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Why The Keystone Pipe Line Should Not Be Extended

Updated on March 22, 2014
Tar Sandstone
Tar Sandstone | Source

The Keystone XL Pipeline extension has been a hot topic for several years but what are the facts concerning this project? Will America really benefit from its construction? Will the pipeline damage the environment and more? These are the important questions we must ask before supporting or opposing the Keystone project but what are the answers?

I have been investigating this issue and have discovered many alarming facts about the project. I will begin with some basic information about the extension and its major supporter followed by several troublesome truths about the proposal.

Basic Facts About the Keystone XL Project and It's Major Supporter

What is the Keystone Pipe Line XL Project

The Keystone Pipe Line XL (Export Limited) Project or Proposal is a 2000 mile oil pipe line extension that would stretch from Canada through the American Midwest to the Gulf Coast where the oil will be processed by American Oil refineries and then shipped overseas to India, China, the Middle East and other countries. The extension and application was first proposed and filed in September of 2008; one year later, the National Energy Board of Canada began hearings and on March 11, 2010 the application was approved. Following this approval, the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission on February 19, 2010 granted a permit for the project to begin but on July 21st, the Environmental Protection Agency said the overall environmental study of the project was inadequate and should be revised. From this point, the project has been basically in limbo while environmentalists, politicians, farmers and others feud over the various cons and pros of the extension. Currently, President Obama is examining these pros and cons and his approval or disapproval of the project is expected soon.

Who Is Behind the Keystone Project

The major backer or supporter of this project is TransCanada which is a major North American energy corporation based in Calgary, Alberta which develops,operates and owns energy infrastructure (oil pipelines, power plants and natural gas storage facilities ) in North America. Its pipeline network includes approximately 36,661 miles of pipeline which connects with all major gas supply basins in North America. TransCanada is one of the continent’s largest providers of gas storage and similar services with approximately 355 billion cubic feet of storage capacity. TransCanada also has interests in approximately 10,800 megawatts of power generation. TransCanada is the largest shareholder in, and owns the general partner of, TC Pipe Lines, LP. The company was founded in 1951 in Calgary.

Six Reasons For Not Supporting The Keystone XL Pipe Line Extension

Keystone XL Will Not Create Major Employment Opportunity

Supporters of the Keystone Pipeline including John Boehner and other Congressmen continue to push the notion that the project will increase jobs... first it was five thousand, and then ten thousand...even 500,000; these outrageous numbers are heavily supported by API and the US Chamber of Commerce who make the project seem great for the American workforce but according to Cornell University’s Global Labor Institute, this claim is false. What is the Truth? TransCanada job claims are complete fabrications and the Cornell report concludes that the Keystone pipeline will not create 500,000 jobs nor will it play any substantial role at all in putting Americans back to work...This fact has been verified by the State Department who recently reported that only 35 permanent and 42,100 temporary jobs will be created.

Keystone XL Will Not Improve America’s Energy Security

The Keystone XL pipeline is designed for one purpose — to send oil from Canada to the Texas Gulf coast, and from there to overseas markets. This fact will set back America’s renewable energy initiatives for years; in fact, the Keystone extension project will not replace oil imports from hostile nations…if the project is approved, it will make our enemies ( Iran, Pakistan, Syria, Russia) and others very happy as America’s need and addiction for foreign oil further expands.

Keystone XL Is Not Environmentally Safe

Raw tar sands bitumen is more corrosive and abrasive than normal crude oil thus the risk of a spill is greater. The Alberta pipeline system (which carries diluted bitumen, the same product planned for the Keystone Extension) has had approximately sixteen times as many spills due to internal corrosion as the U.S. system. To make matters worse, the oil and scientific industry does not know how to clean up this product due to its unique combination of clay, sand, water, and bitumen....Imagine millions of acres of land being destroyed, thousands of animals being killed for no purpose and most of all, imagine thousands of people becoming sick or even dying from drinking water or eating food laced with tar sands oil.

Keystone XL Will Not Decrease Energy (Gas) Prices

According to its own data, TransCanada expects the pipeline to increase gas prices in the Midwest by up to 15 cents or more per gallon. Currently, a surplus of gas in the region means that our prices stay constant. If the Keystone Pipeline is extended, oil companies will send their oil to the GulfCoast thus the current surplus will decrease and drive up gas prices.

See Current American Gas Prices Here ☞ Gas Buddy

The Keystone Project is Not Supported By Organized Labor

Many opponents of the Keystone XL extension gleam with joy when talking about Organize Labor's support of the project but unfortunately many influential labor unions and organizations do not support the project. In recent years, organizations like United Steelworkers, the Transport Workers Union, the United Auto Workers, the Communications Workers of America, and the Service Employees International Union praised President Obama’s decision to reject or postpone the project because they considered the proposal to be Big Oil's attempt to hinder clean energy efforts.

The Current Keystone Pipeline Has had Many Problems

Contrary to pro Keystone XL activists, the original Keystone pipeline has been plagued by problems since its opening in 2009 including 12 oil spills…one spill included 21,000 gallons of oil. Combine this with the possibility of building the pipeline through the heart and soul of the Ogallala Aquifer (America's Largest Source of Fresh Water) and you have the potential of creating a huge environmental disaster that can not be repaired. Note: The original plan was to build the pipeline through the Sandhills region which is environmentally unstable…even though plans have changed, one must conclude that the possibility still exists.

This Concludes my current investigation of the Keystone Pipeline extension. Based on the information above, I believe the Keystone XL Project is not safe, needful or economically beneficial for America....In fact, if President Obama approves the project, the Midwest and the whole of America could be plagued by a national disaster of Biblical proportions.

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