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Why Sexual Orientation Is Overrated

Updated on February 7, 2016

Labels, Labels, Labels!

Society has changed tremendously throughout the multiple millenniums that humans have been in existence. However, one key characteristic that has always existed throughout society is the labeling system. You are labeled as someone who is weak or strong, black or white, fat, skinny, and the list goes on and on! You always hear the saying "don't judge a book by its cover," but most judgements that we make are based on the first impression of someone's physical characteristics.

These labels can also go beyond those of physical features. Society will label you as "stupid" if you don't meet a certain benchmark that is determined by standardized testing. You are a "nerd" if you enjoy educating yourself at your own leisure. You're a "geek" if you find interest in video games, computer programming, etc.

There are many negative, as well as positive, labels that people will engrave on you. But when you place everyone under a microscope, we are all just a collection of cells, DNA; and despite how different our individual genes may be, we are all only human.

Labels are rather pointless.

Everyone will have their strongest and weakest assets, but there is really no need to determine who they are just from what they can do. Labels based on someone's sexual orientation is just as pointless.

Sexual Orientation and Why it Does Not Matter

"Oh my god! Jenny is totally a lesbian! That friendship is now over!"


Why does it matter what gender you're attracted to? Why is homophobia still a thing? If you're a female who disowns a friend because she is a lesbian, then shouldn't you disown any male friend you have too? You don't want Jenny around you because you're afraid that she'll be attracted to you, right? If that's the case, then why do you still socialize with John, Peter, Harry, or Rob? You don't fear that any of them are attracted to you. Or worse, you are only friends with them because they are attracted to you. In that case, you would be labeled as a vain whore.

The labels don't sound so nice when they're finally being directed at you now, right? And this is one of the reasons why sexual orientation shouldn't matter. Jenny is still the same person she was before you found out that she likes other girls. So really, the only thing in this situation that changed is your willingness to be friends.

When you get down to it, though, no one can possibly be 100% straight. Before getting angry and closing the article, read on for a better understanding.

When two "straight" girls meet each other and think "she's really pretty!" this shows a small level of attraction. This doesn't mean that they want to progress their friendship into something more, and have a long, extra-lesbian scissoring session. What actually happened in their brains was a small chemical reaction after coming across an aesthetically pleasing stimulus. Two girls can call each other pretty without being gay, just as two men (who won't admit this as much as women) can think of each other as handsome without being gay.

There is way more to a person's personality than who they find themselves attracted to. For example, James is heavily interested in sports. He's a great leader, teacher, and he makes outstanding grades! He is a model student and son in every way. But there's one thing about James that nobody knows: He is "bisexual." This has never been brought up by James before, but chances are, once he comes out to his peers in school, half of them will never want to associate with him again.

What his peers failed to realize, though, is that James did not change one bit; he was bisexual his whole life, even during the friendships that he had with many of these people. He's still the same person with the same interests, but people reject him because of one small detail that they just found out.

So why is sexual orientation such a big deal? It's so controversial, but really, it's no different than a preference in music or movies. You can't help that you like who you like; you just like them without really knowing why. People can get along if they like two different colors. Those things are so minor that there is no argument or disgust over it.

Imagine how life would be if this were reversed: People disassociating themselves with their peers because one person likes blue, one prefers green, and the other likes orange. They go their separate ways and socialize only with the people who like the same color.

It's pretty bizarre to think about, right?

So whether you are straight, gay, bisexual, transsexual, pansexual (jeez, how many labels are there?), you are all still human. No one can attain superiority over another for having a different sexual orientation. These are all just labels, anyway.

Question Time!

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