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Why Trump is the best candidate for Working Americans

Updated on April 27, 2016

Oh I know, they say he insults people, he's racist, sexist, arrogant, egotistical, etc. etc. you name it, the media will throw it at him hoping it will stick.... and for some, it does, you know what they say, you can fool some of the people all of the time. For the rest of you, there is Trump.

If you are hoping for change, if you are hoping for the country to improve economically, if you are hoping that finally one of these candidates actually comes through on SOME of their promises... he's about the only hope you have.

Hillary Clinton, a politician's politician, she will tell you what she thinks will get her the most votes, and once she is in office it will just be more of the same... jobs will continue to go to Mexico and China, the National Debt will continue to skyrocket by the trillions each year, the sharks on Wall St. will continue to feast on your retirement funds, the country will continue its fast track from world leader, to second class country.

But when Trump says he will build a wall, he will. If he can rescind the laws which make it favorable for companies to ship their jobs to Mexico he will. If a Washington outsider like Trump can't make these 'common sense' changes to help put the American people back to work, no one can or will, the rest don't want to even talk about such things.

Politicians are by nature chameleons, they do their best to figure out what you want to hear, and then they promise you what you want. Of course, their only real goal is to get to Washington and feed from the troth and secure as much power and money as they can, at the taxpayers expense.

Trump has been saying it since day one. In fact, Trump has been saying it for more than 25 years, it isn't something he has been saying to secure votes, he's saying it because its what he believes:

A Trump Interview you've probably NEVER seen before

Two days after 9/11 Trump Interview

Consider this, this interview was given to a FORIEGN news station, which shows Trump had global recognition even then. He was calm, collected, thoughtful in his responses, and he gave them not as a politician or a candidate, but as a businessman and concerned American citizen.

Trump on China Trade Relations 5 years ago

Trump has long held his beliefs he's not a Politician he's a Patriot

You can go back five years, or twenty five years, and you will find Trump voicing the same opinions then, that he is now. He's not a politician telling you whatever BS he thinks you want to hear. He is telling you what he believes needs to be done to make this country great again, so we can make our lives better.

Trump is someone who will see the advantage to putting money back into NASA so that we can once again lead the world in new technologies and exploration, rather than throw that money away funding anti-American foreign sycophants that spit in our collective faces like the current administration has done for the past eight years.

People so easily forget what load of garbage we recently were sold... the 'Hope and Change' tour did change things alright. Promises that Obamacare would reduce insurance costs for most households by $2,500 proved as false as many suspected they would be, many are now paying that much or more extra than what they were paying prior to Obamacare passing, while others who always had insurance are now without.

Promises to rescind the Patriot Act proved false, it was instead renewed and given broader powers by Obama. Obama promised to end the Wars in the middle east, and he did, sort-of. We are fighting ISIS and the Taliban, Syria and Lebanon are now war zones in addition to Iraq and Afghanistan, but technically he did end the war(s). Oh, and then there is how he caved in to every Iran demand.

The only way things have any chance of changing for the better, is if someone OUTSIDE of Washington steps in, someone who is hugely confident, arrogant even, who has business sense and savvy and who won't be catering to the Chinese or the Lobbyists and who is egotistical enough to challenge the powers that be, to do things the way he believes they should be done.

One thing about someone who has run businesses, who has both failed and succeeded, and paid the price for mistakes (rather than the taxpayers paying the price for the mistakes) they have learned how to delegate, they have learned how to gather the best around them to help them succeed, they have learned how to make the tough choices so that the job gets done.

Trump knows how to find the best people available, the best minds, and put them to work to solve problems and get things done, that's what Owner-CEO types do. Trump's DECADES of experience in business and international trade and investment puts him worlds ahead of people like Clinton and Cruz, who know politics, who know how to take donations and spend money, but have little if any real experience in anything that would help turn this country around and make it a better place for AMERICANS.

Clinton nor Cruz are going to fix the problems... they are part of the entrenched Washington problem(s). They are blind to the problems, because they embody them.


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    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 17 months ago from Florida

      @ RJ Schwartz - thanks for the reply, all we can hope for is that Trump is elected and succeeds in muting the damage the TPP, WTO, NAFTA, CAFTA, etc. are doing to our economy and our future as Americans.

    • RJ Schwartz profile image

      Ralph Schwartz 17 months ago from Idaho Falls, Idaho

      Great topic and solid analysis Ken. I agree that it will take an outsider to make changes and hopefully when America sees how effective a business leader is at running the nation, the "permanent political class" will be hobbled dramatically. I'm sick of these big money puppet-master doners who try to run America from behind a shield.

