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Why Should I Show Police My ID If I Haven't Broken Any Laws?

Updated on May 29, 2015

No I won't Show you my ID Officer

This topic here is something that we as people may or may not be able to agree with one another whether it's a friendly conversation or heated debate about policing. We all must have to understand the tough job that policemen have to go through on a day to day basis whether we agree with how they handle there actions or not. Sometimes justified, most of the time its turn a blind eye and look away and don't say nothing. that's if of course that eye in the sky isn't watching from above like a hawk. As hard as there job can be, it also can be very boring at times in neighborhoods that don't tend to have higher crime rates. Let me explain, say for instance you may stand out as a minority in a suburban area where crime doesn't tend to happen much. Maybe you're just visiting family and you're not from around the area and a cop see's you minding you're own business walking down the street. Some who don't deal with this problem or never been a victim to it wouldn't even care to glance back or think twice of the cop making a u turn coming straight for you. Why would they right? You have nothing to worry about, you have no drugs on you and you're completely clean. So say you do get pulled over by a cop or stopped and harassed while walking no matter what time during the day.You get asked a bunch of questions "what are you up this evening"? "What's you're name"? "may I see some ID"?. Would you just cooperate with the cop and give him this information just to make things go smoother or give him a hard time. An what I mean by giving the cop a hard time is basically knowing your rights and not having to answer to any of these questions or even show you're identification to the cop at all.

I lived in the state of Virginia for almost 10 years and I been a victim to being stopped while walking more times than I can count. You may be thinking to yourself you must have been doing something for the cops to just stop you. I will tell you that every time I was stopped it was for no reason at all and I was asked a bunch of questions that were personal. At first when I was just a teenager I would just plea with the cops, give them my id, answer there questions, and wait patiently as they make me sit on the curb while they run my license to see if I have warrants. I figure why not show them, I've done nothing wrong, and I have nothing to hide so fine officer go ahead. These situations that occur can take up to anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes of my time and even having back up called to make a huge scene as bystanders and cars passing stare at this embarrassing moment. Feeling completely humiliated and made to look as a criminal and even told that I fit a description of someone who robbed somebody not long ago. That was always my favorite excuse to stop me, it was used so constantly to me it just became normal and almost comical. After I started to grow wiser I would only answer one or two questions and once they asked to search me and ask for my ID I wouldn't show them anymore. I would tell them no and they would just say okay. Simple as that. Sometimes they would ask why and I would simply say "I committed no crime or any wrong doings so I have no reason to show you my identification sir". Am I being a jerk or giving the officer a hard time for doing so? I would say that I'm doing what I'm supposed to do as a human being and knowing my rights. No I won't show you my ID and if I'm not under arrest may I leave. Those are the words that I believe we should use to this unjustly street interrogations that some of may face. As far as I remember it's not a crime to walk around, and it's not a crime to be a minority no matter what time of the day it is! I'm not writing this article to promote hate against cops, I'm simply making a statement and I want people to know they have a right to stand up for themselves.


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