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Why People Hate America

Updated on January 18, 2014

In the recently international poll, America was at the bottom of popularity nations list (“A Year After Iraq War”). Most US citizens can not believe this and wonder why it is. In spite of doing many good things, America is still hated because Americans impose their values on others, do many immoral things against other nations, maintain its monopoly status, and are the most self serving and arrogant.

First of all, Americans impose their values on others. Americans believe their country is the best of the world. It is the most democratic country. They think others nations are bad such as communism and Muslim. Nobody care about what Americans think until they tried to impose that on other countries. Americans want to interfere in other’s affairs. Americans do it by using their military, economy and media. America has the most powerful army of the world. They spend approximately 50% of global military spending , 626 billions dollars (Shah). They use their army not only to protect themselves but also protect the “freedom” of other countries. They thought communism did not have freedom, so they wanted to stop it from spreading. Particularly in the Viet Nam War, they protected “freedom” in South Viet Nam by invading two countries, Laos and Cambodia, and bombing another country, North Viet Nam.

Moreover, American government can use economic to control other countries. America is the richest country. Its GDP in 2007 was $13.543 trillion (Report for Selected Countries and Subjects.) American government uses its economic strength to put an embargo on other countries. An embargo is the prohibition of commerce and trade with a certain country, in order to isolate it and to put its government into a difficult internal situation. To overcome that problem, these countries have to follow American such as “freedom of speech” or “freedom of religion.” Actually, most leaders of these countries never change their way. America embargoed many countries such as Viet Nam, Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Sudan, and Syria (U.S. Treasury). People of these countries live very hard because of this, so they hate America.

America also uses media to spread their ideal. Many Hollywood films were used for political purposes. These films are not true especially for the Vietnam War. In these movies, American soldiers are always heroes, superior, freedom protectors, weak-woman and little-kid protectors. One American can kill one hundred Viet Cong easily like Rambo. That is impossible. When watching them, Vietnamese feel angry. The world feels horrible about what America did in My Lai Massacre. The world knows how bitter when America withdrew from Vietnam. However, Americans are still annoyingly insistent about “freedom” and “democracy.” In brief, people hate America because Americans try to change them into American way.

America is hated not only because Americans impose its value on others but also they act violently against other nations. USA has invaded 67 countries from 1945 to 2004 and has killed some tens of millions of people in military conflicts in that time (Kennington). Americans always say they love peace. They always say the war crimes involved America are only the government’s failures. Actually they are using their own government as a scapegoat. They voted for that government and that government represents themselves. A government cannot oppose its voters’ ideas. For example, a USA Today/Gallup Poll indicated that 75% of US citizens felt the US did not make a mistake in sending troops to Iraq in March 2003 (" Iraq Polls"). However, according to the same poll retaken in April 2007, 58% of the participants stated that the initial attack was a mistake. In May, 2007, the New York Times and CBS News released similar results of a poll in which 61% of participants believed the U.S. "should have stayed out" of Iraq (Sussman). Many Americans now are putting responsibility on Bush and his government. Bush is just a poor goat for millions of immoral Americans.

American military did many immoral things in the Vietnam War. 3,500,000 people died in this war (“Second Indochina War”). The most evil thing were My Lai massacre and bombing on Christmas days. The My Lai massacre was the mass murder of 347 to 504 unarmed citizens of the Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam), almost entirely civilians and the majority of them women and children, conducted by U.S. Army forces on March 16, 1968. Some of the victims were sexually abused, beaten, tortured, or maimed, and some of the dead bodies were mutilated. The massacre took place in the hamlets of My Lai and My Khe of Son My village. In the article “Murder in the name of war - My Lai”, the BBC described the scene:

Soldiers went berserk, gunning down unarmed men, women, children and babies. Families which huddled together for safety in huts or bunkers were shown no mercy. Those who emerged with hands held high were murdered. ... Elsewhere in the village, other atrocities were in progress. Women were gang raped; Vietnamese who had bowed to greet the Americans were beaten with fists and tortured, clubbed with rifle butts and stabbed with bayonets. Some victims were mutilated with the signature "C Company" carved into the chest. By late morning word had got back to higher authorities and a cease-fire was ordered. My Lai was in a state of carnage. Bodies were strewn through the village.

On Christmas in 1972, President Richard Nixon mobilized 200 B52 bombers to bomb many North Vietnamese cities where millions of civilians were living. American pilots dropped 20,000 tons bombs in twelve days (Tilford, p. 263). Many buildings were destroyed such as schools, hospitals and residential areas; thousands of civilians died. The biggest newspaper in England, the Daily Mirror, commented, “The American resumption of bombing of North Vietnam has made the world recoil in revulsion.”

In that raid on Kham Thien quarter, Hanoi, the house at 51st Kham Thien street was totally destroyed. There were eight people in that family, and nobody survived. On this land, people built a memorial with a plate which was written “Kham Thien khac sau cam thu giac My (Kham Thien people hate American invaders very much).” Since then, annually, people from this quarter and other places come there to memorize the killed victims and American crimes. Vietnamese can forgive but never forget what America did on their country.

Americans not only kill people directly but also kill people indirectly. They supported Khmer Rouge, Taliban, Irish terrorism and trained terrorists in Latin America.

American government backed Pol Pot with arms, training, finance and full diplomatic support for over a decade. This was one of the worst regimes in history, which killed over one third of the population of the country. But the USACambodia with land mines. The rise of Pol Pot started when American airplanes were illegally bombing huge areas of Cambodia and Laos, intentionally killing vast numbers of innocent civilians (Kiernan, Ben, p. 16). supported Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge as they continued to commit atrocities and destroy the country of

America supported for Muslim terrorists in Afghanistan to kill Russians and other Soviet citizens. In the early 1980s, the CIA and the ISI (Pakistan's Interservices Intelligence Agency) provided arms to Afghans resisting the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, and the ISI assisted the process of gathering radical Muslims from around the world to fight against the Soviets. The U.S. poured funds and arms into Afghanistan, and by 1987, 65,000 tons of U.S.-made weapons and ammunition a year were entering the war (Rashid). As a result of US actions in Afghanistan, huge numbers of Russian people were killed. The country's political system collapsed and Taliban took control of Afghanistan. Taliban was a product of CIA, and Taliban later killed Americans.

American government also uses an embargo to punish other countries. American government said that they did that because they wanted those governments would change the policies to be more democracy; their people would have more freedom and be better. However, the consequence is that those people’s living standards worse because of lack of goods and drugs. Looking at North Korea, Americans think Kim Jong-il and the dictatorship are the reasons millions of North Koreans are living in hunger. It is not right. The real reason is because of America, the freedom protector. Because America blocks every way for North Korea to trade, North Korea can not develop its economic to feed their people. Also, because of American threat, it has to spend most of such little revenue on military to protect itself ("Research Library: Korea, South"). In short, America is hated because of its violence against others.

Thirdly, people dislike the US because American government and corporations try to maintain its monopoly power in military and economy. Nobody likes seeing someone sitting over their heads. Nobody like being kept from stronger.

For instances, American government tries to maintain the monopoly of GPS (Global Positioning System) systems for world military dominance (Sample). If the US goes to war with any country, American can ban those countries from using GPS. This makes it more difficult for non-US countries to aim cruise missiles, but it also cripples air travel and sea travel within the region. This power over the whole world is awesome, and the US cannot be trusted with this power. And now they are trying to stop Europe from having their own GPS or taking away the US monopoly. The USA is always against any other country having any sort of monopoly, but fiercely defends its own monopolies.

One of the many clear examples of the USA creating or maintaining world monopolies is Boeing. In the last year or so, the European competitor Airbus Industry announced they would build a very large passenger plane, and the USUSA gives huge tax advantages to its own capitalists so that they can compete unfairly with other countries. Boeing does not have the same burden to contribute to the social welfare that Airbus does in Europe. The Europeans believe that capitalists should pay tax to support the general social good, whereas the USA thinks that the ordinary taxpayers should support their industries. This gives the USA a strong edge in overseas markets because their taxpayers are subsidizing their companies. Therefore it is fully justified for European governments to give a little money back to Airbus to partially compensate for the larger tax burden in Europe (Kennington). government said it was not fair competition because there was some government loan involved.

In addition, America does not allow any more country to own nuclear power while it has 4075 active warheads (Norris and Kristensen, 50-53). America can use nuclear weapons to threaten any countries when being afraid of owning nuclear power weapons of others. America is embargoing North Korean and Iran because of this reason. So the third reason is because American government and corporations are trying maintaining its monopoly power.

The next reason people hate America because Americans are the most self serving and greedy. People do thing because of benefit, Americans do too. In the World War One, American corporations sold goods to both sides to earn as much as possible. Near the end of the war, President Wilson and the American government jumped in the Allies side when seeing the Allies would win. Americans were also more callous when calculating delaying participation in the World War Two. Kennington wrote in his site:

During the Second World War, the USA was originally planning to send about 215 army divisions to Europe in 1943 to remove the Nazis. But they worked out that this would negatively impact their economy. So they changed their plans and sent only 90 divisions in 1944. As a result, the US economy improved during the World War II, while the economy of Europe contracted by about 25%.

During the extra year, many million more people died, including 17,000,000 people in Holocaust such as the European Jews (Niewyk). This shows that the USA values its own economy much more than the lives of millions of innocent people in other countries. The US entry into the World War Two was in the US interests, not an altruistic act. Americans only decided to take the side of democracy in Europe when it was clearly in the USA's self-interest to do so. The Russians still bitterly resent the fact that the USA and the UK took several years to open the Western front against Germany in the World War Two. During this time, the Soviet Union lost 23,000,000 lives, mostly civilians (Ellman). President Roosevelt and his government delayed the Western front because they wanted to save thousands of American soldiers and weaken Soviet power even though America and Soviet were in the same side. Americans sold their Allies down the river. The USA finally invaded Europe after it was clear that the Soviet Union was winning against Germany.

In addition, Americans government imposes unfair conditions of trade.US has done, and every country must accept anything that Americans want to export, no matter how much this harms the economies of non-US countries. This often means that even valid health objections are rejected by the USA. When other countries succeed in exporting to the USA, for example farm goods, the USA puts on heavy tariffs and gives substantial support to US farmers. Current estimates are that 50% of US farm income comes from the government (Riedl). Americans can do this but do not permit any other country to do. The globalization makes poor countries poorer and the USA richer. For other example, in March 2002, the USA put up to 30% tariffs on steel imports to protect the inefficient US steel industry and get votes for the next election (“US tariffs cloud steel talks”). If a rich country like the USA needs to protect its industries, then surely the poor countries have even more need. Globalization and free trade is just the way for American corporations get the most benefit from others. So people hate America because it is so greedy and self-interest. Throughout the 1990s, Americans have been imposing globalization and free trade on the whole world. All countries are forced to cut back on all public services and social welfare as the

Finally, people hate America because Americans do not care about international laws. America thinks little of the others. They invaded Iraq without UN acceptance. This event means that the US can invade and occupy any country in the world, and the rest of the world is powerless to stop them.