    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 18 months ago from Florida


      No politics for me, I've come close enough, I've run a couple of state programs for non-profits and I've dealt with politicians and had the opportunity to sit in a couple DOE meetings during the roll out of ARRA a few years back... close enough to know its not a fit for me.

      It really does take a personality with a great amount of confidence, ego, arrogance even... its not a place for the timid or the weak of heart... and yes it takes a lot of money, and if you don't have your own, like Trump does, you are bought and paid for by those who provide you that money.

    • Farawaytree profile image

      Michelle Zunter 18 months ago from California

      Well put. Have you ever considered becoming a politician? :) One last issue is regarding the kind of people that have the OPPORTUNITY to actually run for president.

      There are probably hundreds or thousands of potentially great candidates but they can't afford to campaign. I really believe there are better minded, educated people out there who deserve the opportunity to run. I do think the election system is deeply flawed and corrupt.

    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 18 months ago from Florida


      Well he is not going to advocate a take from the rich and give to the poor administration, that is for sure. But that take from the rich mindset always ends up in dire breakdowns of living standards and freedoms.

      The U.S.S.R. is one good example, socialism is just a different form of big tyrannical government... big brother on steroids.

      What has worked so well in America is the OPPORTUNITY for anyone to climb the ladder of success... to become a lawyer, a doctor, a President, a CEO... today that means no matter what their race, or what economic background they come from.

      That is what Freedom is, not a right to free medical, or free food, or free housing... it is an opportunity to become anything your hard work, and your intelligence gives you the ability to become.

      What is going on in this country now, is the Democrats and to a lesser degree the Republicans are sell outs to the corporations you fear, they pass CAFTA, NAFTA, allow China to have a 'preferred nation' status which means there are no tariffs on their imports (no taxes essentially), it means all corporations are not only allowed, they are encouraged to ship their jobs to places like China, India, and Mexico.

      That is what Obama, Clinton, and Bush has gifted this nation with... but far more of the blame sits on the shoulders of the Clintons and Obama, they are the ones pushing for United Nations to have greater control over our borders, our lands, our rights as citizens of this nation... they sold us Obamacare, CAFTA, NAFTA, they put a trillion dollars into Green Energy projects that have produced next to nothing, while closing down NASA projects that kept tens of thousands of Americans employed in high tech productive jobs. The epic mortgage/bank failures in 2006-7 didn't happen on its own, it happened because of corrupt people like Barney Frank removed the safeguards and allowed the failure to happen.

      Trump may not go after the rich, but if he goes after NAFTA, CAFTA, China's preferred nation status, etc. then he will do more good for the lower and middle class of this country than any other politician has in our lifetimes.

    • Farawaytree profile image

      Michelle Zunter 18 months ago from California

      All good points. China does indeed "own us" in so many respects. Every time I go to Walmart it seems like we buy something made in China. But Walmart is convenient, and appears to have no major competition. I live in a place where Walmart is one of the only options to buy things.

      I keep telling myself if I really wanted to be a part of change, I would stop shopping at places like Walmart and just travel farther to different stores.

      The running of the country by corporations is what really scares me, and I have concerns that Trump is just another corporation set on keeping the rich, rich and the poor, poor.

    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 18 months ago from Florida


      Funny thing is I was not a Trump fan at first, I was inclined to go with Rubio. But I realize that Trump's lack of dependency on either party, his lack of concern for what the lobbyists want or think, and his aggressive attitude towards China's 'favored nation' status which has been killing this country's ability to compete globally for over 20 years now (and has allowed us to go into massive debt to them, they own most of our Trillions of debt) all these things and more are what make him the ONLY alternative to a 'typical' same-old same-old politician.

    • Farawaytree profile image

      Michelle Zunter 18 months ago from California

      I'm not a Trump supporter, but I like the manner in which you wrote this hub. I can see the points you're making and would love nothing more than for someone - Trump or otherwise - to change the way this country works.

      I agree with you completely about the health care.

      I appreciate the intent of Obama to revolutionize the health care system, and I think many of us who are living paycheck to paycheck were excited in the beginning. But, yes, in the end, we are paying A LOT and it's barely affordable just to have one of the worst plans available - at least here in California.

      Trump may be a Washington "outsider" but he is a wealthy "insider" in many respects, as far as who he knows in high places, which makes me wary. But, it's the same for most politicians, right?

      Still wary, but fantastic hub. I love people who can make good points without being bombastic. Actually that may be one of my main problems with Trump. Bombastic. Thanks for writing!