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Why Trumps isn't the next Hitler

Updated on February 11, 2016

Hitler and Trump

They don't even look alike.
They don't even look alike. | Source

The unfair comparison

For too long the media, especially the liberal media have compared Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler. This comparison has been unfair and inaccurate, to say the least. It is completely absurd to compare a billionaire, conservative, pro-capitalist, that is also in support of a multinational/ multi-ethnic state to a far-left, ultra-nationalistic anti-Semite, that was in favor of ethnic cleansing and couldn't even imagine living in a multi-ethnic state, by which he was disgusted.

However, as they, the liberal media, keep comparing the two, their most compelling argument is the following: 1.Donald Trumps is blaming a single group of immigrants for the social and economical problems of the state, as did Hitler.

My answer to that is- it's complete nonsense. Donald Trump doesn't blame one single group of immigrants for all problems, not at all. That doesn't mean that he doesn't blame them for any problems, for example, the welfare that is going to these people can take a huge toll on the state's budged, they do, in fact, get hired and paid a lot less than a citizen would, although, that is not entirely their fault. Plus, when Trump speaks of criminal immigrants, he doesn't call all of them criminals.

But Hitler, however, blamed the Jews and the Bolsheviks(which were both nearly equally bad to him) for German's problems. He didn't care if the Jews were immigrants or if they had been living in Germany for generations- they were all equally bad to him. Mr Trump didn't call all Mexicans/Latinos criminals or terrible people. To Hitler all Jews were bad, there were next to no exceptions(a tiny amount of Jews were spared of this attitude). And even if Trump did despise the Mexicans secretly, he would, most likely, never proclaim it publicly. Adolf Hitler, on the other hand, was very open about his hate.

Besides all of this, Trump is very pro-Israel and pro-Jewish, which makes him even a lot less like Hitler.

In my humble opinion, when it comes to economical issues, Trump is a pretty pro-Capitalist and pro-Free market, which makes sense, since he has made most of his wealth as a businessman and as an entrepreneur. Adolf Hitler, on the other hand, was very anti-Capitalist. He despised the capitalistic system, which is why he abolished most of it's aspects in his 3rd Reich. Jobs in Nazi Germany were given to the people, which is how Hitler got rid of unemployment. The state controlled most of the economy, leaving the market a lot less free than in a country such as the US. The people worked for the state, not for the companies. This makes Bernie Sanders a lot more like Hitler, not Donald Trump.

My final argument is that Donald Trump isn't nearly the best public speaker in the presidential race, although he is interesting to listen to. Hitler, on the other hand, was one of the best public speakers of his time, if not the best, which is how he gained most of his followers. It wasn't so much what he said, but rather how he said it.

I hope this was enough to change your minds.

Hitler's speech

Trump's speech

Trump or Trumpler?

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