes!

It has a negative bent about the process. At the very bottom of their website you will find a list of their "Resources".

Listed are: Hydraulic Fracking 101, Energy from, Gasland The Movie, Marcellus Shale Coalition, and Unpacking Health Hazards in Fracking's Chemical Cocktail.

Of interest is the first item on the list: Hydraulic Fracking 101.

This link takes you to the website. There are explanations there that groundwater is in danger of contamination and other details about the Fracking process.

If you peruse the website farther you will note the other associations referenced include The Sierra Club. This club may be unknowingly accepting monies from the Russian Government. (More on that later.)

The concern is why would publish information about The Sierra Club if they knew the club might be accepting monies from shady sources? Do they know? Why would The Sierra Club and join forces and file lawsuits against the Oil and Gas Industry, with Russian Government funds? If true, a full investigation is needed.

Perhaps a Senate Investigation?

"All is Quiet on the House-Front" (Except for the screaming horses...)
"All is Quiet on the House-Front" (Except for the screaming horses...) | Source

Fracking is bad, according to

This organization also allegedly accepts monies from shady sources connected to the Russian Government. The very same sources tapped by The Sierra Club.

So what is going on? The wants Fracking banned completely. They are pretty straight forward about it. So does the Russian Government. Cahoots?

Fracking is bad, according to Gasland the Movie.

If you check, you will find that the first Gasland movie is suspect. According to Wikipedia, The Department of Colorado Natural Resources pointed out the errors in reference to biogenic and thermogenic gases. It is not clear if said gases in Weld County, cited in the movie, actually were the result of Fracking.

In fact, records show the presence of biogenic gases in 1982, before Fracking began in the area. In other words, the jury is still out, but Gasland leads us the think that the answers are clear. Naughty movie makers. Hollywood liars? Business as usual. (Fear sells movies.)

One documentary clears much of Gasland's misrepresentations up. The name? It's called Fracknation and takes most of not all of Gasland's allegations to task. But it does more than this - it exposes the flagrant misinformation of Gasland. Fracknation was financed by micro-lenders - essentially various people, the world over, contributing small amounts of money. This should say something, since Gasland was financed by Hollywood and other very shadowy sources.

This is not an effort to obscure the details, however. If it can be proved that Fracking is causing the problems as alleged, then it should be improved or banned.

National Geographic

'Fracking is bad' articles appear in National Geographic and Vanity Fair. And the list goes on.

We have just touched the tip of the iceberg. There are more Protest Groups, but the point here is to track a major source of funding and why the Russian Government appears to be involved.

Track the money...

Mark Schrope

In an article by Mark Schrope, from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies titled "Fracking Outpaces Science on Its Impact" there is a citation from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Administrator Lisa Jackson indicated that there has been no definitive evidence that Fracking has resulted in chemicals to enter groundwater – or more accurately: drinking water sources.

Fracturing or Fracking occurs about one mile underground – beneath the water table. Qualified Hydrologists would agree with this assessment.

The movie Gasland brought attention to certain organic chemcials in nearby wells, but as of yet, the levels have not been connected to Fracking. But indications may to point to higher methane levels as a result of nearby Fracking in some areas.

It seems, however, that there are no baseline levels to compare to the rise in level of certain chemicals, since these tests were not conducted before Fracking began. (I did not see a date on this article.)

Conclusion: We must be sure.

  • Lower gasoline prices
  • Lower electric bills
  • Cheaper clothing prices
  • Less Air Pollution


Havard Magazine has an article in the January – February 2013 issue about "Fracking's Future".

The article, by Michael B. McElroy and Xi Lu, is full of good news about Fracking. Lower gasoline prices are a result of America Frackers. Lower electric bills as well. Cheaper clothing prices.

When you think about it, the reason is obvious. Lower fuel prices means that those trucks rolling down our highways are paying less to fill their fuel tanks. Those trucks carry goods. Now the trucking companies can charge less to transfer your favorite tuna to your store shelves. This is just a basic example.

