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Why People Still Trust CNN

Updated on September 23, 2017

At one point CNN claimed to be "the most trusted name in news." Next thing you know; BOOM! Donald Trump comes along, wins the presidency and wages war on them. Before you get a chance to digest the electoral outcome, the Cable News Network is now synonymous with a different name; FAKE NEWS. So, what gives?

This is America right? The land of quick fame and fortune that can just as quickly turn into hatred and poverty. If CNN now has the moniker, "fake news" why do so many people still look to the network to maintain their knowledge on current events?

In my humble opinion there are three main reasons why people still trust CNN. Feel free to debate in the comment section. Here...we...go.

Do you think CNN is an honest and reliable news network?

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You Hate Trump

When it comes to President Trump it seems like those who oppose him just skip past the dislike stage and go straight to the hate stage. There's even a name for it now. It's been coined, "Trump Derangement Syndrome" or "TDS".

You may have seen some actors, actresses, and talk show hosts acting a bit out of character since the election. Ranting and raving. Eyes glazed over. Sentences devoid of any sense. I apologize for anyone who may be suffering from some of these symptoms. I'm not in anyway trying to belittle you. I'm just stating the facts. This is what people are saying, in the real world. Now, back to CNN.

Unless you've been off the grid or preoccupied for, oh I don't know maybe the last 2 years, you may have noticed that Donald Trump and CNN don't get along. Yes Trump goes after most media outlets, claiming that most of them don't cover him fairly, but he seems to have a particularly strong distaste for CNN. We are talking about the guy who turned three letters into the universal language for media dishonesty here, so it would make sense that anyone who hates Trump would "be down" with CNN.

Think about it. If you really don't like Becky Sue and find out that another girl in your class doesn't like Becky Sue, there's a strong chance that you and that girl will become friends. Even if you don't quite know her, you'll be willing to take your chances simply due to common interest and strength in numbers. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, right?

Notice I just used children in an attempt to get my point across. That's because I believe it's really childish to team up with someone or something just because you have a common enemy. If this was a physical war then okay, makes sense. But, this is not a physical war (information war, yes).

This is people suppressing or repressing information that clearly shows CNN's lack of journalistic integrity. Before you start thinking I am singling this network out, you have to understand something. I watch and listen to a lot of news, and dissect all stories and sources as best I can. I can assure you, they have brought this on themselves.

Fake News Then...

A nation of zombies. One by one they blindly follow each other into unknown destinations. Many forgetting how they ended up down this godforsaken road in the first place. Just take a look at social media, if you want to know how anyone could still trust CNN.

Follow us on Facebook. Follow us on Instagram. Follow Me. I Follow Back. Get More Followers! Follow, Follow, Follow. When the hell did we become so damn dependent...Oh wait. That's right. No wonder this whole "following" thing has become so popular in this country. In a nation that has become mostly reliant upon it's government for survival and guidance, there's no wonder a news network can get away with lying to the public time after time.

You know why Cyber Bullying is responsible for more and more deaths each year? It's because somewhere along the way during the technological revolution a large amount of our population took the already thriving hunger for fame to even higher levels.

We've always looked up to movie stars and athletes in this country, but now with a tap of your smartphone's touch screen you can become, "Instafamous". Anything that prohibits your ongoing quest for an extended 15 minutes will get properly dealt with. In other words; It's easier to become part of the "Popular Group", but being cast out can result in social or literal death. You don't like CNN? What did you call them, fake news? Oh you're a Trump supporter! Get out! Can you risk being an outsider after making it so far up the social ladder? Can you deal with the criticism of having a free mind?

Fake News Now

We are living in the fast lane. I talked about this in my popular article, The Social Network: Is Facebook Killing Us? In it I talk about how the conveniences of technology have turned us into speed demons. We want what we want and we want it right now!

Fast food, fast money, fast cars, fast relationships, etc. If it's taking too long we'll move on. If it takes too much energy, we'll find an app that gets it done faster. Still don't believe me? Try and surf the web with an iPhone 4 or 5 without wifi and try not to end up throwing it to the ground and beating it up like the printer in the movie Office Space.

As far as the fast thing goes, I get it. I'm actually all for getting the most out of your time. In an age where it seems like everything we eat and drink is killing us, why not try and squeeze as much as you can out of Father Time while you have the chance. But, when it comes to news I have to take a stand.

Unfortunately too many people are so lazy, busy or unwilling to change that they will rely on one source for all of their news coverage. Again, I get it. I just hope you choose wisely. Facebook and CNN are not on top of my list. I hope they aren't on top of yours.

If you've been really absorbing my words here, it's hard for me to believe you'd still trust anything CNN has to say. As for When you admit to filtering news on your feeds, I have to take what I see on your platform with a grain of salt.

In Conclusion

Hopefully you didn't bypass the 2 videos showing undeniable proof of CNN manufacturing false narratives and passing it off as breaking news. I'm not here to prove if the "fake news" label is accurate or not. The primary goal of this dialogue is to create an environment where people look at both sides of a story before passing judgement. To not even acknowledge evidence of a popular news network lying to the public is shocking to me. But, it's not unexpected.

I know it's hard to stand out and be an individual these days, but how can you honestly have respect for yourself if you live by someone else's rules. What type of life is that? If you truly believe for whatever reason that CNN or Facebook provides you with an accurate and unbiased account of daily events, then by all means carry on. But, if you are just following the crowd because you're too scared to stand up for what you believe in, then you should be ashamed of yourself.

"If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything."

How do you feel about CNN now?

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