Americans can justify others, but others cannot justify Americans. After the World War Two, Americans gave Nazis in courts which were for crimes against human being. Nazis killed many people in holocausts. In the same time, America also killed a lot of Axis civilians by bombing cities such as Dresden, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki. Americans explained they did it to free the world. That is not right. Dropping two atomic bombs in Japan was useless. At that time, Germany was defeated, Japan was tired, Japanese many times negotiate with Americans, but American refused Japanese surrender (Freeman). Japanese wanted to surrender with the safety of Japanese emperor, and Americans wanted Japanese to surrender without any condition. Japanese wanted to stop the war, but because of the duty with their emperor, they were willing to scarify their lives to protect him. Americans insisted of refusing because of wanting to trying atomic bombs and showing the power to Soviet. Dropping atomic bombs was useless in against Axis and shows the terrible crime of Americans. That crime was against human being. However, no American was taken to the court. The right always belongs to the stronger.

Americans also do abuse of the IMF (International Monetary Funding) as a tool of international blackmail. We have been seeing in early 2003 how the USAUS uses the IMF as a tool to bribe and threaten poor countries. The original purpose of the IMF was not to provide a tool for bribing and bullying, and yet the government uses the IMF in this way. Kennington wrote:

All of the poor countries on the UN security council are shaking in their boots because of US threats to cut IMF aid if they vote against the unjust war of the USA against Iraq. If it's a question of morality, then why does the USA have to use threats and bribes.

This kind of misuse of the IMF happened many times. The USA misuses also many other international organizations in the same way to bribe and bully other countries. It shows the arrogant behavior of Americans to international laws, and makes people hate America the most.

In conclusion, people still hate America and will hate America. Americans imposes American values on others, does many immoral things against other countries, maintain its monopoly status, and are the most self seeking and arrogant. These can explain why 9/11 event happened. There will be more and more this kind of event if America does not change its behavior.

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    • profile image

      Sue Dunham 3 years ago

      Add Your Comment…What people don't understand is the america they hate is the one hated by most americans. The rich and greedy who keep the poor their slaves with no hope of ever having a better life. One percent of the people have 90% of the money, and they're not willing to share. Our votes don't count or matter, the government is run by the one percent. 99% of us are and always will be nothing more than a resource to be used until depleted, like oil, water, wildlife, etc., and they don't care if they're hated because no one can stop them. They run everything.

    • profile image

      Christian 3 years ago

      "I hate the idea that an American can travel the world freely, and I can't(Egyptian!) "

      Americans can't travel the world freely Mohamed. You apparently hate what simply isn't so! You'll be relieved to know there are a fair amount of countries US citizens can not travel to. Cuba, Iran and North Korea are a few examples.

    • profile image

      Christian 3 years ago

      "U fools u bombarded us in 1999 then u wrote lie that we called operation Merciful Angel !U hide information of all children killed here!"

      ---This was a NATO mission that was led by the US to stop a little thing called "Ethnic Cleansing". Think any children were killed during that attempted process?--

      "I hate u for interfering in other people affairs including ours with your great 250 years history but thanks god every empire falls so will you."

      --So you wanted to see the Albanians slaughtered? NATO was trying to stop a genocide. --

      "None wants your lame excuse for democracy!"

      --Then why are people from so many other countries doing every thing they can to get in to America under any means possible? In a paragraph of stupidity this is the stupidest things you've said"--

      "We were allies plus we lost ten times more men then USA and Russians won the WW II not ur 100 000 men but 20 million russian men ."

      --It was the 1940's dimwit. The US was in that war because it was attacked by Japan and further on to stop the genocide of Jews. What does the death total of soldiers from any country have to do with that?

      When there was another instance of genocide in Serbia the US was part of the NATO strikes to try and stop that. It's consistent. If they didn't get involved your neighbor would be crying, "why did the US help the Jews but they won't help us?" The US can't win. It's damned if they do and damned if they don't.---

      "And yes i much more like rule where everything isn't corrupted with false democracy!"

      --Right because Russia's such a successfully open, fair and honest society, free of political corruption!!--

    • profile image

      Christian 3 years ago

      " We now know Iraq never had the weapon of mass destruction"

      Before reminding you that the US was not the only country who's intel said Saddam had WMD's, I'll remind you he had them and used them to kill over 100,000 Kurd and Iraqi citizens. Understand?? He had them and used them. That's an undeniable fact. He also plotted to kill the President of the US. His sons had "Rape rooms". They committed countless acts of inhuman violence torture and terror on anyone they felt like dropping it on. That type of garbage needs to be removed from the planet and it took way too long to do the job. Never in the history of mankind has any one nation amassed such military power and used it so responsibly. European ingrates like the French who the US bailed out of two wars and rebuilt there country, are a perfect example of the "I hate the giant" mentality. Look at the comments here.

      " I hate Americans" written by "Muslim"

      Hey Muslim, I hate you too! Bank on it!

      "If you came to my village and murdered men,woman and children I would also return the favour as I am sure the Viet Cong did."

      --Yea, those caring Viet Cong who'd routinely strap bombs to their own children. Those are the people you feel closest too?

      "Limey - give me a break. If it weren't for the US, you would be speaking either German or Russian."

      --So true!

      "Simply not so, it would have taken us longer - sure thing."

      --Dare to dream.

    • profile image

      Christian - 3 years ago

      "85% of Americans now they believe that 9/11 was an inside job"

      Pull your head out of your ass. No one believes that money-suckering fairy tale. Head over to the gift shop at anyone of those truther sites and feed them some more money to party with. Lord knows not one of them ever contributed to any of the victims despite getting rich off the truther scam. What a tool you are...

    • profile image

      chris 3 years ago

      I know americans are good people we just have evil people in high places and we cant do anything about that because we are worried to much about facebook and sports and evil music to relize we r being duped

    • profile image

      Sam 3 years ago

      I'm one of those people who thinks America is a horrible place or becoming one because there is the government and rich people who think they control everbody and everything which I know we need laws and stuff but it's getting out of control. We don't know whether their telling the truth about anything beause they have so much power and money no one can say bad things about them. And history is just going to repeat itself wars will always be the answer for America because if were scared of something we don't talk to it we kill I kinda thinks why don't we just have a plague of some sort and get it over with

    • profile image

      Greg 3 years ago

      Every point you make has 2 sides to it. I read your article and you are not bringing up the conduct of other nations. America is not perfect. But compared to most we are better. In your way of thinking no country should intervene in another countries affairs unless you agree. You are not the worlds leader. Your completely one sided comments shows you have no objectivity.

    • profile image

      Rebecca 3 years ago

      Americans stick their noses where they don't belong and call that serving their country.In the UK,the loudest people on the tube or anywhere are American (that's what we say here). America should focus on making their own country safe before they can stick their noses into other countries' businesses. You have kids killing kids and all that nasty public shooting and bombing,sort that out before you run to "help" find rebels in Uganda

    • profile image

      Izzy 3 years ago

      I am an American and I say I love my country for who they are. You most don't know what it is like to live as an American. It's wonderful. We have freedom here and yes I don't like how we invade other peoples affairs, but the past is the past. We have and still are learning from our mistakes, but what would the world do with us. We trade with the world. We helped win World War 1 and 2. We support many other countries. And FYI, Vietnam doesn't hold a grudge. They mimic our fashion, they watch our media, you can see people walking into coffee shops with iPhones! @Serbian, we do not have a fake democracy. People rule the government. Don't get me wrong, some of this article I do agree with, such as getting in other countries affairs. Yet America is strong and peaceful to the inhabitants, such as me. This article was slightly biased, I could tell. Yet this is your opinion, and I hope your country has the freedom of speech. I am a proud and happy American woman, and not ashamed of who I am. We did those things for a reason. Leave us be, and learn some more history to support your case. We light the world with hope. American forever, straight to the core.

    • profile image

      Serbian 4 years ago

      U fools u bombarded us in 1999 then u wrote lie that we called operation Merciful Angel !U hide information of all children killed here!I hate u for interfering in other people affairs including ours with your great 250 years history but thanks god every empire falls so will you.None wants your lame excuse for democracy!

      We were allies plus we lost ten times more men then USA and Russians won the WW II not ur 100 000 men but 20 million russian men .

      And yes i much more like rule where everything isn't corrupted with false democracy!

    • AlexDrinkH2O profile image

      AlexDrinkH2O 4 years ago from Southern New England, USA

      There are some very bitter and UNINFORMED people on this thread - for all its faults (and what nation is faultless?), the US is an exceptional country and is a beacon of hope for the world. Right now, we have a poorly run executive branch mired in corruption, but hopefully the upcoming elections will go a long way to change that. Bear in mind, there is NO country in the world where people have more freedom than we do in the US.

    • profile image

      Australia 4 years ago

      you are war mungers. stay in your own state. i was ex. v/nam you are all sick people. Stay away of Aisa or you will loose all you think you had.

      The world has no use for you. You rip every think apart so you think you desive all the rebuilding for yourself. You are no better then the Nazy you slan. The world is not as stupid as it was. You use Australia to Spy for you and I will fight you for the reast of my life

    • profile image

      Jake 4 years ago

      The U.S. is a great country. Every single country in the world has its own issues, and the U.S. stands up for what is right. Would the rest of the world rather have us teach our children that other countries are bad? (North Korea) Or hand our 13 year olds guns and have them kill innocent people? (Uganda, Joseph Kony) No. We stand tall and proud, we fight for what we believe in. We help our allies so they will return the favor if we get into a jam. We are hated because of what we do in war time like rape or murder innocent people. We have bad eggs here and there, just like any other country. Britain has had videos of their soldiers killing innocent Iraqi children. We have too, but why don't we all hate Britain as well? I mean, they have committed war crimes as well, they should feel ashamed. You guys need to stop hating us so much, we are NOT the only country that makes mistakes.

    • profile image

      brian 4 years ago

      Black skin would be like a body guard for the white man.

    • profile image

      Oleg 4 years ago

      Unfortunately, USA is not a place of freedom and democracy; it was all just propaganda of hollywood-like dreams.

