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Why Pakistanis are considered terrorists all around the globe? Are they really a part of such activities?

Updated on July 5, 2015

Pakistanis as Terrorists to Foreigners?

Just consider a foreigner meeting an unknown person cheerfully and suddenly when comes to know that the person belongs to Pakistan, only a single word comes into his mind and that is 'terrorists'. And he steps back from that person and tries his best to avoid that person whether how much talented or contented that person was.

Yes, Its true that there is terrorism in Pakistan. Yes, many such incidents take place in the country everyday and hundreds of innocents die each day.

Pakistanis Are Like Normal People, Not Terrorists

Just Like the people living in European and American countries, the Pakistanis also wants to live a peaceful life. They want to breath in a peaceful environment.

The common, middle-class people living in there are innocents and are so afraid of such activities but are considered to be involved in them. Why? Why is it so? Isn't it unfair?

The Life Of A Common Pakistani

Most of the people living there work hard to earn a fair livelihood for their families. They work hard just by thinking as a progress of their country. They try their best to enlighten the name of their country by working hard in their professionals. They know it that their hard work bores nothing due to terrorism. Because this 'terrorism' word makes it all in vain.

They people also do have a Heart and Feelings. They are innocent people who a unaware of terrorism. And these are those people who die each day in terrorist attacks in Pakistan.

There are so many people living the life in Poverty, but they are still living for their country. They do not take the support of terrorism.

Passion Of A Pakistani

Despite knowing that their country has flaws, they still show Patriotism. There is a shortage of Electricity, water and energy resources in Pakistan. And their Civilization is not advanced as those of Americans and Europeans. But still the people are living there, trying their best to survive, not caring about their lives, they live for their families, they live for their country.


the goveronment is taking now strict measures against terrorism and everyone is hopeful that one day Terrorism will be torn out of the country.

Then Who Are Causing Terrorism in Pakistan?

Just a few people living in Pakistan, causing all such activities, who are possibly not even Pakistanis. But still in front of the world the name spoken is that of a Pakistani.

Unawareness From Terrorism But still Named to be in it

I am a Pakistani and I honestly don't know anything about terrorism and don't even know the definition of Terrorism. There are thousands of people like me who don't know anything about it. But still the world calls us Terrorists.

The world seems to think that each and every child born in Pakistan is a Terrorist.

Hey, Don't you think that it is totally wrong! It is totally unfair!

Pakistani Are Still Hopeful!

Despite having so many dark factors of the country, the people still proudly say that they are a part of it. Yes, even I say," I Am Proud To Be A Pakistani."

Yes! Despite having surrounded by the dark clouds of terrorism, We still believe that a sun will rise, a day will come when everything will be alright. And the people living there would be able to live in a peaceful place, environment, where their lives will be all safe, out of any kind of danger.

They are struggling hard to progress, to take a step forward, but every time the world knocks them down by calling them a "Terrorist"

I think, the people of the world has the right to know that each and every citizen of Pakistan can't be called terrorists. They are the humans like others. THEY ARE NOT TERRORISTS!

You should judge every person by the content of his character not from where he belongs!

Do you still think that each and every Pakistani is a part of terrorism?

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    • profile image

      Kevin Goodwin 

      3 years ago

      Pakistan use to have one of the best intelligence agencies in the world for the united states so i have a hard time even considering Pakistanis as all being terrorist.


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