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Why United States of America is still Far Ahead China - World SuperPower - US vs China

Updated on July 23, 2012

If you have been a fan of US-Russia rivalry during a cold war era then I am sure you must me keenly interested in US- China comparison. After the end of world war 2, except for a brief period when US and USSR were deemed to be on par, US has enjoyed the reputation for being the sole super power in the world. While most of the European countries were bombed to dust during world war 2, Us was almost unscratched. They had access to best brains in the world who migrated to US in search of better life and money. This helped US to attain the pole position in almost every field;from Aerospace, defence, economy, technology and culturally.

Us position for being the sole superpower became more strengthen by the fall of USSR. This event was also seen by most pundits as the final nail in coffin for communism because China by that time was not that much developed and was also fighting internal resistance again state communism.

However by 1985, China started to open up its economy and due to its vast low cost labour and due to its demographic dividends (large percentage of population below 60 years of age), developed into world's factory. In last two decades, China has emerged as the world's production house which in turns brought enormous prosperity to its citizen and the government. This huge inflow of wealth also brought lot of power to its communist government which spent huge amount of money on the infrastructure projects.

So while on side US is on decline due to its huge debt and loosing edge in globalization, China on the other hand has been developing fast both economically and militarily. World is fast changing from being a uni-polar world to multi-polar world where China is giving strong competition to USA. This is China officially left Japan behind to become second biggest economy and destined to overcome US economy by 2030.

So, it is quite normal that people and experts have started comparing US and China. Some even predicting that China will leave behind US to be strongest superpower in the world by 2050. While agreeing that China is doing well on many fronts and US need to pull its sock to be competitive, it is still a long way before China can be a real danger to US pole position. Below are few of the reasons why US will still be the world strongest superpower for a foreseeable future.

1. US is democratic while China is almost autocratic

United States of America is one of the world best democracy and admired for its democratic values which China on the other is almost autocratic and worst human right offender.

2. US is capitalist while China is communist

While communism may be popular among the lower and poor section of the society, it can never bring prosperity among them as it cannot create economic growth for a long time. While on the other hand, capitalism may help rich more but it also creates jobs and growth opportunity for poor people. Growth of America in 20th century is mainly because of its capitalism and democracy. China may be growing because of its autocratic comunist government, but the growth is mainly because of the FDI coming from capitalist countries. It may not be able to sustain the same pace of growth over a longer period of time due to communism deficiencies.

3. US invent while China copy

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    • profile image

      Weson Ribig 4 years ago

      Yeah , i do agree to the idea that , the US are the inventors while china copies. The US is far advance in term of fighter air crafts or anti gravity space crafts. Only thing is , ( as far as technology is concerns) the US has 8 cigar shaped space ships deep in space and the US is the sole solar warden police. They have their space fleet squardrons too. I have seen it you tube . Gary mackinan was the guy who knew it all.The US's TAW 50 has a speed of mach 50, which is a jaw dropper.

    • pramodgokhale profile image

      pramodgokhale 4 years ago from Pune( India)

      American society is a open book and China certainly not.China is advancing , but at the cost of her people ,many issues are simply kept aside because GDP is more important and iron handed government dictates .

      Science and technology ,yes USA is always at advantageous position,

      She allows global talent to migrate and perform, USSR collapsed because huge investment was made in arms build up instead development.

      Communist Russia was super power once but could not sustain,China has to think decline of powers USSR, Europe . India, Brazil are the new competitors.

      Super power has to share global responsibility and just military doctrine will not work. After world war USA funded war torn nations and supplied to the nations in all continents. They reaped benefit.

      Sustain progress and development and cope with advanced nations is always a challenge for Asian giant would be super power.

      thank you

      pramod gokhale

    • Nathaniell7286 profile image

      Nathaniell7286 4 years ago from Around

      Though your hub is under construction, I agree with your points. I have been to China, and upon returning to the US, and surprised that so many people accept the 'fact' that China will take the US's place as the largest superpower in the world. While I'm not patriotic and don't think that the US is infallible, I do see that things like communism, human rights issues, and environmental problems will prevent China from being a true world leader.