      Nobody blames all americans, but think for yourself - as long as a common americans agree to join the army, despite knowing it's controlled by a corrupt government and military, they assist its evil rule.

      Also all the elections (worldwide) is a joke, everywhere the power and money corrupts.

      So democracy is a sham, and a lie, so USA has no right to declare itself as better than any other country, especially while living in colossal debt, but agreeing on printing worthless money - whoever takes offense in the truth, clearly accepts they're guilty of living a lie.

      So in reality, liberal is the same as republican, it's a just a man in power, a puppet on the strings of capital/finance/military, maybe with a few minor word and law differences, but they're always some unimportant and way-off detail.

      Bush is no different than Obama - just a man chosen by elites, to fool the population, that their vote matters something.

      About religion in USA - i really wish there were a majority of true christians.

      I am not a perfect christian, in fact i've made many mistakes and sins, but the first Bible i had was given to me for free, by an american organization, while former Soviet republics were trying to return to God and Lord Jesus Christ.

      But since the 80s, the image and practices of USA, have since become to resemble the practices of ungodly USSR.

      In fact, USA's slavery to consumerism, violence and immorality in media (hollywood) is creepy and disturbing.

      In fact, russian dubs of american movies are better, because they at least attempt to cut out many vulgarities and obscenities.

      In reality old action heroes from hollywood, that i liked in childhood, when i had no understanding of God - are really acting unchristian, and try to show off their pride and power, by fighting weaklings, and spouting childish insults, as if it makes them more manly.

      So USA as a country in its policies and practices, is similar to these fake action heroes, and is very close to the Whore of Babylon described in the Book of Revelation.

      If USA is indeed the Mystery Babylon, then i hope all christians will flee it, before it gets destroyed by God.

      I suppose the massive shootings are due to the corrupt system in USA, which since school, teaches children to consider each other as competition at best and enemies at worst.

      Who cares if USA is wealthy and has loads of products on its shelves, but its population is stressed, depressed, unhappy, hating and bullying one another, afraid of the future, overworking, enslaved by debt and crooks like politicians, teachers, celebrities.

      The worship of money, instead of God and Christ, will always keep everyone enslaved by debt - so even if USA is wealthiest, its debt eats out all of its savings and wealth, and people are considered of less worth, than money.

      It's a sad state of affairs in the whole world, not just USA.

      May God and Lord Jesus Christ help us all get to the perfect Kingdom of Heaven, despite all troubles and conflicts of this world.

    • AlexDrinkH2O profile image

      AlexDrinkH2O 4 years ago from Southern New England, USA

      @Michael: ". . .we count on a daily basis how many American casualties on nightly news during the Iraqi war. To date, we have 4,486 American casualties. However, there are more than 120,000 Iranian civilians casualties. For every American killed, we killed 27 Iranians." Iranians?

      " We now know Iraq never had the weapon of mass destruction we were told and the then Iraqi leader would not have corroborated with the terrorist group we identified due to geo-political reasons."

      The jury is still out on these claims.

    • profile image

      Michael 4 years ago

      I am a proud American who loves this country. However, I am quite concern of the number of people we killed and the number of wars we started. We do value lives and we count on a daily basis how many American casualties on nightly news during the Iraqi war. To date, we have 4,486 American casualties. However, there are more than 120,000 Iranian civilians casualties. For every American killed, we killed 27 Iranians. These are factual numbers which we cannot ignore. They were human beings just as we are. Each of their lives is just as valuable as an American life. While we Americans can criticize China, North Korea, Russia, Iran, etc., have they killed as many people and invaded as many countries as we have in the past 65 years? If not, then they are more peace-loving people than we are! We claim to have done great and wonderful things in the world which we have. Are the number of people we killed and the number of countries we invaded absolutely necessary to achieve these great and wonderful things?! For every person we killed, relatives, friends, neighbors, classmates, co-workers of that person render an opinion of our actions. While we can out-gun them, they can out-opinion us and collectively formulate actions to fight us. While we outcry the unfathomable acts of suicide bombers in middle east and civilian women in Vietnam who blow themselves up just to kill a few American soldiers, they may be the very acts of desperation utilizing their own lives as a weapon against us. I think we should think deeper about what motivates them to sacrifice their own lives in their struggle against us than just take the easy way out by simply labeling them as radicals and fanatics. No, they are human beings and they would not have done these things had we not been invading their countries. President Eisenhower warned us about the military-industrial complex decades ago. We may be living under the very condition he warned us about. Politicians can always give a high-road reason why a war is necessary and the goods we can accomplish. Millenniums of history have taught us the spoils-of-war is what invaders are truly after. The modern day lingo of spoils-of-war is protecting American interest which generally trickles down to economic interest somewhere down the line. We Americans should really be much more critical of our leaders who advocate invasive wars. We really should learn a lesson from the Iraqi war. We were convinced eliminating weapons of mass destruction and the continuing acts of fostering terrorism against America were the justifications against Iraq. We now know Iraq never had the weapon of mass destruction we were told and the then Iraqi leader would not have corroborated with the terrorist group we identified due to geo-political reasons. As a people of great nation, we should show our greatness through good deeds rather than military might.

    • AlexDrinkH2O profile image

      AlexDrinkH2O 4 years ago from Southern New England, USA

      "makes me want to find this girl and kill her" - followed by 'PEACE LOVE AND LIGHT" - yeah, that makes a lot of sense. By the way, I am sick an tired of people saying the US went into Iraq for oil - we got something like 5% of our oil from that country while Saddam was in power and I believe it's about the same now. Gas as almost $4 a gallon here so where is all that cheap oil we now have through conquest? We have all the oil we need right here in the US - all we have to do convince the knuckleheads in power to go ahead and drill for it and not worry about the habitat of the one-eyed, tsetse fly.

    • profile image

      Limey 4 years ago

      You are correct in saying most people blame the citizens of the country doing the "offending". However, you have to understand, most countries in the world having democratically elected governemnts consider the Governemnt to be " The People". If I am not mistaken your Constitution opens with "The Government, For the People and by The People". So when they see Bush bombing towns and villages, the Military abusing prisoners (in prison) and mounting civilian deaths happening under a "Black Flag" operation just to get oil and natural reaources, you can hardly blame then for putting 2 and 2 together. Of course the clueless sheep of the allies go along for the ride.

      As I was travelling the world back in the 1980s, almost every single American that I came across exept in the UK, Israel and Australia, had a Canadian patch sewn to their backpacks. when asked why, they said they do not feel safe admitting they were American. That was in the 80s and early 90s. You have to look at the reason why the Egyptians are so. Who installed Mubarak as their "yes man" in Egypt? You are correct, idiots do exists in every part of the world, it is just that some countries are more occupied/run by idiots than most.

      Naturally the common people do not want war, but after all, it is the leaders of a country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag people along whether it is a democracy, a fascist dictatorship, a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought into the bidding of the leaders. This is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism then expose the country to danger. It works the same in every country.

      All the best.

    • profile image

      Amber 4 years ago

      Some of you people are truly idiots, behaving as if a person belonging to a certain country did all the misdeeds of the government they had no choice in. I doubt that anyone would fully agree with every last decision that their government has made, but that's what we're stuck with. I hope no one here is coaxed into feeling guilty about what you didn't even do. Sorry my american rulers have left bad impressions on you, but I certainly didn't. (unless this counts lol)

      Also this comment:

      "Hey mohamed maybe you could travel places safely if you didn't pour allah or mohammed on us all & try to bomb shit all the time. I have nothing against arabs my best friends are in fact arab but when you take other people's lives & start screaming random shit in arabic that scares people.Btw, egyptians were the main people behind the sept 11th attacks that's why were leery of you because your like the two faced snake one minute you might be for america & next for the enemy we don't know which one you are so we get leery & put our defences up."

      makes me want to find this girl and kill her. Not all Americans are the same. Idiots exist in every country in the world.


    • profile image

      Limey 4 years ago

      Oh ABSOLUTELY. The way my Government treated hte Middle Eastern nations as a cash cow, but at least we didn't just leave afterewards. They just became part of the Commonwealth. The way we treated India in the time of the RAJ! The way Churchill planned to use incendiary bombs on every single large city in Germany creating similar city-wide firestorms to the ones we created in Dresden. The fact that in the early 50's British pertroleum conspired with the then British and American Governments aided by the CIA to overthrow the democraticly elected Government of Iran. This all because the elected leader did not want the British siphoning off the proceeds from oil sales and part of the oil reserves to line their own pockets. The way Tony Blair was lead around by his friend Bush and agreed to attack a land that was agreed bad, but had no WMD's.

      Yes we also helped the US put regimes in power such as Syria (1949), Shah of Iran (1953), Indonesia (1958), Anwar Sadat (1970), Afghanistan (1979-1989), Turkey (1980).

      I think the difference is that we do not try to play superpower-our freedom is better than yours, so you have to take ours, like it or not. All that to bolster the profits of the largest companies. Granted, BP is the exception. When we attack someone these days it is not for oil or wealth but to protect existing British interests. OH! and sometimes because our polititians are absolute spineless gits with no honour that go along just to be seen helping the cause or for gaining favour from the hand that feeds us.

      Our Government was worse because Tony B-liar had the grand delusions of Brittain being a superpower once again, British Empire and all that. He knew the only possible way he could gain this image in the world was to hang on the coat-tails of Bush. Bush had the big stick and like a snotty little brother who is always causing trouble, Blair would go crying to Bush if he did not get his way with other countries. Can we see fireworks George, oh can we please? This was certainly the UK's darkest time since the black plague.

      Take care.

    • AlexDrinkH2O profile image

      AlexDrinkH2O 4 years ago from Southern New England, USA

      I'm going to cease this verbal dueling with my British friend to be fair to the author of this Hub - sometimes commenters hijack it. I will say to "limey" that we agree on one thing - the CURRENT government of the US sucks - Mr. Obama is trampling all over our Constitution. My comment on the British Empire was meant to remind you that your government was guilty of the very things you criticize the US of doing. By the way, I lived in England for 8 years so I'm quite familiar with your country and your government (the latter being even worse than ours!)

    • profile image

      Limey 4 years ago

      British Empire is an atiquitated term. Before the 50's the term was still used but today we refer to it as The Commonwealth. Same group, another name.

      ALL empires fall, bar none.

    • AlexDrinkH2O profile image

      AlexDrinkH2O 4 years ago from Southern New England, USA

      I see somebody forgot something called the British Empire.

