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Why We Need More Than A Two Party Political System In The United States

Updated on July 27, 2015

The Republican and Democratic parties have dominated the political scene in this country for a very long time. Much of the money that comes to these parties comes from large corporations on either side and the lobbyists can be seen crowding the lobbies of the senators, congressmen and other political figures. We have very few regulations in comparison to the past about campaign contributions. Our country allows many things that many others do not when it comes to campaign financing, such as the amount an individual can contribute. If Democrats and Republicans are all that is in the public eye, it appears that they have a choice, but only between two ideologies. This is very black and white thinking and doesn’t allow much of a choice. It gives the illusion of a choice, but is it really?

If you follow other countries, they have many different parties running. They have these individuals in debates, all of them. But in this country, media blackout occurs for individuals that are not favored by corporate donors, or are left out of major debates, due to the fact that they either are with a third party, or that they are not as mainstream as the rest of their Democrat or Republican cohort.

Ralph Nader is one of these individuals. Eventually, Ralph Nader was attacked by his own party, the Green Party, for splitting the vote. Where he had support for his presidential campaign from personalities from Hollywood, even they turned on him in the end. If you watch An Unreasonable Man you can follow just what was done to him and his campaign. Previously, Ralph Nader had been a hero to the American public, safety features on cars exist because of him. However, when it came time to debate for his presidential election, he was not invited, in fact when he got a ticket to attend a debate as an observer, Ralph Nader was told to leave by police. He was on a list of people that were to be banned from the presidential debates. I have seen this video many times, and I just can’t imagine that this happens in a “Democracy”. It is easier ty the corporate world to control the masses to give them an illusion of a choice when it comes to presidential “elections”, and easier to control the candidates by funding them if there are only two individuals to vote for that are even advertised.

We saw the same thing with Ron Paul and the Republican Party. He had a huge amount of support behind him, however, there was a media blackout. He was hardly advertised, not as much as other Republican candidates and when it came to the debates, he was put off in the distance and very little attention was given to him. We see this again with the Democratic Party with Bernie Sanders. He is an independent running with the Democratic Party, the only way that many people feel that he had a chance to even make it into the presidential campaign with any notice. The media is blacking him out. He is not the Democratic favorite, according to the corporations like Monsanto and Wall Street donors that have paid Hillary Clinton’s way. He is actually trying to work against them. So Hillary Clinton is getting all the media press. The only way that Bernie Sanders has been so wildly successful is social media. In fact he has record number turnouts. However, the media is not covering these record number turnouts. To mainstream Americans that watch CNN news or pick up a newspaper once in a while, they are not going to see Bernie Sanders having huge turnouts that require them to change the venue due to not enough capacity to hold the individuals attending.


As citizens how are we ever going to have anyone represent us, when we are totally controlled by the corporate sector on every level? If you look at the Obama and other administrations, they are revolving doors for corporations infiltrating government. Geithner was put in charge of the U.S. Treasury, when he was with the New York Federal Reserve. Many Monsanto executives have been in and out of government positions with the Obama administration. Eric Holder is now working as an attorney with Covington and Burling the law firm he worked at prior to becoming the Attorney General, a firm that works for many of the banks he was supposed to prosecute when he held the office he did with the Obama Administration and he refused to do so. He has made quite a bit of money. The Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell, the woman that has allowed drilling in areas not previously drilled and has not done much (from my environmentalist perspective) to save many endangered animals, in fact she is the reason that many are NOT being protected anymore, used to be an oil woman. She then became a banker. President Obama put her in the office of being in charge of all of our natural resources. Even the judges are corrupt. Scalia is noted for his attendance at many Koch brothers funded events and is supposed to be great friends with the two of them. Even Hillary Clinton is a friend to Wall Street and a former attorney for Monsanto. They have donated much of her money for her campaign. The man running her campaign is a former Monsanto lobbyist. She was on the board of directors for Walmart at one point. The company well known for giving their employees starvation wages and encouraging them to go on government programs. I could go on and on with a list of people that are corrupt. But I think you get the point.

