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Why President Obama Should Be Fired

Updated on April 30, 2012
Patriotism Does Not Stop at the Door.
Patriotism Does Not Stop at the Door.

Clean and Articulate or Down and Dirty

Over the past few years, we have been told that the last best and greatest hope for America to become its natural best, was to elect the “first clean and articulate” black candidate. It would prove once and for all that America was no longer the evil, racist, backward country that the Liberal Left kept informing us that we were.

Obama, they said, would untie us. Black, white, Asian, Latino, etc., would be untied as if we were not the full embodiment of the advertising campaign of United Colors of Bennington. And if you watched any part of the party that ensued after it was clear that Mr. Obama was now President-Elect Obama, you would have thought and maybe even felt the same.

There was such hope in the air that night. There was such anticipation of greater things to come. Nobody even to this day, is sure of what HOPE meant. No one can tell you exactly what that hope Mr. Obama spoke of often in his campaign, was really all about.

Are We Better Off Today?

Even today when people are asked, what do you believe that “hope” to be for you and our nation? The answer is usually something along the lines of “you know, hope for a better tomorrow.”

Well, its more than three years later. Are we better off today than we were when President Obama took the oath of office? Is this the hope that the current president was talking about when he campaigned?

After all, today is yesterdays’ tomorrow. The year of 2012 is the future year of 2009. But again the question needs to be honestly answered. Are you better off today in 2012 than you were in 2009? Most Americans will answer no.

What if a CEO acted this way

So does this mean that hope has died? Does this mean that hope never existed? Does this mean that only the Rev. Jesse Jackson can actually keep hope alive? Again, what is hope exactly?

If you were a major or minor stock holder for a once profitable and well-run company that was faltering and you hired a new CEO to run the company but he did not turn that company around, would you still keep that CEO?

How about if that CEO promised you hope and change but 3 years later that hope, that change meant a much smaller company that was deep in debt and on the verge of bankruptcy making your stock virtually worthless. Would you keep that CEO?

What if that CEO said the best way to fix the problem was to raise money by charging more for a product that was not as good as it was 20 years ago and while that CEO was busy raising prices he also decided that the company should commit to borrowing even more money in order to produce an expensive product that nobody in the consumer market really even wanted? Would you keep that CEO then?

This is what we have gotten from Obama. He has dashed our hopes, our dreams as individuals and as a nation while giving us change that most Americans neither wanted nor expected. He has increased our debt more than any president in our Nations’ 230 plus years.

You're Fired!

He has reduced the employment pool to its lowest levels since the Jimmy Carter era. He has made us weaker militarily by slashing defense spending and programs. He is trying and succeeding in raising our taxes to a point where instead of May of every year being the so-called Tax Freedom month, it will be pushed to June and maybe even July.

He is taking over one of the most intimate and personal aspects of our lives, our health care. He is telling us it will be better and cheaper when even though every time something new is activated because of the law, cost go up.

He has no respect for the rule of law by ignoring the Constitution. Yes, having more executive orders than any president in history is an achievement in and of itself. But it circumvents the process by which the Founding Fathers intended for our nation to be governed. Obama has instituted a whole new shadow government.

This shadow government lead by the various Czars (as of this writing there are now at least 52 of them) is the equivalent of that CEO forming his own Board of Directors outside of the jurisdiction of the stock holder and accountable only to the CEO. The Czars have been appointed by Obama without the consent or even review of Congress, which, according to our Constitution, is their express duty.

Obama is giving more and more of his company’s products and services away for free. In other words, more people than ever before on now dependent on the government for at least a part of their subsistence.

If President Obama were the CEO of any International, Nation or even local corporation and he produced these results for that corporation, there is not a sane person anywhere in this nation that would not say he deserved to be fired.

But for some reason because Mr. Obama is the CEO of the United States and not United Steel, that he deserves another four years. This obviously is not logical. If you are a failure, it is time for you to do something new, something different.

After all, Mr. Obama was once quoted as saying, “this country can’t afford four more years of the same failed policies. It’s time to try something new.”

Let’s start with this now famous phrase: Mr. President, You’re fired!


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  • Ugly Honest profile image

    Ugly Honest 5 years ago from Within the New York/DC Megalopolis

    Just Great ..... Love the Sub-Titles !!

  • lj gonya profile image

    lj gonya 5 years ago

    His administration has done more to divide the country than any other I can remember. It is the first time that I recall a President intentionally putting down groups of citizens in his own country, or apologizing for his country to others. Unfortunately, when he campaigns and begins to play the "hate card", people listen. Hating and putting the blame on others is always easier than coming up with logical, fair, and democratic solutions.

  • RodEccles profile image

    RodEccles 5 years ago from New Hampshire

    Very well stated Wayne. In November 2012, We the People have got to act like We the Bosses and fire this clown. Remember, by getting rid of Obama you also get rid of all of his Czars and many of the big government Socialists as well.

  • Wayne Brown profile image

    Wayne Brown 5 years ago from Texas

    Obama only took that approach to get elected. His agenda has nothing to do with improving the lives of the poor or the middle class of America. His agenda is about breaking down the country from the inside out with class warfare, financial burden, and overbearing regulation...just as George Soros would wish it done in his desire to destroy the capitalist USA. Obama, plain and simple, is a socialist of the highest order who cares little for America and detests the Constitution as simply as instrument of encumberance. He will take any liberal stand as long as it gets him a voting block and he has no conscience when it comes to squandering the taxpayers money on ill-gotten schemes designed only to line his campaign coffers. If ever there was a man in this office who deserved to be fired, you are looking at him on the television every day. As for hope, you are the hope, you are the one who makes the difference just as I am. We must believe in ourselves. We must invest in ourselves and we must do our best to see that our country is kept in tact and continues to be a place where people are free and have the opportunity to pursue happiness. Obama wants to make this a land run by one big government that has its tenacles in every aspect of life...a process that will eventually destroy all but the rich and the poor. The middle class will disappear if he continues for four more years. WB