    • profile image

      Limey 4 years ago

      Simply not so, it would have taken us longer - sure thing. And the Americans could not have had as much success in the Japanese War Theatre if it not for the UK and it's Commonwealth countries. All this is debatable as we know wars and winners can change with the wind.

      Another point: Have you ever wondered why in the world noboby attackes the Canadians??? Canadians love their country just as much as Americans, they love freedom and human rights. The differnece is they don't try to ram their ideals down the throats of other like the Americans. Mainly however, because they DO NOT overthrown foreign governments for the sake of strategic advantage, oil, natural resources and money.

      Have you ever wondered why American backpackers (stundents) travelling through Europe or the rest of the world sew Canadian flag patches to their backpacks and do not admit to being American when confronted by the lcoals? It is because your government(s) are/have been travelling down the slippery slope towards the closest thing to Hitler since WWII. Not only does your government tread over the rights of countries it disagrees with, it also is slowly shredding your Constitution with it's draconian laws and Executive orders. In the end your Government is will turn your constitution into a simple role of toilet paper that will be flushed down the drain eventually.

      You have to understand that when the rest of the world says they hate Americans it is a term used generally for your Government: The Government for the people and by the people. In many countries the governemt is seen as being the people, inseparable. Why do terrorists attack the American citizens? Everyone knows that the fastest way to hurt a government is to really hurt its people and disrupt their lives.

      Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely (Baron Acton 1934), Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it (William Pitt the Elder British Prime Minister 1766).

      It is a dead certain that there are good Americans that do not agree with the rampage your Government have and are on at the moment, I have met quite a few. It is not all of you, only those blood thirsty-I want to kill or blow something up for the hell of it (or $) types that seem to be firmly intrenched in the population and Government.

      The last President who truly represented the America people, their wishes and their dreams, was John F Kennedy. But you see what happens when someone good comes along and tries to tame your wild military/corporate beasts.

    • AlexDrinkH2O profile image

      AlexDrinkH2O 4 years ago from Southern New England, USA

      Limey - give me a break. If it weren't for the US, you would be speaking either German or Russian.

    • profile image

      Limey 4 years ago

      If you came to my village and murdered men,woman and children I would also return the favour as I am sure the Viet Cong did.

      America did come very late into the war, only because it suited them and there was money to be made. This was once they saw the rest of Europe getting the upper hand against the Germans. Who supplied most of the fighter aircraft during the war?... The British, even the Americans that came over had to fly our Spits and Lancasters. Where were the Americans when Montgomerey was holding off Rommel and the other German troops in North Africa? Sitting cosy in Italy. Who helped your asrses defeat the Japanese by providing forces from some 140 Commonwealth countries? The British. Where were the Americans when the British retook China from the Japanese, sitting nice a cosy in Guam. None of those places had any financial benefits for the Americans, so they just did a bunk.

      As for good in the world, try telling that to all the countries you have invaded, all the people you have murdered and all the governments you have overthrown for the sake of strategic advantage, oil, natural resources and money.

    • AlexDrinkH2O profile image

      AlexDrinkH2O 5 years ago from Southern New England, USA

      I don't even where to begin - 1st of all, this hub is one-sided and full of inaccuracies to try and make a point. For example, the author focuses on events such as the My Lai massacre but fails to mention the hundreds, if not thousands, of atrocities committed by the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese (and I know what I'm talking about because I spent the first 6 months of my tour in Vietnam cataloging them.) And, apparently, we didn't do much in World War II - talk about historical revisionism! Then he comes out with the tired old argument about America being controlled by big business and everything we do is based on money and finding oil, etc. Give me a break. No, America is not perfect, nor is any other country - but the US has done more good in the world and has helped more people than any other nation and I challenge anyone to prove me wrong.

      Then you have commenters such as "hakking" that uses phrases like "typical american scum" - that tells me immediately this individual is ignorant and anything he has to say is wholly irrelevant. There are so many stupid comments on this hub it would take me all day to respond but, for the record, I agree with Tyler.

    • profile image

      american 5 years ago

      America is the best country in the world

    • profile image

      hakking 5 years ago

      Bitch Bitch Bitch. typical american scum. Just deal with it the world hates you. Tell yourself what you need to sleep at night, but the fact still remains the world hates america, it's people and their government. All the arguing and bitching and telling the rest of us how much you care for us is not going to help your cause. True not all americans are hateful spiteful cunts, alot of you dont't know any better because from birth you've watched repetitive propoganda telling you your country is loved and admired by the people all around the world. News flash quit buying into all you've been told and watch the news reports from other regions for once.. Maybe you will learn something new, then again you have been named the dumbest country so mabye you wont, after all its way to easy to sit in you chairs and be told what t think then to go out and think for yourselfs. And this is why most of the world hae you guys. Not to mention your "spreading the word of jesus." So im guessing our religions and beliefs are completely wrong when you scoff at our beliefs then tell us how "your" god is much better. Have you even read the Christian Bible. Most of the fairy tales inside are less believable then greek mythology. But yet your religion is the right one?

    • profile image

      Tyler 5 years ago

      I think its ironic that the author of this article claims Americans are the "blindest and most uninformed people in the world" when you clear use bias and ignore facts in your article. Primarily the statement itself that Americans as a whole are the most uninformed people in the world is an idiotic statement. It's public concensus that American education, while not the leader, is certainly in the highest teir in the world. How can you say that some villager in the most desolate, remote area of Africa is more informed than the average American? You really can't...unless your a fucking idiot. Seriously, research some of the things you talk about, you obviously have access to the internet so that shouldn't be too difficult. America has had a legitimate reason for every military action it has taken against another state, maybe you don't think so because you some angry guy behind a keyboard who's pissed he wasn't born in the most kick-ass place to live (USA obviously).

      We shouldn't have put up embargos on Cuba and Iran... really? Cuba was pointing nuclear missles down our throat, while Iran was developing nuclear weapons while their leader where litterally advocating the complete destruction of Israel. But shit on that, lets let them do it.

      And my final point before I never read your aweful, mostly illiterate article again. To the victor goes the spoils. America has the most powerful military and the most powerful economy therefor we have the greatest global influence. I'm sorry thats the way things work. I didn't make human nature, God did. That shit's been going on since the first caveman discovered fire. And we don't do to bad at it considering out predecessors; Roman Empire, Ottoman Empire, Persian Empire, ect. I for one have never seen the US crucify anyone. And you think your people don't do the same thing? Your telling me you've never herd of someone boss being a dick and making them work an unfair amount (interpert that as you please), they do it because they can, they busted their ass to get to the top and if they want to shit on the little guy ever now and then they have the right, in America we call that building character. And who are you to say we don't have the right to protect our interests? America has a duty to its own citizens not some unwashed heathen living in a cave in Uzbeki-beki-stan-stan (Cain 2012). Go ahead and call me an ignorant America, that seems like your go to remark, but I'm not your ignorant for not know how shit works in the real world.

    • profile image

      Hulya 5 years ago

      There is a lot that goes on that nobody knows about and not one person knows the entire story. Only on a need to know basis are people informed. Try and realize that unless we are in a person's shoes, we cannot sit and judge/assume because we do not know the classified information. From everything that has happened in history, all I know and realize is that there are things in which we DO NOT know the truth on. The media will portray and control any messages they please. Not in America but for the entire world. So the best thing to do is to just not worry as much about things and think about how you're going to commit to peace within your own life.

    • profile image

      Ali 5 years ago

      Its Not A Duty Of USA To Force Countries For Democracy.Before USA Taliban Rules On Afghanistan For 10Years.Afghanistan Was The Most Safe Country 12years Back.70% Of Herion Comes From Afghanistan .USA Enter Only For Occupied There Sources.oil.....

    • profile image

      Ali 5 years ago

      Its True.

    • profile image

      Justin 5 years ago

      The U.S. is just deceiving the american people, hardcore. And America's true colors are about to show soon. America is the hidden Babylon, the mother of all harlots in the bible. America sees each sin as a happyness. which it is, but when you believe in something like the bible and know its fact and true. This is where the war will start and a crusade bigger then any other will happen. And America is either going to lead it or go down in flames.. The world will unfold soon. Give it 7 years.

    • profile image

      Jamie 5 years ago

      Well to tell the truth America is ignorant to the most part, if Americans see people hurt or a country in crisis we want to help. If that's by offering money or leading relief efforts. Most of I think our 'problems' with our world view stem from the fact we think the world should be perfect our idea of perfection. This doesn't work out because the world's not perfect, for example 911 it was a terrible event that ruined lives and still brings up emotions. What did we do we wanted revenge! So we invaded Iraq without knowledge and a plan to get out of the frkn country. So a brief strike meant to avenge an attack on the country ended up on a 10 year war. The reason? Life's not perfect no one counted on the fact the enemy was a terrist organisation that didn't fight fair. No they hide out in mountains and have second/third commands, basically we didn't know what we were getting into... I hoped my diluted contrabution helps if anyone is reading. America is a land that I love, I dont believe it is evil just faulted with ignorance and an overwhelming desire to make life just like the comic books... Also this article (up top) is biased please don't make any decisions on america based off it instead research or click on multiple cites on articles 'Why we hate America', at least. Thank you for reading, ( I'm American and a Native American).