This is why we don’t have more then a two party system. It is so easy to control people if you can control the “two parties” they vote for. That is the case with the election headed our way. I just wonder if the average U.S. Citizen will ever be able to change how things are. How do you change a totally corrupt government at the grass roots level? It seems impossible and an uphill battle at the very least. History has proven that eventually most extremely corrupt governments usually fall. They implode or a revolution happens when citizens become tired of being helpless and unable to change things, or that there is too great of a gap between the immensely rich and the very poor. All of these things are happening to our government and our country. If we follow the history of the Romans for instance, they eventually fell apart.


With other world powers such as China in the forefront, people are even beginning to not take the American dollar in trade. I think out time as a world power is coming to an end. The other thing is that we have made so many enemies worldwide by our continued meddling and invasions with foreign powers that we are not even close to on a map that we are hard pressed to find friends around the globe. We used to be people’s ally, we aren’t anymore. We are soon not going to be a leader anymore and society as we know it is going to change. I wonder if our government is going to implode anytime soon. If you follow history and believe that history repeats itself, it will possibly come as a revolution.

The U.S. citizens are used to living a fairly high quality of life in comparison to other people around the world. We lived all of this time off the fat of the world’s resources. The U.S. citizens are not going to be ready to live at poverty levels. It is already getting that way with the “austerity”
measures being taken by our government and our congress and senate that so obviously work against the United States Citizens on a regular basis. But then look at Rome and its senate towards the end, they were all corrupt.

It would be wonderful to be able to handle all of this by just being more straightforward in our elections. To allow more people to run like other countries do. To allow the people to have more control over their destinies and politics that run the country. But then with the dumbing down of academics and higher educations, some people don’t even know what is going on or have very little interest as it has never been stimulated in the classroom or their educations. We can only hope that the future generations can do something about this. But by then it may be too late.

What do you think it would take to possibly have a fair election again? Do you think it could ever be done again?

Do you feel there should be more than two parties represented in presidential campaign debates?

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    • claptona profile image

      John D Wilson 

      3 years ago from Earth


      Good effort on the hub.

      To answer your question:

      1) What do you think it would take to possibly have a fair election again?

      I don't think it would be possible to have a "fair" election in the U.S..

      It's never been "fair", and it probably never will be.

      Politics has always been swayed by power and money - even in the earliest election in the U.S.

      "Unfairness" is what got Lincoln elected. He wasn't even on the ballot in most southern states.

      Kennedy got into office because Illinois "raised" the dead to vote for him. Illinois was a pivotal state that got him into the presidency.

      (Those two are just off the top of my head -I'm sure there are other elections were not "fair". Bush and Gore come to mind)

      Again, look at the Constitution - but even that's been bastardized.

      For example - Senators in the beginning of the country were selected by the state legislatures and then sent to the Senate. This was so the states were represented at the U.S. Government level. For 6 years to help with stability to the process.

      But, states rescinded that aspect of the constitution and let the voters have a say in who represented them.

      Hence, the states lost any representation they had in D.C.

      I've gotten off track, sorry.

      The Constitution is not to keep influence by the citizens out of the government.

      It's written to keep the government out of the lives of citizens.

      Invading privacy, taking ones earned money, stealing ones money (Yes the IRS and ATF can do this) are all against the law, but skirted by our government.

      Read a lot of history to get a concept of the difference between a free society and a socialist or communist one is wise.

      And in all of history, the one that benefitted mankind the most was the society where people had a right to chose most freely.

      Never in the history of mankind has a society, controlled by a government. but able to accomplish as much.

      Because, when you stick a gun to someones head to take their money and give it to someone else - it's just another form of theft.

      And we've had theft by our government for decades.

      You want a thief to be concerned about the poor?

      What's that stuff your smoking? (Just joking)

      Politics is a necessary evil - but it's always evil.

      Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

      Just look at how much power the government has usurped in the last 40 years, and the corruption has emerged on a much larger scale.

      Hence, more centralized power in government, more corruption in the centralized government.

      Best of luck to you.



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