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Why Scotland Should Vote To Leave Britain

Updated on August 6, 2014

The Scottish People Should Vote To Dump Britain.

It really is a no brainer . The Scotts really have no choice but to vote for independence from Britain. Why ? Logic dictates that they have to vote for independence!

Here is how it works. If they vote to remain part of Britain they are forever more British than Scottish. There is nothing to gain and just all of their history to lose. If they vote for independence then they can always vote again to go back on their terms not on Britain's terms. Independence gives them leverage to go back they would never have and great chances of restoring their own nation and succeeding better than the whole of Britain does. Having the ability to get concessions from Britain to come back in union later on is something that the lack of independence never affords. That is logic for the good of thinking it out.

The main question now for many in Scotland is the British Pound. Will they not retain the value of their British pound holdings? Nothing to worry about. The British Pound is sound and no one has to dispose of their holdings. Scotland does not need to move over to the Euro , it can also adopt the US Dollar side by side with the pound and the euro. Nothing in monetary values has to change just because of sovereignty. Many countries use the US dollar as the currency of choice and not the local currency. No hurry on issuing any Scottish pounds or dollars. The British will remain happy that Scotland remains connected and there is also no reason to require passports or visas to cross the border into Britain. Scottish papers can be issued later on and with sovereignty the British probably would not mind an open border as much as the Scotts will be happy to leave it that way. Sovereignty is a great blessing not a curse. It can be greater sovereignty than the Brits themselves have with the adoption of a more American style constitution. Sovereignty affords many possibilities that letting London decide never will . It does not make Scotts less than brothers with the Brits but it does give them more equal footing as equals with the ability to drive the bargains of politics in their favor with the larger neighbor. It does not affect relationships with Europe either other than to give Scotland a separate medium of engagement and representation in the European union.

Given all the possibilities and a greater say that logic says it is a no brainer to vote for independence and then direct negotiations to keep things as much exactly as they are with Britain with much added political leverage to have advantages as never before.


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    • Billrrrr profile image

      Bill Russo 

      4 years ago from Cape Cod

      As a citizen of the U.S. with predominantly Italian bloodlines, I do not feel qualified to have an opinion on this matter. That said, I like Great Britain and am also fond of the UK.

      I know little of the politics of the nation. Would it be fair to compare Scotland to a State or Commonwealth of the U.S.? If yes, then Scotland is in the same position as Kansas or Connecticut. That seems like a pretty good spot to be in.

    • The Lex Blog profile imageAUTHOR

      The Lex Blog 

      4 years ago

      Another question that might come up later is if Scotland will eventually end up with it's own royal family again. That office maybe open if they keep the British constitution in place.

    • The Lex Blog profile imageAUTHOR

      The Lex Blog 

      4 years ago

      Actually I tried to make No assumptions. I just see Scotland as immediately having options it will not have without independence. I assume most Scotts want to remain connected to Britain. From the perspective of us in the USA Britain is already a socialist country they would be coming out of and there is a chance that the opposite could or would happen to Scotland after all Accenture re-domiciled from the USA to Ireland and not to Britain and recently Fiat re-domiciled to London from Italy but it came out of Italy and was looking for the financial center. If Scotland votes to leave Britain they can later vote to come back and they have bargaining chips that they never would otherwise have. Just look at how Independence worked out in the USA and India. We can both re-unite with Britain if we vote to but there really is no economic advantage doing so and Britain has nothing to compensate us , India and US, that would be an incentive. With Scotland it is economically linked and smaller than the larger host country which says there are options that would never otherwise present themselves in separating. In business it used to be called greenmail where a company would work to buy out shareowners that sought to change the management. Scotland has almost infinite greenmail potential leaving and also staying with Britain which is why a Yes vote is imperative.

    • Silverspeeder profile image


      4 years ago from Birmingham UK

      Sorry but your hub is full of assumptions and is not informative and has no real substance.

      My own viewpoint on the matter is that if you want to leave the UK it should be done as a matter for the heart not the pocket, if you truly believe no one else matters than just the Scots then vote yes, what does it matter if you are worse or better off.

      Mind you from all I the information coming from the yes cam a vote for independence is a vote for a socialist Scotland.


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