    • profile image

      LitterHouse 5 years ago

      I am Canadian, I run an online pet store here. My feeling is that the government and the people were divided years ago. The government has a mind of its own

    • profile image

      usa 5 years ago

      first of all what make u think that Arabs or Muslims bomb American!!! 85% of Americans now they believe that 9/11 was an inside job it has nothing to do with Muslims...that was an excuse for ur GOV to get free drugs and free oil from Iraq and Afghanistan.and when we say Americans i don't mean civilians cuz their blind by the media i don't blame them to b honest but most people when they say i hate America they mean the GOV that creat so many division like the black ops ...this black ops gets order from the us GOV to create problem somewhere so the Americans can solve it ...meaning so they can benefit from it....just think very well the war or problems not just in Iraq or Afghanistan ...these 2 things are everywhere but us GOV chooses to go only to the middle east!!! y is that,,,i think u know the answer that's y u pay 4$ per gallon for gas ...if u wanna help people like some of the guys who comments here , he says that if America doesn't send their army the world will fall apart ...first of all if u wanna fix someone u have to b fixed be4 fixing someone else ....i mean in the us 85 person get murdered every day ...rape ...drugs ...gambling ... prostitution...robberies ...kidnapping ...weapons ...i mean the total of weapon that the American families carry u wont find it in the iraqi army!!! but the us gov still insisting of helping others and leaving hes own people which is weird to me!!!...9/11 as they said the hijackers were from Saudis Arabia and yet American didn't say a word to Saudis Arabia instead of bombing Saudis they bomb the Iraqi and the afghan weird again!!! i mean if the Japanese attacked u i don't think u will kill the Canadians !!!!...i mean no offense to any American every country has their good and bad people this is the human nature....but to find the truth look at ur history ...75% of the American presidents were killed by their own people 75% that's a huge number....second how the Americans end up in this continent ...i don't wanna go in details ...they came all the way from Europe and invaded the people who use to live here 300 years ago so killing and taking peoples proprieties its in this GOV blood ....they make other people suffer so they can have a great life ...they did it Vietnam, cuba ,japan, china , Russia , north Korea, Mexico, Ecuador, Venezuela , chile , Iraq, Iran Somalia, Ethiopia,....etc come on i mean all this countries are wrong and ur perfect!!! take a look at OPERATION NORTHWOODS!!! how the us gov killed their own solider and blame it on cubans the same thing happened in 9/11 the repeated the same idea ......if u wanna know the real world travel and u will see and learn instead of watching CNN and fox....america its like a jail seriously their people are really naïve ...80% of the Americans don't have passports meaning they never went outside us and they keep judging the book by it cover!!!the GOV make the world look bad in the eye of their civilians when u talk about Europe the first think Americans think about kidnapping and prostitution when u mention Russia the first thing comes in mind SPYING !!! when u mention south America first think comes in mind drug cartel and kidnapping when u mention Africa , poverty and slavery!!! when u mention middle east , terrorism !!! so the only perfect world is USA!! to b honest the real terrorism in inside the us when u here these numbers killing kidnapping drugs selling guns to people gangs when u wake up u here 14 year old student killed hes classmates !! u here someone went to a hair salon and killed hes wife including the other women!!! when u here some on robbed a bank and killed hostages and he killed him self...isn't this the real terrorism serial killers and rapists i hate to say this but even the priests are raping kids and on and on....what kinda world that u people are defending and proud of the first person says in hes comment we people are nice but the GOV yeah i agree with i have known a lot of Americans and Mexicans and Arabs and some Europeans and 90% of them are really nice...y dont we find solutions to these problems instead of killing people to solve it ...if ur law dont believe in the death penalty y u apply it on other people!!! if u used a system for many years and it didn't work u have to change it but we dont see that ...just war after war...and when people cant control something they legalize it like alcohol it was forbidden in the 20s but they coulndt do anything with people who bringing it from outside us so the legalized it homosexuality too...its forbidden in the bible but cuz they cant fix they legalized it....look no country is perfect, i hope that some people wont get mad about what i wrote this is my opinion and instead of saying bad words i shared this things with u...u can do the same thing if u want and get ride of that sickness we carry in the back of our mind this guy is black or this guy an arab, muslim or white!!! cuz some sick people they wont listen to u even if u were right just cuz ur not white or black or whatever listen to everyone and get what u think is useful and leave the rest...and by doing that we will be in one platform ...and theres no need to any GOV to tell us what to do or how to do it.

    • profile image

      Pingo 5 years ago

      Learn how to write you Iranian Moron !

    • profile image

      john 5 years ago

      Okay guys let's face it American government couldn't care less about peace in the middle east. We just need it to be stable so we can get cheap oil. The UK is in on it too. People hate America because we get into other people's affairs just so we can get what we want. If American really cared about world peace and spreading democracy we would go into Africa and wipe out the reble armies and put all of the corrupt government officals in jail. We should not be sending food over there either, we should be teaching people how to farm and helping them get started on being self sustaining, not just freeloading.

    • profile image

      Elliott 6 years ago

      When America gets involved in war you count the casualties against us; when we don't get involved in a war soon enough you still count the casualties against us. Your'e just looking for a scapegoat.

    • profile image

      Matthew 6 years ago

      You know I stumbled on this article curious to know why the world hates America so much (I'm not American but I do believe Americas contribution to the world is massive).

      So even though I don't hate America I have to admit that the comments coming from the Americans are annoying... it's like you didn't even read the article. "Don't bite the hand that feeds you" and "Wait until we leave your country". Can you not grasp that the countries that you're "helping" do not need your "help" and that this "help" is only given out to serve Americas own interests... be it oil, minerals, democracy or an economical advantage.

      I stay in South Africa and I know that most of Africa needs aid, but it doesn't have to be a handout. We too have resources to contribute to the rest of the world and now that China and other emerging powers are taking over you can see that America and other Western countries weren't hanging around out of sympathy... judging by the mad scramble to demean their "aid".

    • profile image

      Aureus Aurarius 6 years ago

      Remember and make your own research online (Google, Youtube): 9/11 was an Inside Job. Search for "inside job" and for "chemtrails" and "Monsanto" and you will see how USA givernment and corporations are EVIL.

      Support small business. Limit size and power of any corporation and any government.

    • profile image

      Gordy 6 years ago

      Actually we tried to negotiate with Japan and they refused to surrender, invading Japan would have been costly because their culture is really big on honor, you literally have to kill each and every single one of them before they surrendered. Don't come on here and try to make America look evil.

    • profile image

      Killakong25 6 years ago

      Ok all of this is jibberish...some of is yes indeed true...but guess what maybe we completely did not know we killed millions of civilians but vietnamese soldiers deserved to die...and we were in war with countries that's where the 67 popped up...and it's a really good thing that America is in other countries business America is always judged as the bad guys but guess...who would help other countries sorry butt's when they need big help...America is every and I mean every countries big brother...etc...need I explain more...

    • profile image

      Jon Slater 6 years ago

      Whoa... This is sorta true... But really not. Americans are mostly but not all.. THESE GUYS... T.T

      I grew up in Washington (not D.C.) where everyone is a tree hugging hippie pansy... And then moved to Arizona about 4 months ago. Since then I have encountered innumerable stereotypical, close minded asshole-ish and overly patriotic Americans. While I am a citizen, I fucking hate this country and plan to move to south Africa where I will then be "Canadian" if you catch my drift.

    • profile image

      Al 6 years ago

      CHris, i don't want to be rude or anything, but saying that the countries that hate you are jealous is just.... wrong, or simply incorrect. There are MANY other reasons of why other people in different countries dislike the U.S.

      For Example: The imposing of values and tradition of the U.S. Some individuals see endangered the local traditions.

      Also, the funding o terrorism DID HAPPEN. Not only terrorist groups,like the Contras, but also the change of regimes through violent coup d'etats. This means that the U.S. supported changes of democratically elected presidents, resulting in the death of thousands and thousands of inocent people. But of course, the U.S. citizens had no way to know this.

      We also have the killings in Vietnam, the attacks in the middle east, that one time when you stole the north part of México, the Cuban Embargo (resulting in the death of many cubans due to famine), the Kyoto Protocol, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the CIA operations in Latin America, the use of the word "America" to name your country (I mean of all kind of names you can create, you had to use the one of the continent ¬¬), your refusal to pay your external debt, but at the same time you demand the other countries to pay you..... there are a lot countries that have very personal reasons to dislike or outright hate your country. But i Think one should make a difference between the People, and the Government. And don´t trust everything that you see on TV.

      Sorry about my english, ad if it bothers someone, andate a la concha de tu hermana zorra hijo/a de mil putas!! :D

    • profile image

      CHris 6 years ago

      Hey dude what is up with that. without The United States of America do you honestly think the world would be a better place.Every world crisis we help first.So we share our beliefs with other people and sometimes try hard to have them see our way. But so do all country some our worse.The countries that hate us are obviously jealous because we got it good here. When you talked about us funding terroists thats when i knew this was lies. we gave tribal leaders tools to fight the soviets who stormed in killing there president in a take over. And you call us immoral. Yeah, we did desperate things in wars. But we did do attacks that killed civilians because in the end they would have ended up saving more lives if we didn't. In world war 2 every country was doing desperate things. People though the end would come if the enemies won. and i love how you pick on America but look at all the stuff the rest off the world does. Now I'm not saying your bad for not liking America I'm saying your bad for stereotyping America when the rest of the world has much dirtier reputations. Germany was the enemy off the allies in to world wars. and we treat them no differently the others countries.Your stereotyping us basted on a small number of ignorant people. What about the middle east and Africa there countries have done lots of awful things and most still do and you call us the bad guy. When you said we blackmailed other countries i knew you were crazy. do you even know all the good we have done. Just about everything has had American influence improve it. Whether its science to world peace to helping the unfortunate. I say this to everyone. The world is full of stereotypes. What makes people different is if you believe them or not. They call them stereotypes for a reason. Its hard to believe people believe them. I'm not saying the world is horrible for hating us I'm saying horrible that people base stuff of desperate choices, stereotypes and lies. If you believe these you don't know what you are thinking. Its these ideas that are spliting the world apart. Seriously why can't we all get along and realize nobody is as bad as people say they are. If people didn't believe these lies maybe the world would be more peaceful. But know everyone has to hate each other.

    • profile image

      bill 6 years ago

      just remmber world dont bit the hand that feeds you there might come a time when u wont get fed

    • profile image

      Alex 6 years ago

      Without America, the world is worse off. Without the world, America will not exist.

      The End

    • profile image

      0.o 6 years ago

      America Has Microsoft and Macintosh.....we win

    • profile image

      Damaris 6 years ago

      *sigh* some comments here from Americans are very cohernt and make sense owever the comments of the stereotypically ignorant pig headed American far outweigh the clever ones. comments stating things like 'the other countries are just jealous', really??! I even read a comment from an American callin his fellow A merican a traitor because he did not like America. since when was it treason to express an opinion about the place you live?! reading these comments futhe perpertuate the stereotype that Americans are nascar loving hillbillies that are insanely patriotic and their country can do no wrong. i know there very clever and sensible Americans out there its just a shame the ignorant ones shine through. do not get me wrong its great to be patriotic... just don't say things like 'America is the greatest country in the world'. how would people know? have they been to every country in the world? *shakes head*

      sorry for spelling mistakes :D

    • profile image

      not anymore 7 years ago

      I say that the US should bring all our troops home and stop "helping" other nations. Use our money to take care of our people. We have the ability to become self sustaining - we as a people just need to demand that our country do that. Maybe all of the haters will realize just how much we are sacrificing. We send our children to fight for the freedom of you and your children so that you can eat, vote for your leaders and many other "rights". It makes me sick to think about the people that have their hands out to take food and water from our 19 year old boys and then turn around and shoot them in the head as a thank you. I'm tired of helping other countries who don't want us there. But, don't think for a second that we will sit back and allow the dirtbags to kill our people, on our own soil and not hunt you down.

