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Why Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya Should be Re-elected

Updated on June 2, 2017


President Uhuru Kenyatta, the current president of Kenya should be re-elected due to his hard work and notable projects. His works compared to other presidents before him, has put him to a higher level. In his short time in office, he has dealt with important things affecting the nation. To some extent, Kenyatta has changed the face of Kenya both locally and internationally. Compared to other governments, this current government has done a lot both socially and economically. I have seen young and old being taken care of by the current government. Previously, many old age people were neglected by others in office but since he entered office, things have changed. He gives old people 2,000/= Shillings monthly to cater for their needs. This is very important development which could not be envisioned by many. Young people have been given jobs through National Youth Service (NYS). Charity work also is done by them. Thanks to this government, our streets are clean compared to previous years. Given street children do not flock in towns like before. He mingles even with lowest in life really he is one of his kind. Few years in office has changed so much the face of Kenya. A project like the Standard gauge Railway (S.G.R) was supposed to be completed in 5 years time but it is complete in only 2 years. Since phase one has taken 2 years in the next 5 years phase 2,3, and 4 will be complete. Also it has given so many a chances to learn. During the construction, a lot of people have learnt many lessons. Also creation of jobs to many can not be overemphasized. This has enhanced a chance to mingle; It was not about one tribe to be employed but all tribes. That is to say there is no tribalism or it has reduced significantly. This is despite the fact that he is a politician.

When you walk into our roads, so much has been done. The roads that were neglected long ago he has reconstructed. For instance like in Kwale County. Nairobi County, Outering road to Airport and many others. This has reduced traffic jam in our roads. A place you could take 2 hrs because of its condition now you take 45 minutes. This is hardwork indeed.

The rates of accidents have reduced because of road maintenance and also placing security officers from National transport Service Authority (N.T.S.A). All reckless drivers are caught by the law and disciplined accordingly. Drunk drivers are not allowed on our roads and speed is looked upon and checked accordingly. Our highways are under construction like Maimahiu which has claimed many lives since it is narrow. The expansion is in process.

Electricity also is the main work he has done. Our streets are lightened up. Places like Kibera, Umoja III, Mathare just to mention but a few, there is street lights everywhere. This has reduced the rate of theft. People can walk majestically with no fear.

Education: He has boasted our education in so many areas. Like for instance he promised to give laptops and it has been distributed in some schools. Construction of schools. Schools are almost everywhere. And the fees are affordable. Even single mothers and widows can afford to take their children through education.

Even if standard of living rises he makes everything possible to deal with it. Like recently the price of maize flour was Shs. 160/= he reduced it to 90/= Shillings with a stamp (G.O.K). Those who couldn’t afford now can afford.

The president is so social with people as for now so many government officers from Africa and abroad have visited Kenya because of his socialization. Even the Pope and so many others have acknowledged his humility. He maintains friendship with everyone. He doesn’t have abusive language like others. Free maternity: Women deliver freely and they are well taken care of. mortality rate has gone down. I do believe that when given another chance, Kenya will look like United States of America (U.S.A). He just needs another chance to complete what he has started.


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