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Who is assisting you

Updated on June 7, 2016


Why are so many people Americans and non Americans on government assistant programs. Have you ever went to a welfare office ? I have never seen an office so packed and it not a specific race either. I have seen Caucasian, African Americans, Latinos, Asians, Muslims every color shape and size. Young old you name it I have seen it scary right. Do we not see who in reality is paying for these programs. Us the tax payers that's who the people that if they need any help. Guess what we wont qualify why cause we work and make too much. I honestly don't understand I really think they need to help those who want to help themselves. My personal opinion we need to make these people work. Welfare o work need to really mean welfare to work instead of giving them free money we need to have them work for help. I think everyone knows at least one person who collects assistance and just does nothing with themselves. My meaning is they don't try to look for jobs they just wait for these checks or food stamps. Don't get me wrong I know a lot of families actually use it and need it. But why cant we make programs to help people get off of welfare especially if they are young and able to work. I see no problem with that I would actually be happy if the money they take out of my checks was being used for a program of this sort. I strongly believe in helping those who help themselves why wouldn't we want to help these families get on the tax paying wagon. These are just my thoughts on how we could benefit from a hands on program instead of a give and take program. In this case we would all win.


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