    • profile image

      Hmm :) 7 years ago

      I'm not a supporter of bin laden or al qaeda or anything... But they have a point. Americans have killed millions of people but wonder why 9/11 happened. Terrorists dont hate you guys for no reason. Stop killing innocent people and they will stop killing your people.

    • profile image

      London_geezer 7 years ago

      I'm british and we love Americans ( especially the women )

    • profile image

      Soot 7 years ago

      When one conducts some indepth research, one find America owns everything, even down to the very food you eat, Kraft Food being recently in the news for the purches of Cadbury's. the WTO is controlled by the US and when America can not get it's way, it throws a strop and threatens sanctions against any nation who disagrees. Also, with the arrogant attitudes and evengelical ways, (not to mention the ontological walls), America has set it self up to be a target of hatred. i do not think there has been a superpower or empire before that has incured so much hatred.

      In addition, the taking of other nations history provokes much anger as well. The amount of people who believe that the Enigma Code was stolen from the Germans by the Americans for their "British Brothering" astounds me. No it was not! It was the British Navy that recovered it at great risk to their own lives. All Hollywood is trying to do is portray America as the centre of the dying universe. also, 'Saving Private Ryan' ... Private Ryan was BRITISH! Also, where were the British, the Canadians, Hobart's Funnies???? Omaha beach was not taken in seven mins either. In fact, America very nearly never took their assigned beaches and that would have caused the failure of D-Day despite all other nations taking part taking their assigned beaches! The anger comes from the people who are not decieved such as myself who can not sit through a movie without thinking 'where do they get the audacity from?'

      Yes still moreover, America and Americans preach about how democratic they are and how they are 'the last hope of the free world'. however, they look more like oppressors! should we ask South America how they feel about them? Should we consult the massacar of No gun rye during the Korean war where korean civilians, innocent men women and children, were gunned down by american soldiers, their orders coming directly from the white house? Americans still deny that massacur after it was swept under the carpet for decades because it was a stain against their supposide perfect reputation.

      America is only chummy with other nations when it suits them. i show the example of BP oil spill here. America was okay to blame Britain for it (which lead to the british public joking about how Britain also then stared creating hurricanes to hinder the clean up), but when Britain is needed once more, America will suddenly forget it and act like Britain's best friend again. 'we need you for another war Britain ... etc etc'.

      Coincidently, people preach about how bad Russia is. alot of those preaching are in fact Americans who can't remove themselves from the cold war frame of mind. America, once you scrap the shiny surface away, is as bad, if not worse. 'Anyone can be president of the US'. No, not really. more like, anyone can be president of the US ... if born into a dynasty family where by they are prepared to take that role through out their lives.

      oh well though ... no of this really matters as all other nations will no longer exist very soon. Every where will be the United States of America one day.

      That or the hyper inflated superpower will come crashing down when the oil runs out.

    • profile image

      Jack 7 years ago

      If you say that your country is a democracy then you cannot blame your government.A democracy means government by the people,therefore their actions are your actions,so stop shifting the blame.

    • profile image

      Tony 7 years ago


      The longest written constitution is actually the Constitution of India. It includes 395 articles with 117,369 words. US constitution is actually the shortest of the world... with only about 4000 words. And I KNOW that USA gives only about 0,1% of its GDP for foreign aid. Most of the developed nations give more than 0,3%, some of them give more than 0,7% of their GDP. Japan, with only about 1/3 of USA's GDP, gives almost as much as USA in sheer numbers...which one should I respect more?

    • profile image

      tyson111 7 years ago

      I think that one of the reasons people hate America is also partly due to its arrogance and selectively rewriting history, eg statements such as we liberated Europe;refering to WWII; suggesting that you single handedly brought down the German's, forgetting that you entered the war very late and what you where fighting was a weakend Germany.

      You forget that the Russians lost 20 million lives in that war while you only lost 300 000. You also tend to forget that the Russians where virtually right there with you when you invaded Germany.

      Still considering the war Americans like potraying an image of a messiah who entered the war for the protection of others countries' interests when the truth of the matter is that you entered the war out of self interest ie self defence The only countries that entered the war with the interests of others in mind where Britian and France.

      Even during the earlier years of the war, you supllied the allies with equipment and fuel but at a price of coarse, this helped to prop your economy during the war while it was finacially crippling the allies.

      America did not save Europe, Europe saved itself...

    • profile image

      Ethan 7 years ago

      With the Taliban making the musilim religion an all out bombing religion, then we must attack.and some musilims today see christians in places like india and pakistan and kill them for their beleifs! do we do that in America? Do we kill musilims here for their beliefs? nope.

    • profile image

      Julius 7 years ago

      America is doing what other colonial powers have done a century ago: Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal and the Dutch, to obtian other coutries' resources, control the lands, make money and get rich. It just covers it up with spreading democracy and "helping other countries". Did the US actually ask if these countries need any help from them? Moreover, the US selects countries to help the ones they can make profit in terms of resources or political influence. Many mass killings like Rwanda, Darfur, etc. "slipped though" unnoticed. Oh, yeah, there is no oil in Rwanda. Why risk American lives where no profit can be made. The article is right in many respects, US invaded many nations and killed millions, including burning 100,000s innocent Japanese being the only nation used the nuclear bombs,...twice. That's "very humanitarian". From reading all these posings, I can conclude that most of people who posed here are in fact Americans. You are all great people, brainwashed by your government, and honestly loving your country, but good people. All I ask you to read the artcle posted here, do some research and think critically rather than simply repeat after media like in the trance. Wake up, America!

      Islam is a peaceful religion (read Quaran), there are some extremists though, who use what your government do to gain power. US govt. gives them power. Stop your aggression and poking nose in their business, and they will be happy to pray Allah and forget about US. Respect other nations and do not impose. Other nations will love you in return. There is a lot to be done to overcome all great harm already done by your corrupt govt. It's all in your hands!

      That is my opinion and no need to get all defensive and patriotic on me. I am not a muslim, just looking for the truth.

    • profile image

      Ben 7 years ago

      for those of you that say our government is to blame grow up! Our government represents the people! If you say it is not the American people held responsible and only the government you are effectively saying that America is no longer a democracy.

    • profile image

      lucas 7 years ago

      you are all stupid argue all day about peace and who deserves what its life learn to survive on your own bring people into your life ya that makes you feel better but it can hurt you in the long run people are people they do what they do we fight we do stupid stuff get over it and find a way to deal with each other you can say ooo im a republican well good for you im a human with legs and arms man i must be tons better then you if you think war is wrong kewl good for you if you think its right once again kewl good for you learn to deal with your feeling and learn to just shut your mouth and go on with life.

    • profile image

      Ethan 7 years ago


      "the world would be so much better without america." Really? I guess that's why were helping out those starving Africans who don't have healthcare or anything and even with how our government is today, we still help those worse than us because we are thoughtful adn generous. Of course you wouldn't know what those words mean because you think we just sit here and do selfish deeds all day. We produce 1/5 of the worlds goods especially food.But what were talking about Tony has nothing to do with why people hate america, it's about you making an argument about why America isn't great in your opinion. We are great. Can you name another country better than us? has the longest written constitution? Shows Mercy!?!?! I don't think you can unless you name a country who isn't experienced in warfare in the modern world.

    • profile image

      Obama 7 years ago

      America is the ricest, most technologically advanced, and powerful country FOR MANY REASONS. We do everything that you hate us for, because were at the top one chain. If you simply followed in our footsteps, your life wouldn't be so rough

    • profile image

      Tony 7 years ago


      "I mean without the United States a lot of countries would go half-way bankrupt without our purchases and promise of military support if they are invaded by another country such as Israel, United Kingdom, Turkey, etc". BS. World would be so much better without america. Did you read the text?

      And the foreign aid? USA doesn't give more than about 0,1 % of its GDP for foreign aid, less than any other developed nation

    • profile image

      Ali 7 years ago

      God loves america because major chunk of american population is born out of marriage, i think in the new edition of bible they must have added that !

      This life is not a test, do what you like Jesus will save you, the "Begotten son" of the Creator of the Universe !

      Do the Creator need any sons or daughters ?

    • profile image

      Ethan 7 years ago

      Well he is the creator of all mankind and i never said "god only loves america" i said the people in america tht believe in him plan on sharing his word to people of the world and giving them supplies medecine food etc.

    • profile image

      Awaken 7 years ago

      WTF does God have to do with America? Learn your history people. Thats a big problem with America. It makes me sick that America is labeled as a secular nation. It has 76% of its population identifing themselves with christians, and only 15% non-religious. I know that our countries (America) church and state are totally intertwined, which makes me so sad and scared. Have you people even studied or investigated the origins and facts about all religion. Just take subjective look sometime, I hope what you find shatters the very foundation of your beliefs (like it did to me) and you finally wake up and advance. I understand that alot of America hating comes from some missplaced auro of self-rightgousness. Just world please know that 15% of us Americans and maybe more, understand the evil of religion and are working hard to separate it from our government. Please help us!

    • profile image

      Ethan 7 years ago

      But without the U.S. to pay them they would pretty much go bankrupt and it would screw not only us up but them too.

    • profile image

      222jadore 7 years ago

      The middle east has got America right where they want it, because of oil. China has got America right where they want it because of the stupid amount of money that America owe to China due to import/exports. If America doesn't pay that money back then China will not be giving America anymore goods, spelling disaster for the economy n it will be the tax payers that pay. America is in a huge HUGE mess right now, n goodness knows how long it will be before its sorted out. I understand that nobody likes Obama for whatever reason but I do hope he brings in the free healthcare system. Leaving people to die because they cannot afford treatment is a disgrace n god would not want things this way. The healthcare in America is a business, everything in America is about money. The reason why America is sending troops to the middle east is because the middle east supply America with oil n without that everyone is screwed. There is no back up plan as to what might happen if there was no oil.

    • profile image

      Ethan 7 years ago

      I'm also kind of outraged of the treason crap on here. I'm sorry Tony and all you people who are Americans on here that say were not great. We are great. I'm an American and that used to mean something. I mean without the United States a lot of countries would go half-way bankrupt without our purchases and promise of military support if they are invaded by another country such as Israel, United Kingdom, Turkey, etc. But i can say that im highly against invading other countries when it's not reccomended.So before you go off and say everything is bush's fault, look at Obama. He's already done things to make the middle east hate us even more by sending over 50,000 troops there to find someone who's probably already dead. If they hate us our of fear then why attack us? That's why that makes no sense. Read what Figori wrote he makes the most sense hes near the top where the comments first started. Think about it.