But, are we poisoning the water?

Fracking and natural gas production/recoveries go hand in hand.

When you Frack and/or drill, you can also recover natural gas. Natural gas power plants pollute less than coal burning power plants. About 50% less.

Carbon Dioxide emissions go down and the fears of Global Warming, at least from America's power plants, are reduced. This is not only good for the U.S., but planet earth.

The Money Train


The Three-Pronged Stategy

  • Covert Payments to Environmental Groups in the West
  • Russian Spying on American Energy Industry
  • RT releasing Anti-Fracking Propaganda

Follow the Money

According to The National Review, in an article titled "Russia's War on Fracking", dated February 3, 2015, by Tom Rogan, the Russians have initiated a three pronged strategy specifically against the Frackers.

The strategy consists of money, spying, and propaganda. The Russians funnel cash to unknowing environmental groups in the West. (Me thinks the lady doth protest too much!) They then spy on the American Energy Industry, and finally, they turn on their Propaganda Machine.

The latter technique is perhaps, the best. The Russians have been using such methods to control and befuddle their own population for almost 100 years. To the uninitiated – propaganda is another word for lying - but in a "cool" way. So the population feels good about being idiots.

Richard W. Rahn

According to Richard W. Rahn, a senior fellow of the Cato Institute, in a statement on February 5, 2015, not only have the Russians allegedly been funneling tens of millions of dollars into American Environmental organizations, they may also be interfering with lobbying, in an effort to stop the expansion of American and European Oil and Gas Production.

These Cato dudes are serious. Maybe we'd better put down out beers and turn off the football games...

Sea Change Foundation

The Russian money seems to flow from Bermuda via environmental organizations, then to the Sea Change Foundation.

Lobbyist groups get the money next.

These groups include:

  • The Sierra Club
  • The National Resources Defense Council
  • The League of Conservation Voters

John Podesta

Rahn indicated that the Sea Change Foundation gave millions of dollars to the Center for American Progress, which was then headed by John Podesta, a former aide to President Barack Obama.

Rahn also indicated that Russia has designs on Alaskan territories and has disputes about the oil and gas reserves in the Arctic. Do we need to be reminded about Ukraine?

Why the US Government has failed to publicly act or why Eric Holder, Attorney General of the United States, is not apparently interested, remains a mystery.

Lachlan Markay

In an article by Lachlan Markay, of Washington Free Beacon, picked up by the Hawaii Free Press titled "Foreign Firm Funding U.S. Green Groups Tied to State-Owned Russian Oil Company Executives at a Bermudan firm funneling money to U.S. environmentalists run investment funds with Russian tycoons", dated January 26, 2015, there is even more information about how Russian monies are funding anti-Fracking movements. In fact, Markay has written several in depth articles about the issue.

Nicholas Hoskins

Markay wrote about a Nicholas Hoskins.

Hoskins is allegedly involved with a shadowy firm in Bermuda. Again, tens of millions of dollars were supposedly funneled to anti-Fracking activists via money laundering schemes offshore and there are apparent ties to Vladimir Putin's inner circle. Do you suppose that this is just the tip of the ice berg?

Hoskins is a senior counsel at Wakefield Quin and a vice president at an investment firm based out of London called Marcuard Services Limited. That London based firm recently had a president who also chaired the board of a Russian Oil Company - owned by the Russian Government.

That same London based firm has a parent company called Marcuard Holding Limited. Marcuard Holding Limited had a former chairman by the name of Hans-Joerg Rudloff. Hans-Joerg Rudoff was a vice chairman on Rosneft’s board. Rosneft is a Russian Oil Company.

Klein Ltd

There is more to Hoskins, according to Lachlan Markay.

Hoskins is a director of a company called Klein Ltd., but where the firm earns its money is not clear.

Klein Ltd. did not respond to Markay's requests. Klein Ltd. is listed as a philanthropic organization.

