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Why Occupy?

Updated on September 9, 2012
Responsible review of history and analysis of the facts will show that the during the most prosperous times in our nation unions were strong and/or taxes on the upper crust were much higher.  Do not let these facts get clouded by the rhetoric.
Responsible review of history and analysis of the facts will show that the during the most prosperous times in our nation unions were strong and/or taxes on the upper crust were much higher. Do not let these facts get clouded by the rhetoric. | Source

Wanted 100% of the 99%

I wrote this almost a year ago and having read it over I can see that since then nothing has changed; the points here are still valid. Only now, the election is upon us. I think it's commendable and brilliant that liberals and democrats are well known for their willingness to challenge and question the government, even when their preferred party is in power. It's a credit to the platforms we represent. With an election upon us, however, it is important that we cast our votes for what is best for our nation moving forward.

Take a look at my earlier thoughts on the Occupy Movement and consider them unchanged - look to these dreadful realities and make sure your vote stands up to say, "enough is enough".

This is an AMERICAN issue, this is not a partisan debate... it matters not if you count yourself among the democrats, republicans, independents, hippies, or oblivious. The plain fact is that the overwhelming corporate greed that we have sadly allowed to get ahead of us has created an economy in which each of us, nearly ALL of us, is being cheated.

It's not envy of the rich; it's an unwillingness to sell our laws/government/politicians to them! It is a refusal to allow the wealth of these powers that be to continue to trample over our hard earned and well deserved American dream! If you think this is not about you, I want to shake you silly - THIS IS ABOUT YOU; YOU should be fed up and ready to fight for the capitalism and democracy, that as a nation, we have lived and died to create! Again, this is NOT hippies and haters vs. the rich and powerful. This is Americans against a system that gives power to those who are blatantly, openly, and criminally taking our money, manipulating our government, evading our laws, and otherwise stealing the American dream from our children!

What saddens me is the way the movement is being brushed off as 'disorganized' or 'unimportant', as radical or disruptive. What bothers me is that so many intelligent victims of corporate greed fail to realize the position this country has been placed in and are all to eager and willing to disregard the critical importance of this movement... as if it doesn't apply to nearly all of us - regardless of our political affiliations. The freaking writing is on the wall... there are mountains of evidence, there is almost no one who is immune to it, we have all been cheated, stifled, and held down. I won't pretend to be any kind of an expert but I can read and I can reason... and I also know that as individuals we can not allow a bunch of technical jargon and fast talk to blind us from what is really happening! This movement is accused of trying to take down capitalism when in reality it is desperate to save it; the beautiful fundamental capitalism upon which this country was built and defined - the land of opportunity.

We want our damn dream back! Listen folks, if you are capable of brushing this movement off as if is is unimportant to you, or to our future then there are a great many facts I'd love to know how you reconcile. When companies take billions of dollars of our hard earned taxes and pay the majority of these funds out in bonuses WE SHOULD ALL BE ANGRY! When banks illegally foreclose on properties, putting our fellow countrymen out in the damn streets and then seek avenues and back door deals in order to avoid paying any price or suffering any consequences for their crimes WE SHOULD ALL STAND THE HELL UP AND FIGHT! When giant corporations are enabled to 'move money' around between organizations and branches of organizations in a clear effort to launder moneys, donations, and (essentially) purchases of our politics/laws to ensure they work entirely in their favor WE SHOULD ALL CATCH FIRE! This is NOT RIGHT!

It is not about hating the rich; that is an absurd and uneducated response to this movement. It is not about hating capitalism; it is about taking it back from those who have taken it from us! It is getting harder and harder for Americans to climb the social ladder of success from one generation to the next, we ARE falling behind and our dream IS slipping away! The system isn't working! These facts are all there... if you find yourself unsure of whether or not you should be angry, it's simple - GET INFORMED! WAKE UP! DON'T BE MISLED BY THE MEDIA! BE WILLING TO CHANGE YOUR MIND, BE WILLING TO BE MADE AWARE, BE WILLING TO FACE THE TRUTH! AND FOR GOODNESS SAKE, it is not about which political party you belong to; if you are American you should count yourself among the 99% and you should be furious!

We should all look back at American history and understand it is moments in history, just like this one, that have allowed us to become the America we are. As Americans, we have always kept ourselves in check. When the tides turn, issues come to a head, or an imbalance of power is discovered Americans stand up and fight that power! We fight for what is RIGHT, we fight for what is FAIR. Perhaps if we remember those roots we can once again lead the world to freedom. There are always the naysayers pointing fingers at 'those crazy kids' but in the end, the train keeps on moving and this is truly what makes America and Americans GREAT! We don't (we won't) sit back complacently and let a few figure heads run or manipulate our country without accountability -this is damn democracy! THE TRAIN IS MOVING PEOPLE - GET ON OR BE LEFT BEHIND.

The moral of the story is that it hardly matters who you are or what your political opinions might be - if you do not see a problem here then you have been HAD! Let's try and remember what really makes us great, let's look back upon our history and reflect on the many times when Americans saw the necessity to stand up against injustice and let's take great pride in all we have changed and made right through the willingness to rise up, come together, and exercise our right to a little civil disobedience! Let's remember, that this is not the first time and it sure as hell won't be the last! This is America after all!

(I do not speak for or represent the occupy movement - I'm just a fed up American mom who wants her kids to have a shot at the American dream! BRING BACK THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITY)

It's all there, folks - it's everywhere. Seek out the information - and get busy understanding it! Don't take it from me, like I said, I'm not an expert on anything. We absolutely can not allow imbalance to progressively pull apart our system until it eventually collapses simply because we do not understand it. There are simple ways to view even the most complex matters - as in, fair is freaking fair!

What we need is 100% of the 99%! ALL ABOARD!


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      Howard Schneider 5 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

      Well said, Junipersagesays. I agree with all of your points and I feel the Citizens United decision is threatening to exacerbate all of these evils. This new very Far Right Republican party is now totally bought and paid for by Corporate America with their unlimited funding. If they win this November, the 99% will lose terribly.