    • profile image

      Ethan 7 years ago

      Tony, I see you as the blind one. I also see you as a liberal who doesn't want the job done, and bush, I mean what did that guy do that was so bad? Sure he sends people to Iraq but i almost guarentee you that every soldier you ask says says they don't kill civilians! Your taking the point of view from people that have obviously heard lies if you want the truth watch Fox news not that crap you have been listening to. America gives more than any other country in the world combined.Look at Haiti, and other countries in Africa. We are making HUGE changes over there.But it's not our president helping it's the kind, caring christians on trips to help down there. Now if I must tell you now im 13, and i think it's pretty sad to see me as an "adult" on here and say im arrogant and ignorant. Pah.

    • profile image

      Lucy 7 years ago

      I have moved over here from England, n i am close to moving back to England. So far with America, not impressed. This isn't the American dream, its a nightmare! Constantly living in fear that someone is going to burst through my door at any minute n take my personal belongings, or stab me, or put a gun to my head, because thats what people think when they picture America, hurt n violence right? Also this country thinks about nothing but money, n what is the deal with not adding tax to prices of things until the very end? There is no such thing as a $1 dollar menu in restaurants its a lie, because there is no tax added. Forget walking into a shop having the right amount of money because u wont get it. Like i said i have only been living here 4 months, but during those 4 months i have met some rude, hurtful, extremely patriotic people that need to throw the whole ''Im American, I'm awesome in my face'' I dont need to know, i can see that by u having a huge flag posted outside your home. I understand that not everyone is this way so i apologise for the way im sounding. But seriously, if i were American, i would be ashamed of what this country has turned into. I am not comparing countries because England has made mistakes, but America ,making people learn new languages due to the high volume of foreign people in this country, in England? i dont think so. Yes we too have a high number of foreign people there but we are stubbourn. The government shouldn't be making American people learn spanish/mexican but not forcing foreigners to learn American. It is not your fault but of the governments, however this is something i dont understand, Bush being elected twice? If he was so bad the 1st time round then why elect him again?

    • profile image

      Jay 7 years ago

      Hey, Tony, I'm pretty sure that 'Jessi' is just poking fun at eleven year old Jessi Slaughter. Watch the original video and then you'll understand.

      Also to Tony, have you lived under a rock? Because I've lived in many different countries, and America would definitely be near the top of my list. Not the top, but near it. Kihtra makes some good points, so don't bash him/her.

      To the above commenter, I agree with you. We're all human. So let's stop bickering. Please?

    • profile image

      Cant we just get along!!!!!!!!!! 7 years ago

      I was born in Ohio, USA. My family was very poor growing up. We had even lived in our van for a time and the homes we lived in should have been condemed. I did not however, ever go hungry, ever go without medical care, ever go without clothing, ever be harassed about our minority religious beliefs. I have since grown up to become a very worldly man. Ive been all over the world and lived in Europe, Egypt, South Africa, Columbia, Austrailia, Indonesia, Japan, and others. one thing I have learned is that labeling oneself as anything is only going to separate us all.

      The only thing we should label ourselves as is something that we can all agree on. So that would be that all of us are HUMANS. There is no value excuse for war and murder and intolerance in anyway from anyone. We are all the same, WE ARE PEOPLE. If we focus on that fact and put EFFORT into understanding it and appling it then some day we will rise above violence and hate. If you base your feelings in beliefs of anyone off off anything that anyone else has done, you are supporting a circle of hate and pain to no end. It is obvious though that we hate and fear what we dont understand. We must as A PEOPLE OF EARTH come to understand eachother. This back and forth crap will only lead to a totally useless waste and hate. I fully believe that it takes UNBIAISED education on a global level for this to happen. A unified collective of education that requires imput from everyone around the world. I know that I am dreaming, I am American because of where I left my mothers womb. I am a person just like you because we were ALL born on earth and there is not legit reason to continue to ignore this truth. With high hopes and unrelenting effort! J.Campbell

    • profile image

      Tony again 7 years ago

      Jessi, trust me, no one is jealous of you. "I read the article". No, no I don't think you did.....honestly, YOU and people like you is the answer to the title.

      And Kihtra, WTF? "Yes, they have more equality than any other country out there. People living there are generally free of poverty, free of terror, and free of internal disputes that seem to torture other countries."

      WHAT?? Have you lived in a cave the last...100 years? Most of the European countries+Canada+Australia is quite far ahead of USA in many things like liberties, equality, human development.....

      "you enjoy that there is little racism, sexism, disease, and poverty" Thanks for the laughs. USA has more of all those than almost any other developed country.

    • profile image

      Jessi Slaughter 7 years ago

      Hey world, this is America here, and this is to all you fucking haters. Guess what? You guys are bitches, you know what? You don't phase me. I'm just doing this, just so you can tell. I read the article, I read the comments, I reply to them, but you know what? I don't give a fuck. I'm happy with my life, okay? And if you can't like realize that and stop hating, then you know what? I'll pop a glock in your country and make a brain slushy, okay? Cause you hater bitches, you're just like jealous of me. I'm just saying, you're jealous of me because one, I'm more free than you, I have more weapons, more countries like me, I have more power, uhm, yeah, and all that shit.

      Just saying, stop hating on me! I'm just a normal country, whose perfect in every way, and you're just jealous! And you guys are just jealous because I have a perfect government. I do. And you guys are just jealous cause I have three. So yeah. Jealousy much?

      So I'll just shut your mouths before you make a fool of yourself again. Oh, and you guys, and my allies, please hate on the haters. And I'm not one country, I'm fifty states. And I don't consider myself "democratic" or "free," that's just something I say to other countries, just so people can like, be like, oh. Cause if I say what I am, they'd be like… Cause I'm not democratic, I'm not fascist, I'm NOTHING! I don't even chose labels. I don't! I do not. And if you guys consider and freaking like label me and shit, then you guys are the actual corrupt ones.

      Don't try to make smart comments at me, because I got a shitload of comebacks. And if you hate me, well you can suck my nonexistent penis, okay? Just suck it. Get aids and die.

      This is a big fuck you all to all those haters. Bye, love you all. Check out my new york!

    • profile image

      Kihtra 7 years ago

      I understand why people hate America so much, but they shouldn't be directing the hate towards the people. American citizens have protested every invasion and every war they've been caught up in, but they don't have any power to end it. American freedom is essentially a lie. Yes, they have more equality than any other country out there. People living there are generally free of poverty, free of terror, and free of internal disputes that seem to torture other countries. However, America is plagued with corrupt leaders who are more interested in blood-stained money than worry about the needs of others.

      America is far from perfect, that's no denying. But when people direct their hate towards America, they direct it towards the people, which is wrong. Sure, there are some arrogant Americans, but they're just being 'patriotic.' They don't want to admit that their country is hated, because they love where they live and love the opportunities America has for it's citizens.

      Basically, it comes down to this:

      If you live in America, you enjoy that there is little racism, sexism, disease, and poverty, and there is a plentitude of opportunities. It is a world focused on having fun, and oh, they sure know how to have fun.

      If you're a leader living in America, you are most likely corrupt, and your main goal is to blind your citizens to the truths of your ways. You think your country is the most powerful nation in the world and you will invade other countries not to 'spread freedom,' but to seize control and thus seize the benefits (money, oil, etc). You know VERY well what you're doing.

      If you live outside of America, you will only see America for it's negative side. You will most likely criticize how America runs on war; criticize how they are a "shoot first, ask questions later" nation. You will not understand the happiness of the citizen and classify it as ignorance.

      Basically, everyone is ignorant to each other. America is misunderstood for many reasons, just as America misunderstands others. The solution? There is none. There is nothing you can do. America will go on being happy and electing corrupt leaders. Other countries will go on hating how American's can be so happy living in such a corrupt world. The end.

    • profile image

      Tony 7 years ago

      Elizabeth, Ethan, you're 2 great examples of ignorant, arrogant americans. "other countries are just jealous". NO, they're not. If you read the article, it has many damn good points. USA thinks it has the right to interfere in anything, anywhere. In many ways, it's more a fascist state than democratic. And during Bush, it was more a tyranny too.

      "In the name of freedom", USA invades countries, kills millions and millions of people, mostly civilians, threats and bullies both the rich and poor countries to get more money and's not really hard to hate USA. 9/11 wasn't really a surprise. And it wasn't an attack on freedom or democracy, it was an attack on USA(and no,they're not synonymous), USA's commercialism, military forces and foreign policies.

      USA's is one of the most unique counties in the world's history, I have to admit that. But it's for the wrong reasons. USA claims to be the freest,fairest, most developed nation in the world and it's "always fighting for freedom and democracy" BUT it does it withouth asking for permission from other countries, and with brutal military force. As an embrace of political FASCISM... if you are not democratic, or trying to be so, historically the chances are the American government has been funding attempts to take your government out!

    • profile image

      ethan 7 years ago

      I agree with Elizabeth. Other countries are jealous and the reason we can't just end the middle east is because America is not evil we love and care for the civilians of the middle east. They don't like America over there bcuz they don't want civility and peace. You can walk in an american neighborhoods and there is never usually is a shootout unless ur in the bad parts. Americans are beautiful and a unique people. Our technology have made us powerful and helpful by providing Clean water and clean food most countries don't have, don't hate me, hate out govt.

    • profile image

      Violet 7 years ago

      Most countries hate America out of fear. Look how powerful we are? its rather scary if you think about it. We could easily destroy another country with the bombs we have. They have blind hatred, made out of their fear. They know what we can do, and they are scared shitless. They are probably are some what jealous to. Think about it, America rules the world. I am not saying I agree or disagree with anybody, I am neutral. But to get to world peace we have to put our own arrogance behind us and try to understand how they think of us from their perspective, same goes for them. Put yourself in their place, they want someone to blame, and they blame America, maybe because we actually did something wrong, or they do it just to blame someone, anyone. Who wouldn't choose America to blame? we have done many wrongs yet we are brilliant, Free, and Confident. We need to stop hating them for their own arrogance, same thing with them. I feel sorry for whoever wrote this article. It is obvious he/she has a lot of hate inside of him/her, hopefully one day they can get over there hatred and find peace

    • profile image

      Elizabeth 7 years ago

      In my opinion I think most countries who hate us are simply jealous. Look how far we have come in the past 2 hundred years! We are sending men off to the moon, exploring the ocean, understanding science, learning and ancient mysteries. And while we are making all these great discoveries look at third world countries like Africa, or the Middle East! They are still living in huts, blaming there lack of success on America! And yes, America has done some gruesome things but haven't most countries? Look at Germany! they killed millions of innocent Jews, homosexuals, gypsies, etc and invaded Europe! yet nobody is saying "Wow I hate Germany" And I bet if Muslims would stop being so arrogant and trying to blow us up, maybe we might actually be friendly.

