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Why Poor Countries will never become Rich, Unless . . .

Updated on April 19, 2017

Productivity is they Key

End of the day aim of all time management effort is to be Productive. Effective TIME Management is common denominator to increase productivity.

Productivity is directly related to richness

It is natural to ask why few countries are poor and continue to do so while other rich countries are getting richer. Let’s keep to rest the present upheavals on the global economic front, brought about by the economic melt down and try instead, to understand the underlying causes of the Poverty of the Nations.

At the core of all poverty lies the unproductive human resource, which could be due to lack of education / training, poor leadership, weak infrastructure or many other such limiting factors. What comes as a startling fact after a series of economic researches is that most of the time the cause for these are the very richness or the endowment of the nation like the mineral wealth or the fertile land mass.

Such Natural endowments have made the local citizen lazy and less productive. Further the developed nations simply extracted the primary commodities from these countries without arranging any value additions in those communities. Once they are left at lower level of productivity, they settle for lower standard of living, leading to no incentive to improve the productivity. Thus it becomes a vicious circle, and the poverty or lower level of income is precipitated in a society or the country.

Isn’t it so surprising that the very natural endowments of a nation can cause the downfall of a nation? Unless one studies the finer points of economics these secrets remain hidden. In fact we can see country after country in naturally endowed African continent and in part of south Asia depending on their primary commodities and suffering the fate of lower growth in Economy.

Productivity of the citizen is the key to Prosperity of a Nation

the difference in levels of productivity can be seen reflected in their level of Prosperity
the difference in levels of productivity can be seen reflected in their level of Prosperity

How to mitigate this menace ?

Right in 1960 it has been well established by great Economists like Recardo that it’s the productivity that determines the development and growth of any economy. This productivity is no longer dependent on land and capital alone but on Technology now.

This technology again is two types: first being the technology embedded into the new machines and new process of production and second being the technology embedded into the human resource through training and skills development.

So far as the productivity of machinery and scientific knowledge is concerned it can be purchased at a price from so many vendors. Similarly the manpower too can be imparted necessary training to some extent. Despite all this we still have nations infested with backwardness and poverty. This is because the common denominator in all this is the basically low productivity of the human resource or the citizenry of a country. This is the most difficult and tedious task to achieve for any country and their Government.

The New Approach to Time Management with the concept of AcNOW® as enumerated in his book “NO Such Thing as Time”by G P Tripathi has shown great potential to uplift the productivity of masses quickly by simply following the easily adoptable methodology.

Productivity and Time Management

Productivity could be defined as production or out put with respect to Time. This alone is indicative of importance of efficient Time Management to improve the productivity. Actual production methods can be improved by technology but these days almost every one has access to the best possible technology, thus the sole factor to produce the differential in productivity remains to be the Time Management.

Hence at the core of it all it is this effective Time Management that can lead the entire nations to come out of poverty. this makes Time Management a subject not only to be explored by individuals for personal productivity improvements but also for countries as credible source to liberate them from the curse of poverty.

Productivity for Prosperity

What is the main cause of poverty of Nations?

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    • profile image

      samuel 5 years ago

      I don't think article has any practicality, it is the same old stuff we hear in schools work hard and study hard and you will earn a living. There is no pragmatic economics applied here.

    • profile image

      emmanuel solomon 5 years ago

      its better to produce more in order to make development

    • profile image

      Msuya Hillary Gasper 5 years ago

      the country to become rich or poor is the willingness and ability of its own people through the capacity of doing their daily activities


    • profile image

      thess 6 years ago

      philippines become industrialized and wealthy country with good quality of life. if we start from every family to change there behavior and attitude,teach the children be honesty and decipline love and respect to the others and teach them how to think.teach them to become creative,bright and tallented kids should be supported by family.and this kids will become the good example to our society and one day they become head and leader in our country and contribute better with good transparency and good governonce.philippine will go back on track during 75 years ago. starving in philippines in 1930 are not exist.we used alredy second wealtiest country in 75 yrs ago in asia.but we fall deeply becouse of dishonest and cronyism elite group,started with marcos.

    • profile image

      princess 7 years ago

      why my country, Philipphines remain poor??

    • profile image

      bchbdf 7 years ago

      is this true? weh? di nga?

    • profile image

      monkey 7 years ago

      my country, Australia, is very poor, why is it so poor?

    • G P Tripathi profile image

      Dr G P Tripathi 8 years ago from India

      Thank you IslandVoice, so it remains to be guessed: to which island your voice now belongs to that once echoed in Philippines!! In fact like you, I too was inquisitive to find out why my country India is so poor, despite best brains and all the natural resources. This quest turned me into an Economist from an Engineer (and soon in to a Time Management expert). I think I have traced and arrived at few leads and wish to dedicate my efforts in future to work on these. My hubs may show some inkling of my resolve in some parts, but as time goes by it shall become more evident. God only knows, person like you may be helping me in that mission to take the message of economic well being to globally deprived regions like India and Philippines.

      Best regards-G P Tripathi (

    • IslandVoice profile image

      Sylvia Van Velzer 8 years ago from Hawaii

      I have always been puzzled by the poverty in the Philippines, where i used to live. I think you have just provided very important parts in making me understand where the problems lie. I appreciate your writings.