The address of Wakefield Quin matches the address of Klein Ltd. One of Klein Ltd.'s transactions is public. During the 2010 and 2011 time period, a $23 million transfer was made to U.S. environmentalist group called the Sea Change Foundation of California. The very same group which seeks to derail American Oil and Gas activities, which would be a boon for Russia - which arguably subsists upon its oil revenues. Revenues that have been declining since American Fracking – competition – began to eat into the Russian and Iranian and Saudi Arabian and Venezualan, bottom lines.

Nathaniel Simons

Nathaniel Simons and Wife contribute to and run The Sea Change.

Simons is a Hedge Fund Millionaire. Simons also runs a Venture Capitalist Firm. Simons has ties to Klein Ltd. According to, "Simons is a member of UC Berkeley’s Chancellor’s Executive Advisory Council and a board member of the Exploratorium" as well. This is interesting, considering the recent anti-Fracking march as noted by Bob Wrenn of The Berkeley Daily Planet.

Simons' list of companies also includes solar related firms and his companies received $141 million in loan guarantees from the U.S Department of Energy in 2010. Can anyone say "Obama?"

His companies have also received millions in grants and/or loans, courtesy of the U.S. Taxpayor. Nathaniel Simons also notably maxed out his cacmpaign contributions to President Barack Obama. (No fricking way. Jeez - I hope Obama's NSA Jerks aren't tuning in the this revelation)

The Sierra Club

After The Sea Change Foundation, run by the Simons, received its millions from Klein Ltd., it then transferred the monies along. The recipients were The Sierra Club, the National Resource Defense Council, Food and Water Watch, the League of Conservation Voters, and the Center for American Progress.

The amount these groups received totaled $100 million. That's what we can see. After receipt of the money, The Seirra Club launched its "Beyond Natural Gas" campaign – one of the largest such campaigns ever. (A coincidence? Never!)

But The Sea Change gave money to many other environmental groups.

Why not? Any pressure Simons can put on Frackers with Government money – you wonder which government – will only help Simons' bottom line. And Obama's?

Marlies Smith

A person named Marlies Smith is the only other person known to be associated with Klein Ltd., besides Hoskins.

Approximately 20 companies and investment firms are clients of Wakefield Quin, which has ties to Klein Ltd. These firms have ties to the Russian Government, as well.

Hoskins is "a director at a Bermuda-based subsidiary of the Russian investment bank Troika Dialog, which organized an initial public offering for Timan Oil & Gas, a company headed by the Russian oligarch Alexander Lebedev", according to Lachlan Markay.

When you google Troika Dialog you come up with information that a large bank, closely tied with the Russian Government, (really?) purchased the firm. The new Russian bank is called Sberbank CIB and it has ties to South African banking.

Timan Oil & Gas, as indicated,is headed by Alexander Lebedev. Lebedev is a media tycoon. Vladimir Putin and the Russian Tax authorities are after more of Lebedev's money in an apparent attempt to shore up a failing economy - in no small part caused by American Frackers having reduced the price of oil.

Senate Hearings?

Do you think the U.S. Government should Officially Investigate possible Foreign Money Links with American Environmental Groups?

See results

Putin's Bidding

The U.S. Frackers

In an article by Keith Johnson, titled "The continent has tried to start its own shale energy revolution. But tricky geology, clumsy governments, and environmental protesters seem to have smothered it in the cradle" for Foreign Policy, dated February 5, 2015, much of Europe is resistant to the idea of Fracking for many reasons.

These include bad governmental policies, problematic geology, and a desire for 'greener' energy. Sources indicate that Russia is happy about all the problems the Europeans are having with Fracking.

In fact, Chevron has pulled out of Poland, Ukraine, and Lithuania.

Scotland has banned Fracking. (I wonder how William Wallace would feel about that? Have the Scots gone soft - again? Seems so. Skirts, I mean kilts, no I mean dresses - do that to a man.)

The United Kingdom has proposed a moratorium against Fracking. Wussies.

China and Argentina, with their vast reserves of shale, can't even get started.

© 2015 Jack Shorebird


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