    • profile image

      ethan 7 years ago

      It's not the American people to hate it's Obamas leadership. hes sent over thousands of troops ti iraq in the past year and you think the people of America get a say in it? pha. i have nothing against Arabs or musilims. Our soldiers are so protective of our country that they have to be fierce with the middle east as our govt. is. But not being racist but you can't expect evryone to just love you and not think of your people differently, after 9/11 Americans really didn't really have any racial anger against the middle east besides the war in the gulf. But let me say, that horrible pres. will not be in much longer.

    • profile image

      Muslim 7 years ago

      I really hate Americans.

    • profile image

      Ethan 7 years ago

      But another reason of hatred is because of the obama administration are liberals who want more government control and higher taxes.Get Obama out of there Pronto!

    • profile image

      moonkat 7 years ago

      They say they hate us, but almost all of them want to move to America and if given the cha ce those that say not, would.

    • profile image

      Ivan 7 years ago

      I'm in the U.S. and I'm hating where i live...

      it is true that americans are truly uninformed about the world

      I started hating the U.s. when they still haven't pulled out of Iraq.

      yeah and the "beacon of hope"

      its more like that light where moths are attracted too and dies if you got too close... I wish my parents went to australia or europe or even canada instead of the U.S.

    • profile image

      Ethan 7 years ago

      The hatred of America does not only come from what we did then, but what were doing now. Sure many say the atomic bomb in Japan was a mistake and that sending american boys to Iraq was a bad idea, but as I said before its not then but now. Japan is an ally and if we were to be attacked by China, studies show that Japan will help us. But over in Iraq and the rest of the middle east, they caused the war on terror, so sending them wasn't a mistake because us as Americans couldn't just sit back and keep getting bombed all the time. Much like Pearl Harbor, Japan attacked us and we went to war and it wasn't a mistake because that led America to become a superpower. They didn't sit back and take it they got the job done. Much like we need to do now.

    • profile image

      Jeri 7 years ago

      I read the entire article, and I must say I am not surprised at the intense hatred people have for America. But whereas it makes sense to the rest of the world, here in America we have a much different view on everything.

      I do not believe anything we have done to harm other countries was done "for the good of america!!11!1one!". In fact, I think it's extremely wrong for mass murdering thousands in Japan, and Vietnam. If I led this country, things would be run much differently; it wouldn't interfere with the affairs of others unless they were in dire need of help and came to us first. But I, and the millions of intelligent Americans, do not run the country.

      Unfortunately, generally the middle and southern portions of America, people do believe that Bush was a 'God' and that it was right to interfere in Vietnam, Iraq, etc. These people are ignorant and I am ashamed to share a country with them. I am not going to generalize (as you did, of course, generalizing all Americans as hating the rest of the world and sitting next to their televisions watching sitcoms and getting fat) but I believe many Americans do have common decency and respect for the rest of the world.

      We are a country of many people of different backgrounds and races. Next to China and India, we have the third highest population. That's a lot of people, who are going to have vastly different opinions. Don't think of us as one country; think of us as fifty states working together under a few national laws, each with widely different views and opinions on all sorts of matters.

      So it is very hard for me to speak for the rest of America; as I come from many different states, the one I currently reside in is California - a mostly liberal state. Most people I meet here agree that our American history is disgusting and revolting. However, what the few thousand people who have relative power within the American government do is, in fact, not what the majority of the country wants. Many people will agree with what it's country does; it's called 'pride' and all countries have it. Our pride, I must admit, stretches beyond the necessary limit, but it is just pride.

      My largest argument here is generalizations. 'America' thinks this. 'America' does that. Well, I sure didn't, so does that still make me ignorant and arrogant?

      Look: We live on opposite sides of the world. What you receive as 'news' about America may very well be biased. European culture generally turns a cold shoulder against all Americans because they fail to realize this stereotype. I do not judge any other countries for anything they do. In fact, my political beliefs are FAR from democratic. But whereas I realize that no one political system will work for the entire world, nor will work for a substantial period of time, I laugh at ours and others attempts of converting everybody to their personal political party. But just realize this; we aren't the only ones who have tried to do this. Read a history book once in a while.

      While people like you bash America, there are real Americans doing wonderful things in the world, and I think they are the ones to suffer from these generalizations.

      Now I would like to apologize for any Americans that have posted rude, ignorant comments under this article. I don't believe they really read or understood your post.

      I would, however, like to praise you for your obvious dedication to this subject, and the many hours of work you put into it. Since this was posted nearly a year ago, I doubt my comment will even be read, but if so, I am interested in sparking an intelligent debate on this subject, as this subject fascinates me.

      - Jeri

    • profile image

      Ethan 7 years ago

      Well, I think were all very very bored to be going on these websites, they make no sense..........

    • profile image

      GERT 7 years ago

      People are fed up-for a government that think of himself as Messiah of the world. Since world war 2 America starts to put pressure on the rest of the western world to help him in his fight against communism. That part is history and still America is stirring in every country where he puts foot on the ground. This is not my point off view alone but I correspond with a couple of Americans and they are fed up for what the American politicians are doing to the rest of the world. Millions of people outside America known of the American government involvement in 9/11, Alcaida and most of the so called terrorism acts against the west.

      With that tipe of political/military schemes they get what they wanted and spit out the rest. I can assure you that I have proven for this and in Africa where I grow up this happen in about every country where they were involved in. Here in South Africa (so called African heaven on earth) they were involved from the early 60”s and put pressure on the previous government to hand the country over to a terrorist organization

      Today South Africa is a stinking hellhole with a rape case every 26 seconds. Murder cases between 18 000 and 24 000 a year, etc etc.

      In any case, I feel that most of the governments in the world have their own hidden agenda’s and they just use the man on the street to vote them in. As soon as they have the backing of the people they change their views and start to operate within their own hidden agendas and we puppets in the streets are to don't care to understand.


    • profile image

      Ethan 8 years ago

      And Cassie you don't have to be such a B****! its our freaking opinion and you think we should make 9/11 slide by and just act like it never happened? well words aren't going to nagotiate with the Taliban, I mean he says hateful things to american people when they did nothing wrong it's the government, not me, not you, but them. But im not racist i just don't really care for the Taliban, WHO DOES!?!?!?!?!

    • profile image

      Ethan 8 years ago

      yes yes "Gert" I understand, everyone wants world peace ,and it's my opinion it doesn't mean you have to go off acting like you are the Messiah of peace, I wouldn't be writing this. IM A REPUBLICAN! I mean do you see what your saying? your saying people like the europeans are the ones who deserve punishment? Is that how self-sufficiant and selfish you are? Im also not against the PEOPLE of the middle east it's the freaking Taliban, we wanted peace and democracy, and what did they do? excactly they caused 9/11 killing over 1200 inisant Americans who were born on american soil , and probably could care less about war and polotics and look at you. im ignorant, and blind? HA! well think again when they start a nuclear war then you will see this is the truth not just my opinion.

    • profile image

      Cassie 8 years ago

      Gert - I'd agree with you for the most part, that Hollywood is America's real world, as well as the American public consisting of some of the most blind and ill-informed people in the world. As an American, this is something I really struggle with because it is so hard to share a similar background with people like Ethan and Brittany; two fine examples of ignorant ill-informed and blind Americans. Every day is a constant battle to not fall apart under the perpetuated ignorance and consumerism. But, I plead to all who may read this, to not throw the baby out with the bathwater. There are some of us who are not bought by our corporate patrons so easily. Wendell Berry, Noam Chomsky, Martin Luther King Jr., even Jon Stewart. There are some who come from America that see its ignorance and pray, or meditate if you prefer, for a better future - for all; not Americans exclusively.

      And let's not forget, that America was founded upon the genocide of Natives; and that Natives still exist; and that the world could learn much from these people, their histories, culture, religion, values and stories of being invaded by valueless land hungry thieves - they have a lot to teach about America to the global community and a lot to teach to the Euro-Americans who have invaded their lives.

      Thank you figori for your input. Peace, friend.

    • profile image

      GERT 8 years ago

      This article is just the pick of an iceberg. The so called police men are the war mongers and butcher of the world for their own sake. There's not a country in the world they are not involved in for there own so called world peace .I worked with them, so I know them and know what are they capable of. It's just sad that the public in America is the blindest and the most uninformed people in the world. Hollywood is there real world and the real world outside just a dream.

    • profile image

      Ethan 8 years ago

      Brittany does have a point, if thy did not bomb crap and everything and have a coward leader hiding out in the mountains, then this war would have been over a long time ago, it's not Iraq, Iran, or Afghanistan, its BIN LADEN!!!! FIND HIM AND KICK HIS ASS!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      figori 8 years ago

      I am not American but reading this article and the comments to it I am aware of how much we misunderstand about each other on a global level. There is much ignorance and fear-mongering from all corners and responsibility needs to be taken on a personal and then national level. There are inaccuracies in the article - you might want to fact check or come from a more objective point of view, original poster. I am not saying to sway from your original theme, but your biased information needs to be correct for you to make a valid point.

      As for the issue itself: America, much like a lot of other countries, is easily misjudged by its media and leaders. They do not represent the whole of the country or the heart of its nation most times. There are good, educated people who are overshadowed by a loud and often obnoxious or overbearing smattering of politicians who send the wrong idea. I know my country is like this, too, at times and many others as well. Don't take everything for face value or you will never understand your fellow man.

      As for one of the commenters:

      Brittany - You're an extremely racist and frightening woman. Do not hide behind your racism with the excuse that you have "Friends who are arab" because it only serves to blemish your character further. You cannot be much of a friend at all with such poisonous opinions.

      To all - do not let your hatred and pride blind you. Peace is easier to come by than you think.

    • profile image

      Brittany 8 years ago

      Hey mohamed maybe you could travel places safely if you didn't pour allah or mohammed on us all & try to bomb shit all the time. I have nothing against arabs my best friends are in fact arab but when you take other people's lives & start screaming random shit in arabic that scares people.Btw, egyptians were the main people behind the sept 11th attacks that's why were leery of you because your like the two faced snake one minute you might be for america & next for the enemy we don't know which one you are so we get leery & put our defences up.